blocking google earth

By 4.breeds ·
can anyone help me i do not want google earth to be able to see my property and what i am doing on my property i have heard that you can opt for your property to not be seen on this application does any one know how to do this

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Can you operate a Wrecking Ball ? :^0 <NT>

by OldER Mycroft In reply to blocking google earth
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Your in Gaga Land

by OH Smeg In reply to blocking google earth

Google earth makes use of existing Satellite Photos that are Public Domain and there is no way to block what is in them.

If you make a Big Song & Dance about this it is likely to draw unwanted attention to yourself which is not the way to go. Also as Google Earth uses Public Domain Images they are not Real Time Images. If you look at your Propriety now you will see an image that is anything up to a year old or maybe even older. Google Earth doesn't claim to be a Real Time Application and it doesn't have moving pictures or for that matter even very good clear pictures. So if you where to sun bake naked and where photographed while it would be obvious that there was a naked person there it is very unlikely that the Photos would be good enough to make out details that could identify anyone.

Here in AU Councils take Aerial Photos of their Areas of interest and use these for a very long time. For instance I wanted to make a objection to a building application recently and the Brisbane City Council has aerial Photos available from 1942 that where able to be used to support my Objection. The person lodging the application claimed that because the building was not built prior to 1947 it couldn't be listed under the Heritage Listings but the Aerial Photo of the Council clearly showed it standing in 1940. If I wanted I could have gone back even further as the Brisbane City Council takes Aerial Photos every 5 Years and stores them for when they are required. :)


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I'm still looking at Women in Red Dresses, so - wait for it...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Your in Gaga Land

I'm still in Almost-Nice-Guy mode and was utterly appalled to witness your insulting reference to 'Gaga Land', when responding to this individual who is clearly and sadly guilty of the misuse of hallucinogenic or mind-altering drugs.

You sir are a Cad and a Bounder, and if were not so far away I would throw down my gauntlet thereby inviting you to fisticuffs at dawn!

Clearly the answer you SHOULD have offered him was that he tender invitations from various Military Powers around the Democratic countries of the world, and sell access to his sea-front property, which could thereby be transformed into a nuclear submarine base (NSB); THAT would guarantee that someone with a bit of clout would demand that Goggled Earth removed any detail to this Space Cadet's property immediately.

Furthermore, in the event of Defcon 1, this Star Captain's (by then photographically obscured) property would be high on the Hunter-Killer Hit List and would, at no cost whatsoever to him, be one of the first-wave targets - thereby obliterating any possibility of whichever few satellites were left in orbit ever picking up even the remaining debris of his property, after the Global Thermo-Nuclear War.

That's the way to do it. :^0

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Your in Gaga Land as well and drooling into the bargain :0

by OH Smeg In reply to I'm still looking at Wome ...

This person is perfectly OK from Google earth so long as they don't look up. Cameras can not take photos around corners though Computers can manipulate the Images to make out that they do. But the reality is that they just would lack sufficient detail to actually show anything of Importance.

I've just been looking at a Pretty Desktop that Fish that comes on Windows 7 Default Desktop is just so pretty that I do not think that I can bring myself to change it. Honest but as both the 64 & 32 Bit applications have the same desktop I guess I'll just have to change them to what I want instead of what M$ gives me. I'm just so naughty. Though I'm not insane enough to say it's good yet. :^0

Seems that after having these Beta Copies for ages I'm finally getting around to actually testing them properly and not constantly blowing them away. Though I have noticed one funny thing. I'm using a 200 GIG SATA HDD roughly partitioned in Half with the 64 Bit Version on the Primary Partition and the 32 Bit Version on the extended Partition. This has a 2.53 Dual Core Intel and 8 GIG of RAM so it should fly along but when I went to compress the Primary Partition I was told it only has 37,573 Days remaining till it is finished Compressing that Partition. Now to me that seems just a wee bit slow to compress a 96 GIG Partition with only Windows, Orifice 2003, AVG Free and some files copied to a Temp Folder with Vista Drivers and some necessary Programs Install Files. I know that I'll just have to install this on every computer that I have here cus the way that the M$ Flag appears is just so purtey. M$ has now sold me on this superior OS so much so that I have to have it on everything. ;\

God look what I'm saying I must be bored to **** and back playing with this trash. B-)

Though while Vista did sort of remind me of Skin Diving this is just so much more like it. Then to end up on a Blue Background with a fish in it just makes me want to drown the computer. :^0


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Don't you just love those Libraries

by Jacky Howe In reply to Your in Gaga Land as well ...

every time you open Explorer you get to visit the Library. They have taken Explorer from the right click menu.

Doo, Doo, Doo lookin out my backdoor. I'm surprised to see that it is still there.

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I can't get Windows7 to download !! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Don't you just love those ...

I've got through the treachery of using my totally unwanted MSN Account and I've even been given my Windows7 Beta 32-bit Product Key - but every time I smash the 'Download Now' BLUE button, FF3 confirms progress in an instant but nothing happens.

Is it somehow downloading into an obtuse M$ location somewhere that I'll never find later, or not downloading at all ??

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I had to use IE to download.

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to I can't get Windows7 to d ...

FF did the same to me. Perhaps the downloader script is blocked. I finally used IE and it started the over 2GB download, but only after installing the required download manager, of course. X-(

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Was afraid someone would say that ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I had to use IE to downlo ...

Guess I'll have to bite the bullet and run IE which I detest.

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Thummy's on the right track

by Jacky Howe In reply to I can't get Windows7 to d ...

I doubt if the M$ download manager would work with FF. Andrew and I have a new toy to play with. He has been playing WOW online since he installed Windows 7. Mind you that was after he created his recovery partition and took a backup of the OS. I couldn't be botherd to go to that extent with a Beta.

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There's 2 WOWs - which one are you talking about ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Thummy's on the right tra ...

I can only challenge on one of them (for obvious reasons)

#1 World of Warcraft

#2 Wings of War

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