Blocking screaming audio from selected web sites.

By RFink ·
I surf a lot and some web sites annoy me to no end. I want to be able to block audio from those web sites and not others. Does anyone know how to do this?

Thank you,

P.S. Firefox is my perferred browser.

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HAHAHAH OMG! I snorted a corn chip

by Dumphrey In reply to In my day we didn't have ...

out of my nose just now...
Not fun, but worth it :)

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I guess I'm a luck young-un

by Dr Dij In reply to In my day we didn't have ...

I only had to take the inter-campus bus 8 miles thru the snow, uphill both ways, to get to the math / computer center. And wrote my notes on a TRS-slate computer with no charcoal available. This when the Arpanet had only 100 nodes, and WE LIKED IT!

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Re: These kids, whatever you do - DON'T ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Maybe one day I too

Mention their religious persuasion!!!

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Right right

by Dumphrey In reply to Re: These kids, whatever ...

besides, I hate em cause their kids... playing their loud Rock N Roll, drinking the Beer, and having the Sex in my front lawn....
Well, okay, maybe not...
The truth is I get no kids at my place, not even on Halloween... its kinda far out and not the best area to wander around in late at night, unless you need to buy a vcr from a crack head...

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I was browsing through SourceForge and came across

by Dumphrey In reply to Blocking screaming audio ...

Privoxy, a software proxy server for many different platforms (including windows). it looks to have filtering capability's. Worth looking into.

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Privoxy Review

by Dumphrey In reply to I was browsing through So ...

seems to be a good program overall. I like how its chopping out ads etc. It most likely can block streaming audio from specific sites, but It would take me a while to figure out the custom filter language. Though I bet help is readily available on their site...

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by RFink In reply to I was browsing through So ...

I'll check it out. Here's your thumb.


I liked the idea of blocking the " incompatible spouse streaming audio".

I think that's the technical term for that. :)

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