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Blogging for Bucks - Fugly Advertising

By CG IT ·
Ran across this article


on how bloggers make $$ blogging. Since many of us contribute to the discussion forum and that's basically blogging, I figured in this recession economy, maybe blogging can actually be a source of income or whether blogging is just adding to an already overflowing river of information pollution.

Personally, like spam, I think advertisers aren't looking at quality of ads and whether consumers will actually click an ad or buy something from the company because of the ad, rather only how many people come to a web page thus in their minds potential buyers of a product. There are some ads that are so bad that I personally wouldn't buy a product from that company because of the ad. One in particular that I find offensive is the dancing women ads. There's this housewife dancing around and the ad is for car insurance or some such rot. Then there is the anti aging ads where anyone with any brains knows the pictures are doctored up with photoshop and there's no cream or balm or whatever that's going to get rid of those kinds of wrinkles except going under the knife and getting a Joan Rivers type facelift.

If advertisers were smart, they would create a community web site just for advertisers where internet users can go for advertising much like commercial free TV programming....

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I think its an interesting business concept

by AV . In reply to Blogging for Bucks - Fugl ...

It would depend on the type of ads they would put on your site.

I've always resented the ads, even though some of them were cute. Don't like the dancing housewife either. I absolutely hate the animated ads that obscure what you're reading because you accidently ran your mouse over them.

Still, if you had the right type of blog, this concept could work for you. Look at what the Fug girls did.


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Fugly girls... or just plain butt ugly

by CG IT In reply to I think its an interestin ...

Maybe an ad fugly site or a blog on the worst ads.

how can companies waste hundreds of millions of $$ on approving advertising ads that no one in their right mind is going to click on or even buy their product because of the ad? What are they thinking?

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I've often wondered that.

by OnTheRopes In reply to Fugly girls... or just pl ...

I imagine a meeting with folks going, "Nice ad JB. What do you think Tom?" On and on around the room. Someone has to approve the crappy ads. I like to think that it's always a group that does it and that they see what the boss thinks first. If he likes it everybody's for it no matter how bad it is.<br><br>
I sent a coherent email to Isuzu's CEO once stating the reasons that I didn't like one of their TV commercials and I never saw the commercial again. Who knows why but I never did see it again and prior to my email it was plastered all over the TV.

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The power of one

by CG IT In reply to I've often wondered that.

Somewhere I read that Nielson TV rating statistics were that if just 1 person doesn't like it, that equates to around 19,000 other people who feel the same way.

Doing a little math here 100 = 1,900,000 and 1000 = 19,000,000 [just adding the zeros at the end]. So if 1000 people call in to complain, then 19 million others feel the same way. Granted, this was for TV ratings but I think this statistic holds true. Not only that but then there's mob mentality that takes hold. Mob mentality is that if one or two in a group start shouting pretty soon the whole group will even if they don't particularly agree with or even understand what everyone is shouting about.

I also remember back in the early 90s that advertising people figured out that crappy ads were more memorable that great ads and there was a deluge of of on TV. Maybe the same mentality goes with internet ads. The ad is so bad you remember it. Not sure how that helps a company make $$. It certainly helps the advertising company though. They can lay claim that more people know about their ads than anyone else.

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When I was in retail

by w2ktechman In reply to The power of one

we were told it was 1 complaint was about the same as 100 dissatisfied customers. But this was a store, not Internet or tv. Interesting #'s though, as when I was told this (in training) it was mentioned that in the general public about 1 out of every 100 would consistantly voice their opinion and complain regularly.

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law of 80/20

by CG IT In reply to When I was in retail

In statistics, there's the therom "The propensity of Problem Maldistribution" better known as the law of 80/20

80% of the problem is caused by 20% of the people or vice versa. There will always be complaints and in tracking them, it's usually the same people making the complaints.

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Ad companies have to be great sellers of their ideas

by OnTheRopes In reply to The power of one

no matter how bad they can be. <br><br>
I used to say don't get me ticked off, I'll send an email. :^0 <br><br>
Off the subject a bit-I had some downtime back in the late 90's and there was one morning TV hostess that had an annoying habit of scratching her leg unconsciously, like she had fleas, whenever she interviewed a guest. That bugged me :) so I sent an email. I'm fairly sure that she got it because her interview style changed. It was comical to me the things she'd try to do with her hands whenever she interviewed someone after my email. She practically squirmed in her chair to keep from scratching her leg. <br><br>
I've mellowed out some now and just let a lot of things be. Stuff doesn't bother me like it used to. Some still does but I try to restrain myself from telling exactly what I think. I try to allow for the fact that just because I can't stand somebody it doesn't mean that everyone feels that way. I don't understand people that don't see it like I do but it often happens that way. :0 <br><br>
Since I'm describing some of my pet peeves, so you'll know how twisted I really am, what is up with Ann Curry of the Today Show having to flip her hair behind her ears when she's talking. She's a wonderful person but that hair flipping is as annoying as that little head shake <i>some</i> people use to get the hair out of their eyes. Both men and women do that. Annoys the **** out of me.<br><br>
There, some of my pet peeves are out in the open, even if they're not ad related. I feel better.<br><br>
I watch people a <i>lot</i>. Can you tell? It's like the Mythbusters. If Kari Byron (the redhead) is on it's guaranteed that you're going to see the skin below her shirt at some point. Not necessarily a bad thing but some folks are attention whores. I've no time for those.<br><br>
****** rhymes with doors.

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ROFL People are funny...

by CG IT In reply to Ad companies have to be g ...

I have annoying traits just like anyone else. Pick my nose plumbers butt, huge long list. Thing is I don't care what other people think anymore.

Didn't think Kari was an attention **** rhymes with doors. Wasn't showing tummy skin a fashion statement? Where's Tim Gunn when TV personalities need them?

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Oh yeah, forgot to mention something.

by OnTheRopes In reply to ROFL People are funny...

I annoy myself. I've got a laundry list of habits too. Some of them bug me no end. I work on myself every day.<br><br>
Please note, I wasn't saying that Kari is an attention 'rhymes with doors' because I like her. It's just that <i>some</i> people are attention ******. Those people tighten my jaw.

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I always liked the Joe Isuzu commercials

by w2ktechman In reply to I've often wondered that.

Those were pretty good I thought.

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