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Blogging for Bucks - Fugly Advertising

By CG IT ·
Ran across this article


on how bloggers make $$ blogging. Since many of us contribute to the discussion forum and that's basically blogging, I figured in this recession economy, maybe blogging can actually be a source of income or whether blogging is just adding to an already overflowing river of information pollution.

Personally, like spam, I think advertisers aren't looking at quality of ads and whether consumers will actually click an ad or buy something from the company because of the ad, rather only how many people come to a web page thus in their minds potential buyers of a product. There are some ads that are so bad that I personally wouldn't buy a product from that company because of the ad. One in particular that I find offensive is the dancing women ads. There's this housewife dancing around and the ad is for car insurance or some such rot. Then there is the anti aging ads where anyone with any brains knows the pictures are doctored up with photoshop and there's no cream or balm or whatever that's going to get rid of those kinds of wrinkles except going under the knife and getting a Joan Rivers type facelift.

If advertisers were smart, they would create a community web site just for advertisers where internet users can go for advertising much like commercial free TV programming....

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They were and they weren't

by CG IT In reply to I always liked the Joe Is ...

Some sales guy lying to everyone one? Was that reverse psychology?

Seemed to work though because it was very popular.

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I dont know really

by w2ktechman In reply to They were and they weren' ...

I always just liked them. Dont know why.. Maybe it was the Sleazy Joe (portrayed) -- lol.

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I didn't dislike them... some were pretty good

by CG IT In reply to I dont know really

Joe Izusu

From Wikipedia: [especially like the reference to George Bush Senior and Joe Izusu] The lying *******... rofl

The character became a fixture in American popular culture; in 1988 Michael Dukakis, in a debate with George H. W. Bush during that year's United States presidential election, said, "If Bush keeps it up, he's going to be the Joe Isuzu of American politics

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The German Autobahn with Joe Isuzu...

by CG IT In reply to I always liked the Joe Is ...
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Bud Light did a series of commercials

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Blogging for Bucks - Fugl ...

that were so bad the only thing I remember about them is that they were bad, bad, bad. And that if I did drink beer, I'll never drink Bud Light.

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you must mean these commercials

by CG IT In reply to Bud Light did a series of ...
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Haven't seen that one before.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to you must mean these comme ...

The ones I'm thinking of made no sense whatsoever, the only other thing I remember about them. I was always left asking WTF?

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it's gotta be this one. WTF ?

by CG IT In reply to Haven't seen that one bef ...
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Nope, not those either.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to it's gotta be this one. ...

Though the falcon one is pretty bad. These were aimed at the 20something generation I presume. I really do mean the ads made no sense to me at all.

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