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Blogs and how they work

By jdclyde ·
The idea of a blog is still fairly new to me, and before the TR blogs I can honestly say I NEVER went into one before.

Because of this, I have a question.

How are blogs suppose to work? If I have an on going issue or topic, do you make one long blog or do you make more blogs for each time you come back?

Is a blog even intended for anything more than a few entries?

When do we get a hit list of how many people visit the blogs?

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8 million Web Logs in USA only

by Gunnar Klevedal In reply to but..

8 million Web Logs in USA only. I guess they have similarities and differences, just like people. And there are over 6 billion people, only on this planet.

Problem is to find and be found.

Gunnar Klevedal

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TR staff please delete this post.

by stress junkie In reply to

I originally wrote something but then decided that I shouldn't have written anything.

Please disregard. TR staff please delete this post.

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I"ve been thinking the same thing

by stress junkie In reply to Blogs and how they work

I have also avoided blogs except a few technical ones where the posts naturally group themselves by subject such as on

It seems to me that entries are limited to being sorted chronologically. This makes the blogs a kind of stream of consciousness log. That might be okay if you only post about one subject or if you never revisit ideas in previous posts. On the other hand if you want to post about three or four subjects of interest then these will not be grouped by subject and you cannot reorder them to improve the progression of your discussion.

And they are listed chronologically by most recent first. If you want people to see your first post on a subject before they see your last post on the same subject then you would have to post your thoughts in reverse order. In other words if you have a three part post you would post part three then part two then part one. This is not being done of course. The result is that you see the final thoughts on a multi-part subject before you see the initial thoughts.

I could go on but my point is that these kinds of structural problems are the reasons that I don't create a blog. The problems about grouping posts by subject could be partially addressed if the blogs were more like personal discussion forums where we could create a new discussion thread and then post subsequent thoughts on the same subject into that thread. That doesn't address the issue of ordering posts chronologically though.

Those are my thoughts on blogging.


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you do realise

by Jaqui In reply to I"ve been thinking the sa ...

that the blog scripts here allow you to have threaded blogs?
the font is the newest at the top, but each front posting can have a number of comments added that show as a second layer, posted in order chronologically, with the first post to last order, not the reversed order of the front page.

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I did not know that.

by stress junkie In reply to you do realise

That pretty well invalidates my objections. :-)

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Tagging solves the grouping issue

by sMoRTy71 In reply to I"ve been thinking the sa ...

By using tags on your blog posts, you can easily group posts together. For example, if you want to post a bunch of stuff on Linux, use the "linux" tag.

Soon we will be adding a little tag cloud (a group of the tags you use most in your blog) to each blog. This will help users quickly see what the blogger usually talks about as well as provide an easy way to get all of the blogger's posts on a particular topic.

I'm glad to see that those of you who aren't regular blog readers or blog posters are willing to give it a shot. I think you'll find it a great way to organize your thoughts and get feedback at the same time.

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The more I think about it ...

by stress junkie In reply to Tagging solves the groupi ...

... the less I understand how tagging can change the order of blog posts. In your example if I put a "Linux" tag on several posts then that will just display the posts to people who look up that tag. How is that going to put my last entry at the bottom of the blog list when someone looks at my blog? And how is that going to put all of the Linux blog posts together in the listing of my blog?

I don't see how tags solve the problem of chronoligical listing of blog posts when someone looks at a blog.

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Chronological is really a "feature"...

by sMoRTy71 In reply to The more I think about it ...

not a problem (IMHO). After all, this is a journal. And because of that, the most recent things tend to be the most relevant for the people who are trying to keep up with you via your blog.

As for the tag sorting, if someone did want to find all of your blog posts on a topic like "Linux," then clicking that tag would display only the Linux posts.

You're right, though, it wouldn't allow you to change the order of those posts to anything over than chronological.

I'm not sure that there is an easy fix for the sorting issue, though. If you don't sort the posts chronologically, what would you sort it on?


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My problem ...

by stress junkie In reply to Chronological is really a ...

... is that I really want a full featured book editing application. Naturally I know that isn't realistic. Give me a piece of kite string and I'll want use it to lift a battleship.

When I start thinking about doing something I tend to go really big with my vision of how I'd want to do it. I'll have to apply my substantial intellectual gifts to finding a way to use the system as it is implemented. :-)

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I got one of those..

by Jaqui In reply to My problem ...

in php scripts.
with the sql create file to set up the mysql db.

full multistage article writing application, designed for multiple levels of access by multiple people.

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