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Blogs and how they work

By jdclyde ·
The idea of a blog is still fairly new to me, and before the TR blogs I can honestly say I NEVER went into one before.

Because of this, I have a question.

How are blogs suppose to work? If I have an on going issue or topic, do you make one long blog or do you make more blogs for each time you come back?

Is a blog even intended for anything more than a few entries?

When do we get a hit list of how many people visit the blogs?

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I suppose cranky applies

by stress junkie In reply to Stress, wots wid u?

I don't think it's just that teens are creating slang as they've done since humans first appeared on the planet. It's only those parts that are just plain stupid that get under my skin.

Yeah I guess I be cranky. :-)

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Looking for blog recommendations

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Blogs and how they work

I've regarded blogs as the frothy scum that washes up on the shores of the cybersea. This is due to my initial experiences looking at the form three or four years ago. All I found was adolescent angst and Dave Winer's apparently random babblings. "Blog" sounds like something Capt. Kirk would zap with a phaser. And no, I don't have a blog of my own.

I'm sure the form must have matured by now. I'm soliciting recommendations for blogs worth reading. I'm defining "worth reading" as:

- IT-related with a minimum of personal, non-IT postings.
- Non-hostile position toward Microsoft and proprietary software. The author doesn't have to approve of these entities, just realize there is a place in the world for them.

I'm also looking for a blog written by someone whose company is replacing MS on the desktop with Linux and open source apps.

If you've got a recommendation, please post it. It would be useful if you included a couple of sentences about why you recommend the particular blog, and what criteria you use for adding a new blog on your "must-read" list.


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by Neil Higgins In reply to Looking for blog recommen ...

Frothy scum? That's something I get in a pint of beer.Capt.Kirk rocks ok.Non-hostile position towards $microsoft.You gota be kiddin,ha.

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