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Bloomberg Keyboard Problems

By arcagroup ·
We are having problems with Bloomberg keyboards on a several workstations (Compaq DC7100 and DC7700). The PCs keep ?loosing? Bloomberg keyboards once in a while. Unplugging and plugging the keyboard fixes the problem. The Bloomberg Techs have been on sigh, but couldn?t resolve the problem. They just updated the keyboard drivers. I run the HP diagnostic CD, but didn?t find any hardware problems. This happens to both types of Bloomberg keyboards. The keyboards have been replaced several times. I also checked the PCs for spyware. Has anyone experienced a problem like this or have any suggestions on how to resolve it?

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Bloomberg Keyboard Problems

by harold In reply to Bloomberg Keyboard Proble ...

I'm having the same issue but only with one user. Dell workstation.

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Same problem here as well.

by mmichalski88 In reply to Bloomberg Keyboard Proble ...

Has anyone gotten anywhere with this? We are having the same issue with our new Dell Optiplex 790's. The interesting thing here reading the above posts is that we also have Nvidia video cards in these systems as well.

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bloomberg keyboard

by easyrush44 In reply to Bloomberg Keyboard Proble ...

Try using an external USB hub with its own power supply. Connect the bloomberg kb to hub and hub to pc. The usb hug will supply the keyboard with enough power instead of using the pc usb port power (voltage)..let me know how it works out

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BBG keyboard and dell

by dirtstar42 In reply to Bloomberg Keyboard Proble ...

I have been dealing with this same issue for years. We have many different DELL pc models. It seems to happen with all of them.

If you turn off the power saving features to the USB ports in windows (at least in XP) it seems to help some.

spent many hours with bloomberg on the phone and in person, to no avail. They just want to blame Dell and HP. (The 2 biggest PC manufacturers in the world.) They don't even try to fix it.

It appears to happen more frequently with the newer smaller Bloomberg keyboards.

Optiplex 270, 280, 620, 745, 755, 760, 790, 960, 980, 990

It happens on a mix of video cards as well. We have nvidia and ATI/AMD models.

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