blue screen error while installing xp from usb flash drive

By shweeto ·
Hi, i have install xp from usb in many pc but when i install in dell gx260 it says setup is starting windows and a blue screen error comes.

my bootable usb is OK and working fine on other systems.

kindly guide me what to do.

Junaid Ahmed
Asst IT Manager
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am doing clean install

by shweeto In reply to Must you use the USB?

thanks for you time Palmetto, am doing a clean install on a blank hard drive.

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So copy the installation files

by CharlieSpencer In reply to am doing clean install

from the USB drive to the hard drive and install from there.

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Well reading the M$ Knowledge Base 324103 here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to blue screen error while i ...


It really appears to be either a Hardware Issue with that Hardware not supporting the Loading of the necessary Files from USB or a Driver Issue where the Driver is not set to Load on Startup.

Yea I know that here you are attempting to install the OS so I really would say that this is a Driver Issue and that you will be unable to load these model Dell's from a USB Device.


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maybe this could be a driver issue

by shweeto In reply to Well reading the M$ Knowl ...

thanks OH Smeg, everyone is saying different things lol what can i say.. the only thing i know is dell series is not booting windows. anyway again thanks for your time.

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If it is

by seanferd In reply to maybe this could be a dri ...

and you have no good way to install a SATA driver after pressing F6 (e.g., from floppy or another Flash drive), and assuming it is not a USB oriented issue: Try turning off AHCI in bios (set it to compatibility mode) if it is not already set thus.

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BSOD Error

by dmiles In reply to blue screen error while i ...

Note: Some of these steps may require you to access Windows via Safe Mode. If that's not possible then skip those steps.

1.Restart your computer if you haven't already done so. The STOP 0x0000007B blue screen error might be a fluke.

2.Did you just install or make a change to a hard drive controller? If so, there's a good chance that the change you made caused the STOP 0x0000007B error.

Undo the change and test for the 0x7B blue screen error.

Depending on what changes you made, some solutions might include:

?Remove or reconfigure the newly installed hard drive controller.
?Startup with Last Known Good Configuration to undo related registry and driver changes.
?Use System Restore to undo recent changes.
?Rollback hard drive controller device driver to version prior to your driver update.
3.Verify that the SCSI chain is correctly terminated, assuming you're using SCSI hard drives in your computer. Incorrect SCSI termination has been known to cause STOP 0x0000007B errors.

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dmiles :)

by shweeto In reply to BSOD Error

thanks for your reply.. but here am installing a clean install on a new hard drive *not repairing old windows.

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by deathwisher08 In reply to blue screen error while i ...

I joined this site, like me so many of my friends (like you!) end up in this site for no gain,
if any of u used the app wintoflash or that usb multiboot thing? so after trying all that, still ur stuck at the bsod with the above said error.
Try changing ur sata drive in ur bios to IDE , it shud be in AHCI or for some RAID.
XP doesnt support sata still.
And I'm 14 years old

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