Blue Screen of Death - partmgr.sys

By dapallox1 ·
I have an Acer Travelmate 42XX(Sorry, I can't remember the full numbers, it's not with me right now.) And one day it just crashed. I started it back up and gave me an error about operating system can not be found. Eventually I got my hands on an Windows XP? installation disk, and tried reinstalling. It started loading just fine, and then it right before going into the the Term's and Agreement, the blue error screen came up subjected on partmgr.sys. I've tried various windows disks, and all of them do the same thing. Though, I can install Linux with no problem at all. I've formated the drive plenty of times by other means. And still no windows. I can't really live off of only a Linux distro. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advanced.


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Well the model number is important

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Blue Screen of Death - pa ...

Most likely it has a SATA Drive in it and you do not have the SATA Drivers to load at the beginning of the Windows Install Process so that is what is happening.

The easiest way around this is to use the Recovery Disc's that come with the unit to load XP as they are slipstreamed Disc's with only the necessary drivers for the hardware that you have and the SATA Drive is included in the Basic Load or Install Files as Windows Installer Generally asks for these on a Floppy in the Root which many new NB's no longer have.

As you have formatted the drive you have most likely destroyed a Hidden Partition that existed on the drive that allows you to perform a complete reinstall in a few minutes to the As New Configuration. Again that would be in the owners manual and we need the Model Number to get that.


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That seems to be it

by dapallox1 In reply to Well the model number is ...

Its a Acer Travelmate 4060. I dont have the install disk that came with the computer. Is there any place that i could download them? Thanks alot.

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No as the Recovery Disc contains Propriety Software

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to That seems to be it

You need to buy it from Acer. But as the HDD has a Hidden Partition on it with the install components copied there you might first like to look here as a potential fix

By using the ALT F10 key combination this should start the install program from the HDD if it's still working. If that fails to work you'll need to contact Acer and buy a Recovery Set off them as they Slipstream just the Recovery Drivers onto the Disc/s and only provide the drivers for the hardware supplied.


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by dapallox1 In reply to No as the Recovery Disc c ...

Thanks alot. I know for sure that that is the problem. But is their any other way to put that hidden partion pack on without the Recovery CD that I don't have. haha. Maybe download it from somewhere.

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Unfortunately NO you can not download the recovery set

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Well...

As it contains Propriety Software namely Windows so you have to buy the Recovery Set from the Original Supplier.

The slipstreamed Disc will have the necessary drivers and all the software that was loaded on the system As New and this is all brought by the maker and sold to you. For this reason it's impossible to make it Legal to Download as several Software Makers would be in a position of having their Software Copyright Violated and at the very least Microsoft would be willing to fight the making company through the courts to prevent this from happening and would win with large payouts allowed by the court.


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Will this work?

by dapallox1 In reply to Unfortunately NO you can ...

Okay, I found a Recovery Disk for my model.
But it says at the top, "Once you have installed windows XP this CD will put all the drivers and..." I can't even get windows installed. What I'm asking is, is this the correct disk?

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bet the hd is bad or loose

by sgt_shultz In reply to Blue Screen of Death - pa ...

i saw another site discussing this problem and the guy fixed it by opening up his laptop and reseating the hard drive

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Check that.

by dapallox1 In reply to bet the hd is bad or loos ...

I've checked that before. That is not the problem. I've ran into that before with my desktop. And it's not a bad hdd, I've switched between three of them, and they have been used in various others.

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