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Now it's final. I will NEVER upgrade to Vista.

By TechExec2 ·
Found by Ed Bott of ZDNet (1):

"...Windows was deactivated due to a hardware change. You must activate Windows within 3 days or Windows will stop working. Click to start activation..."

I just found out that if Vista does not like a change you make to your computer, including merely installing software :0 , and requires reactivation, that it sometimes will deactivate within only 3 days, not 30 days.

I greatly dislike but might have accepted 30 days. If this nonsense ever happened, I would surely not lose access to my computer. But, with only 3 days, it is very possible I might. What about 3-day weekends? What about being in a place without Internet access? Without telephone?

This is totally unacceptable

This is completely and totally unacceptable. This is the kind of nonsense I would expect from a shareware program, not from my operating system provided by the world's largest software maker, that sells $120 million in software EVERY SINGLE DAY, clearing $49 million in profit EVERY SINGLE DAY. I am (was) a paying customer. Microsoft does not need to willfully put my computer at risk in order to get more money from the cheaters. It's just pure greed and arrogance.

I will NEVER upgrade to Vista now. Absolutely, positively, NEVER, not even if Microsoft "fixes" this or calls it a bug. I don't care. It should never have been possible in the first place. This is the end of the line.

Hasta la Vista, baby!! It's Windows XP, Linux, and Mac now.


(1) References

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3/6/2007: Added reference

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Right there with you

by Tig2 In reply to [b]Now it's final. I will ...

I won't let anyone that I support use Vista. We are experimenting now with Unix/Linux in the hope that we find the right thing for all the competency levels in the family before it is too late.

This is the natural conclusion to a poorly played game. No one is fire proof. Not even MS.

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I was looking forward to upgrading to Vista somewhere down the line

by TechExec2 In reply to Right there with you

I've been using Windows as my primary operating system since Windows 3.1 in 1992. I've used every version of Windows since then (except ME of course :-) ). I paid for every single one. This is very disappointing to see Microsoft self-destruct like this. They clearly just do not understand that this is so totally wrong of them. It's like if I miss a payment on my car and it stops running while I'm crossing the mountains during a snowstorm and says "Use OnStar to Reactivate. We accept VISA, Mastercard...".

On the other hand, it's been less than an hour and I am already feeling a sense of liberation while thinking about the possibilities of the good that will come out of this decision...


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Sorry MS, You got it so wrong this time!

by alex.bailey In reply to I was looking forward to ...

The car analogy isn't quite already paid for your car in full and then you insert a metal CD and the car halts dead with a message on the dash "Are you sure you want to play this kind of music? Your CD player has been shutdown to prevent damage to your ears. Is it recommended you play Easy Listening whilst driving. Please contact your manufacturer to re-enable your CD player."
Vista is just one step too far in dumming-down (so-called "user-friendliness"). I am totally fed up with all the kid-oriented features they put into it now and the way MS think they have to wrap us all up in cotton-wool. Its just an operating system, damn it! I just want to do my work in the straight-forward way I always could do with previous versions of Windows.
MS, you haven't given us ANYTHING more useful, you have just tarted up the graphics (badly) and moved all the features around and changed their terminology so I can no longer find them.
What a waste of 5 years of development!

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Class Action & Anti-trust

by egpor95 In reply to Sorry MS, You got it so w ...

Actually I decided a long time ago not to give Micro$oft any money for Vi$ta. The type of behavior exhibited by them will continue until it becomes too costly to do so. Basically, once you have paid for the product and it has been verified and activated, micro$oft has no right or authority to question anything you do with your computer. It is a blatent attempt at restraint of trade. I am hopeful that a large number of state attorneys will begin a large, expensive class action against them but I am not holding my breath. Too much money has already changed hands and it would not be a sufficiently popular "political" decision. Oh well, *nix is better, after all.

Gene Y.

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by kyledaniels In reply to Class Action & Anti-trust

I do believe Microsoft deals with these all the time with just a "slap on the wrist" fine, which I believe they will be more than glad to pay with all the money they make.

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How to tell MS ?

by alex.bailey In reply to Class Action & Anti-trust

It's quite obvious that MS won't respond to the various "slap on the wrists" they've had in law. But they will respond to customers not upgrading en masse and they will respond to falling sales numbers.
Don't get me wrong, I've always been an MS fan right from the beginning when they were the little dog and IBM was the big one. I like the software style, presentation, documentation and developer assistance. BUT...they are going off in the wrong direction now. This big brother attitude to piracy and dumming down of the software is wrong and we have to tell them. After all its a lot more 'our Microsoft' than theirs because there's a lot more of us out here using it than them creating it. What happened to a bit of people power?
How should we go about telling them Vista is not what we wanted?

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Linux is...

by jbb1 In reply to How to tell MS ?

...the people power you are talking

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Linux is Why I Went Back to Windows

by TheGooch1 In reply to Linux is...

Sorry, the idea of Linux is good, but the execution is bad. Way too many features of M$ compatible software are not available in the Linux world. Trust me, I ran Linux exclusively for 4 years and finally gave up when things such as my Blackberry server would not run on it. Those were the most frustrating 4 years of my life.

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Blackberry . . . ?

by apotheon In reply to Linux is...

You're kidding -- right?

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I am serious

by TheGooch1 In reply to Linux is...

There were tons of frustrations with Linux, but when I replaced my Treo with a Blackberry Pearl, that was the straw that broke the camels back. Blackberry + Blackberry Exchange Server + MS Outlook = get rid of Linux.


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