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Sith: Worst Star Wars Dialogue Ever?

by jasonhiner Moderator In reply to Sith: Worst Star Wars Dia ...

Yes, the dialog is painfully lame at several points -- probably the worst of all six movies. However, there are a few decent lines as well and the performances of Ewan McGregor and Ian McDermmit are quite good. Oh yeah, and R2D2 kicks some tail - it was worth seeing the movie just for that.

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Wish they had this when I was in school...

by BobArtner - TechRepublic In reply to Bob's Blog

Simon Garfinkel at Technology Review reports on a grad student who wrote a program to create fake research papers. The student used it to write two that <a href="">were accepted by an academic conference</a>.<br><br>If you want to test drive it yourself, <a href="">here is the program</a>.

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PDA: Not Dead Yet?....

by BobArtner - TechRepublic In reply to Bob's Blog

The other day, I mused on the increasing irrelevance of stand-alone PDA's - in other words, PDAs that are not also smart phones:<br><br><a href="**4&messageID=1770263&id=1438946">The End of the PDA</a><br><br>Apparently, PalmOne is not ready to give up without a fight: <a href="">PalmOne unveils 4GB 'LifeDrive'</a><br><br>It sounds very cool, but I'm still not sure what it is supposed to be: a replacement for your iPod, a really big USB drive for moving files between your home and office PC, a digital photo display, a traditional PDA?<br><br>I don't think this approach will change the declining trendline of PDAs vs. smart phones. In my opinion, PDA manufacturers need to go the other way - create devices that do one thing, and do it extremely well - like the iPod. For that matter, you could say that a digital camera fits this mold - you don't see Kodak or Cannon trying to put a phone in the digital cameras...

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Mobile Phones for Your Kids?

by BobArtner - TechRepublic In reply to Bob's Blog

I was talking with my boss yesterday about mobile phones and kids. He was saying that it wouldn't surprise him if he ended up getting his son a mobile phone in 2-3 years, when his son would be entering first grade.

I agreed with him.

In my case, as a divorced parent with four kids, giving my older kids mobile phones has been a necessity for scheduling, as well as to alleviate my concerns about their safety.

And the trend is for me to get them at younger and younger ages. I got my son his phone when he graduated from eighth grade (age 14). My oldest daughter got hers when she started going to a new middle school (age 11). My two youngest daughters are 9 and 6, and I bet I end up getting them phones in the next couple of years. With the marketing of add-on plans, it isn't that much more expensive.

What about you - do you parents out there feel the same way, or are you putting this off as long as possible?

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Kids: IM vs. Text Messaging

by BobArtner - TechRepublic In reply to Bob's Blog

One trend I've noticed in my kids' use of technology. Last year, my kids were IM junkies. Specifically, they were AOL IM fanatics, spending lots of time online IMing their friends (and throwing their dad an occasional message).

This year, they hardly use IM at all - the ones with mobile phones have gone exclusively to text messaging.

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Save this page - it could save your life!

by BobArtner - TechRepublic In reply to Bob's Blog

The US Geological Survey has created a daily map of California which <a href="">shows their predictions of Earthquake risk</a>.<br><br>Right now, everything looks quiet.<br><br>That's a relief...

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Cliche Watch

by BobArtner - TechRepublic In reply to Bob's Blog

I got a flier in the mail about a Disaster Recovery conference, and was looking at the session descriptions. I found the cliche I expected...guess what the title of the off-site data storage session is:

"Don't put all your eggs in one basket"

Couldn't they have livened up a little bit? How about:

Don't put all your Terrabytes in one basket
Don't put all your eggs in one RAID array
Don't put all your tapes in one non-protected, vulnerable to fire, theft or water damage basket


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First TechRepublic, then NASA

by BobArtner - TechRepublic In reply to Bob's Blog

First we here at TechRepublic offered our<a href="">Birthday Sweepstakes</a>, and now NASA is getting into the act.

Wired is reporting that NASA is giving <a href=",2697,67583,00.html">$250,000 away</a>.

On first glance, that might seem more impressive than the being selected at random by TechRepublic to receive an iPod mini or a TechRepublic coffee mug.

On the other hand, our sweepstakes is a little easier to enter than winning NASA's cash - to get your hands on that, you have to be the first to design a system that turns lunar soil into breathable oxygen for astronauts.

This is only one of NASA's <a href="">Centennial Challenges</a>, which attempt to use the interest in the X-Prize to get solutions to technical issues facing future NASA missions.

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Less Geeky than thou...

by BobArtner - TechRepublic In reply to Bob's Blog

Reading the various posts about Revenge of the Sith, particularly those from folks (like myself) who consider ourselves less hopeless, because we waited until Thursday afternoon to see the movie instead of lining for the midnight show, reminded me of the classic <a href="">Geek Hierarchy Chart</a>.

Based on this system of values, I'm hardly a geek at all - in fact, I'm only on the second level out of nine possible levels of Geek Hierarchy.

As opposed to, say <a href="">these guys</a>.

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Interesting TechRepublic Blogs

by BobArtner - TechRepublic In reply to Bob's Blog

One of the great things about rolling out new features on TechRepublic is seeing how our members use them to share information with each other.<br><br>We've only had our member blogs functionality out in beta since earlier this week, and there are already hundreds of blogs from IT pros like yourself being published.<br><br>In the coming weeks, we'll make it easier to search this ever-growing list of blogs, but for right now, here are some that I find interesting:<br><br><a href="">Steven S. Warren's Rants</a><br>This has terrific posts about Virtualization and Hosted Applications<br><br><a href="">Access Extra</a><br>Tony D'Ambra's reblog of news and tips about Access and Excel<br><br><a href="">Project, Process and Business Improvement</a><br>A reblog about Business Process and management <br><br><a href="br>Mighty">"><br>Mighty Scot</a><br>Application developer and SQL programming<br><br>There's lots more out there, and I can't keep up with all them, but every Friday, I'll try to note several new blogs on TechRepublic that I think are interesting.

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