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By entawanabi ·
When you 'boot'you are making LOTS of copies of something - first we take into account the number of Bytes these occupy - technically, a copy is used once and then discarded, so you can run out of copies- some operations for instance use several LOTS of copies at a time. Now when I set-up the system I did not need to satisfy very many now, a while later I am rebooting a lot; is it equipment problems sometimes the demand on the equipment, or the age of the equipment is the problem; Sometimes those that are Boot dependent find that the traffic numbers are higher than originally those when set-up and now must do more manual interactions than they allowwed for to keep the system available to users including OS's.

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sounds like

by jdclyde In reply to Never leave through the b ...

you can be a REAL pain in the a$$ ?

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then he

by Jaqui In reply to sounds like

needs more lube!!!!

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Cold or Warm Boot....

by setantapc In reply to BOOT

Do you make more copies with a warm boot or a cold Boot??

I would imagine with a warm Boot as the HD surface would be more malleable. To prevent "Boot Build - Up" you may want to super-cool the PC and alleviate further problems...

You will also find your traffic numbers will subside after rush hour.

Thanks, let me know if this helps..

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by ozi Eagle In reply to Cold or Warm Boot....

I would say that a warm boot would be better, as the copiers would not ber suffering dental chatter, thus giving a more stable operator which must lead to more copies.
Again traffic numbers would subside quicker after rush hour from a warm boot, as there would be less congestion and faster flow if all those bits of traffic didn't suffer from frozen lower digits, hence I wouldn't recommend the super cooling, as it would dangerously increase this incidence of digit frostbite.

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