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Boot problem with SATA clone of IDE

By alphabetax1 ·
Hi, I hope someone can help me with this incredibly frustrating problem...

I am trying to upgrade my 20GB Seagate IDE drive to a 200GB Maxtor Diamond Plus 10 SATA drive.

After installing the SATA drive I was able to boot into XP Home off the IDE drive and after formatting and assigning a drive letter in Computer Management I was able to see and use the SATA drive without any problems (although I was surprised Windows didn't go throught the 'Detected New Hardware' routine).

Using Casper XP I cloned my IDE drive to the SATA drive (no errors reported) and then shut down the PC. On rebooting I went into the BIOS (Asus K8N mobo with AMI BIOS - flashed to latest non-beta version) and was able to see the SATA drive (although it detects it as being on IDE 3) when I make the SATA drive the primary boot device I am left with a flashing cursor in the top left of a black screen after the POST process and the boot process stops there. This happens whether or not the old IDE drive is still attached or not.

I then thought the problem might be related to SATA drivers (even though XP could recognise and use the drive fine when booed off the old IDE drive) - so I booted off my old IDE drive again and downloaded the MaxBlast 4 software from the Maxtor website. This software claims it will clone my old drive to my SATA one and prepare it as a boot drive. Well after going through cloning process again with the Maxtor software (no errors reported) I get exactly the same problem when I attempt to boot from the SATA!

Any new ideas would be gratefully received!

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Boot problem with SATA cl ...

The main problem here is that by Cloning the HDD you have now got the problem of the SATA drivers loading after the Windows Boot up starts so Windows can not see the SATA Drive and even if you where to install the SATA drivers onto the old drive and re clone you would have the same problem.

Your only answer is to do a clean install with only the SATA fitted so you are certain that you are installing Windows to it and you'll need the SATA drivers that came with your M'Board generally on a Floppy but if you don't have a floppy drive fitted they are on the M'Board CD. You can either chose to press the F6 key when prompted for third party drivers or wait till the Windows install procedure tells you that there are no fixed drives and then you can insert the SATA Drivers to install Windows.


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by alphabetax1 In reply to

Thanks for your help, it confirms the 1st answer received about installing third party drivers.

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by TheChas In reply to Boot problem with SATA cl ...

Just one additional comment to the advise you have received.

With many of the on-board SATA controllers, ALL SATA drives are considered to be RAID devices.

You may need to configure the drive as a single volume RAID array before you can boot off of the drive. Even with a clean install of XP.


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by alphabetax1 In reply to

Thanks for your comments, but I didn't need to perform any RAID configuration.

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by alphabetax1 In reply to Boot problem with SATA cl ...

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