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Boot volume drive letter

By wcp ·
I have a following system that the drive letter of a boot volume got changed and I am trying to get it back (if possible).

1. HD1 has two partitions; C and D. C has Windows XP Home. D has no OS.
2. HD2 & HD3 are set up as RAID 1 (mirrored) with an Adaptec RAID card and has Windows XP Pro.
4. SCSI Iomega tape drive

The Windows XP Pro crashed and it was decided on reinstallation of Windows.
In the middle of installation process, there was an error message saying the installation could not continue. It was not related to any HW problem.

I managed to finish installation but found the drive letter was changed from G to F.
Now, programs like MS Office, QuickBooks Pro, and others would not run.
If I boot to Windows XP Home, the RAID HD is seen as G.

Things I tried.

1. Reinstallation of Windows.
In the middle of process, it asked to provide a file, which it was trying to find from G (CD-ROM now) and I had to point to F drive to continue. The drive letter stayed as F.

2. Renamed “Dosdevices\F:” to “Dosdevices\G:” in the Registry without success.

Reinstalling those programs would be my last resort.

Any ideas or recommendations of getting the drive letter back?

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by wcp In reply to

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I'd rather reinstall programs than change all the Keys, Values, and Data in the Registry.

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by JAYGIB9 In reply to Boot volume drive letter

You have 3 choices as I see it,
2. use third party software to manipulate the drive letters.
3. bite the bullet and reinstall the programs.

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by wcp In reply to

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See my comment that I added.

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by wcp In reply to Boot volume drive letter


1. I already tried it as I mentioned in my post.

2. Can you give me a link to the third party site?

3. Reinstallation of programs will do.

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by razz2 In reply to Boot volume drive letter

Let me clarify the "remove the tape drive" bit for you...

I think someone else hit on this too as it is a known issue. SCSI drives screw up drive assignment. The fact that the Tape is E: in XP Pro does not matter because XP Pro will be reinstalled. Your C: & are used. That leaves E: for the CD. I know, the CD is now G: but I think that is due to the SCSI taking a lower letter first. It should have snagged E:, leaving F: for the CD and G: for Pro. The SCSI jumped up one letter. All I can say is I have seen this more than once when a SCSI drive that is not the install drive is installed. Install them after XP is good.

One more note. Did you check for any ghosted items?

Good Luck,


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by wcp In reply to Boot volume drive letter


I wish you had answered sooner.

The Windows XP Pro was already reinstalled (in F) and I was not in luxury to test your reasoning. I had one option that I came up with after I posted my question. What it came down to was either to test my option or to wait your explanation before I rated your answer.
My option was to create a partition (using a Partition Magic) in RAID HD and make the partition G by changing the CD letter to something else beforehand. Then I ghosted the Windows XP Pro to the new partition and booted from it. It worked. I then deleted the partition (F).

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by wcp In reply to Boot volume drive letter

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