Booting Problems

By kal_lmn ·
Strangest thing. I got home from work today, turned on my PC, and everything worked fine. I decided after about an hour to take a rest, and decided to save energy and put my computer in "sleep" mode... which I rarely do. After I came back, roughly 2 hours later, I woke up my pc, logged in, and it froze. I waited about 4 minutes and decided to hard reset. After the restart, windows would not boot. The computer boots, I can get into bios, my bios has a tool which lets me see the hard drive, APPARENTLY it can read the information on the drive, but EVERY time I start windows, it loads, brings up the "Starting Windows" screen (windows 7) where the little color blobs come together to form the windows logo, but JUST as they form the logo, the whole boot sequence freezes and stays there. I tried leaving it on, restarting several times, checking connections, and unplugging and resting the pc, but all my efforts lead to the same issue... my question is WHAT could be wrong?
I also tried booting using my windows boot cd, but I have had it for QUITE a while and even the boot cd seems to not work. I went into bios and set cd boot priority to 1, yet it sits at the cd boot screen, never asks to boot, waits about 2-3 minutes, then auto boots the HDD... leading to the same problem, I don't know if the windows disc was just scratched, if my HDD is bad, if theres something wrong with my mobo, or SOMETHING else stopping my PC from booting, I am completely confused.
My PC specs are:
Radeon HD 6870
1TB seagate barracuda HDD
AMD fx 4100 CPU
sabertooth 990FX mobo
8GB corsair XMS ram (2 X 4GB)

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Don't waste any more time with it

by jrmwalsh In reply to Booting Problems

I suggest that you unplug the old HDD and remove it from your system. Then run your computer for a week or two. If it runs fine then you can be reasonably sure that the old HDD was causing the problems. If you conclude that, then get rid of it.
The simple fact is that it cannot store files properly and reliably. If the files are system files then your computer won't run correctly, and if the files are data files you will never be confident that the HDD can serve your data to you when you need it.
It is very tempting to "keep that old HDD" when it works "most of the time". But you will regret it eventually when it fails and you can't get an important file off it.
Let your computer run for a week of two without the old HDD, and if it runs well, and as it should run, then crush the old HDD with a large sledgehammer (to prevent anyone else being from trying to rescue it) and throw it away. I've been down the path of trying to "rescue" failing HDDs before, and it has NEVER paid off.
Be merciless! Get rid of it!!

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