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BOSE - the REAL story

By Oz_Media ·
Just a tad off topic on this one, but it is something I read about, hear about and see online all the time, BOSE, the marketing gurus and their amazing sounding speakers.

I for one have often said that BOSE is all about marketing and that for the price, you can find speakers that dance circles around the BOSE line of misrepresented speakers. I have also had that opinion contested more than once by people saying how wonderful BOSE sounds.

For the average ear, they SOUND 'okay' but they do not sound amazing (as their price or marketing would suggest)one fact in the linked article (which if you are interested in audio at all, is VERY informative indeed and well worth the read.) is that BOSE spent more on marketing last year than ALL of the high end speaker companies combined.

That's Paradigm, JBL, Mordaunt Short, CerwinVega, Acoustic Research/RBH, and literally DOZENS more, combined.

And the frequency response is simply laughable. While all high end manufacturer's display their frequency response levels based on a 3dB loss or gain, BOSE shows ridiculous levels based on a 10dB loss or gain (in case you are not sure of what that means, in order ot get the correct frequency as noted, the speaker is so far off axis it will be distrorted and playing at a different volume than the rest of the music, making such specifications absolutely and completely useless.


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I probably would be impressed

by Oz_Media In reply to Alot of it is in the adju ...

here's a funny one for you. I bought a use Explorer and it came with every available option Ford ever put into one, including a JBL LUX CD sound system. Yeah, I laughed too (not quite a stock deck).

It sounded 'okay' but used a 6.5" bass driver in custom cabinet hidden in the rear panel, actually sounded 'okay' as the crossover and system was pretty well designed for what it was.

Needless to say, I killed the little woofer (distortion at high volumes etc.).

I was looking on craigslist one day and a lady was giving away a pair of Yanaha bookshelves, not realizing they were high end studio monitors (shhhh). she had been given new speakers for a wedding gift and they passed the Wife Acceptance Factor (WAF) which is always small and unseen.

So I hooked up these two bookshelves in teh back of eth Explorer for the drive home (My amp drives 6 ohms no problem) and almost crapped myself. It sounds like a $1500.00 amp and sib cabinet combination!

SO now I hae a little less room in teh back, but it sure do pump out the Iron Maiden and BLack Label Society like there's no tomorrow, and the Bruckner, Vivaldi, Cirque Du Soleil etc. Yeah , WIIIIIDE musical tastes indeed!

As for EQ's, haven't played with them since the mid 80's, I am into my snobby flat tone music now. If it needs and EQ, I want to listen to something better (snov).

but I do understand and aprpeciate how they can be used to colour the sound to your liking (had a 24 band on my old Pioneer SPEC 1&2 system, their best ever, traded a truck and nearly $10K for a used one!!), in my case I've trained my ears to a flat response now, which is better for comparative/critical listening I think.

Its amazing I can hear at all, having worked so many concerts over the years and before the days where ear plugs were a consideration.

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I do have

by magic8ball In reply to I probably would be impre ...

An older pair of Marantz speakers that are in a back room to my house. I dont recall the model number off hand. They are the ones that look like they have dual 8 inch subs but in fact only one. I know I opened the back. They are impressive enough to just about shake the house and I have never heard them distort. Of course with the wife and kids I can't really crank it too loud anymore. Not a bad deal for the 30 bucks I paid for them.

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Passive radiator

by Oz_Media In reply to I do have

That second sub is just as important as the powered one actually. Many companies pull off fake passive radiators, however Marantz was not one of them, truly tuned passive radiators set completely out of phase.

From Audioholics:
"Passive Radiators"
A passive radiator is a device that looks just like an ordinary driver, except it has no magnet or voice coil. A radiator is usually a highly compliant device, with a similar cone material and surround found on regular active drivers. A clear advantage of the radiator is the absence of port noise, and some audiophiles claim the radiator provides a better sounding bass than a ported enclosure. Disadvantages include difficulty in tuning, and the extra required baffle area for the radiator. One must take caution in buying loudspeakers with this type of driver implementation. Many manufacturers simply implement one or several of these drivers disguised as normal woofers to give the illusion of more drivers in the cabinet. In fact some companies take it one step further and utilize passive radiators and porting in the same enclosure. Incorporating both is redundant and unwarranted as it will most likely result in loose, sloppy and undefined bass response."

VERY informative site, everything you wanted ot know and more can be found on Audiohlolics.

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Thanks for the link Oz

by magic8ball In reply to Passive radiator

Good site. I could spend way more time than I probably should there. I really couldn't find too much information on them a few years back after I bought them. They do have a a gold ribbon nameplate across the top of each speaker. I will have to check the model number when I get home tonight to be certain. Unless they are knock offs or something. I dont know about your area but several years back there were a few of the 'white van' type speaker outfits trying to sell their crappy knock offs in the Albuquerque area. Had to laugh at them whenever I was approached by them a couple of times at college.

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they are globally famous

by Oz_Media In reply to Passive radiator

White Van guys are all over the globe, selling knock offs.

BOK, is a name they used for knock off BOSE (same lettering an all).

Klearwood was the Kenwood knock offs, They even had a JBC (JVC).

I know them all too well, believe me. And its always teh same story, "we were just on our way back to the warehouse and have extra speakers to clear out or the boss will be PO'd."

a friend picke dup some actual kenwood towers in the late 80's, he couldn't afford the Missions I sold at the time. They wanted $499.00, he's pretty shrp so he ended up getting them for $99.00. Taking them apart there were two drivers that had no connections (not passive radiators just unconnected drivers) and no crossover at all.

I trip to Radio Shack got the all working good for less than $20.00 ( I had some 2nd order crossovers laying around myself).

They are STILL in use, after being played in the garage for years, dragged to big beach party's, campign trips etc. They now sit in another friend's living room and do he job, playing loud, thumpy rock music.

For the most part (99.99999% of the time) the White Van guys are something to run screamign from, but if you play your cards right, you can get a cheapo deal from them anyway.

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Marantz though

by Dumphrey In reply to Passive radiator

to be fair, is an actual audiophile company, unlike Bose.

Lord... I can rant for pages about Bose and their crap. Sub woofer.. Yeah, right. I have 4x6 plates in car's front door that do deeper, cleaner base..
Bose is fine if you just want tiny and sleek. If sound is at all important, please shop around. Take the time to go to a real audio store. Look up reviews. Set a specific budget. Its amazing what you can get instead of Bose.

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I have two, I think

by Oz_Media In reply to Passive radiator

I think I still have two Marantz amps/receivers. May have sold one though, don't remember off hand.

I still have an excellent Marantz dealer in BC that can get me great pricing but even with the stack of vintage amp etc i have collected over time, nothing even stands close to my Hraman Kardon PM64 (even my Luxman tube amp (circa 1979).

I saw a McIntosh tube ampe a while back, ancient, no fancy case justa block and tubes on top, MAN what a treat! No wife would allow it in her home, not pretty enough but for $3K USED, I think that would be the lasy of most people's problems.
Similar pic of smaller amp here:

Seriously, who's wife would let them spend 3 grand on THAT monster!

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Mmm Luxman.

by JamesRL In reply to Passive radiator

One of my friends in Ottawa had a good friend who was a doctor, and I house sat for him in the early 80s. He had a great setup with a Luxman tube amp and Boston Acoustics speakers. Very nice setup. I only had a ghetto blaster at the time and I was in heaven.

I was also in heaven because it was a block from a real wood fired oven Montreal style bagel place. Breakfast was hot and fresh bagels, great coffee and listen to good albums.


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MMMM Montreal bagels the world's best!

by Oz_Media In reply to Passive radiator

No other bagel comes cloes to comparing to a Montreal bagel! I argued against that until I had atually had one and now I am in complete agreement, they really ARE the best you can buy.

Stick to your mouth like peanut butter but worth every second of it.

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Yuor relpy

by melissab In reply to Ahh the Japanese sound

YUO certainly accebtuated yuor dyslexia by commenting on thsi tpoic! LOLOLOLOL!!!!! One word: SPELLCHECK!

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