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BOSE - the REAL story

By Oz_Media ·
Just a tad off topic on this one, but it is something I read about, hear about and see online all the time, BOSE, the marketing gurus and their amazing sounding speakers.

I for one have often said that BOSE is all about marketing and that for the price, you can find speakers that dance circles around the BOSE line of misrepresented speakers. I have also had that opinion contested more than once by people saying how wonderful BOSE sounds.

For the average ear, they SOUND 'okay' but they do not sound amazing (as their price or marketing would suggest)one fact in the linked article (which if you are interested in audio at all, is VERY informative indeed and well worth the read.) is that BOSE spent more on marketing last year than ALL of the high end speaker companies combined.

That's Paradigm, JBL, Mordaunt Short, CerwinVega, Acoustic Research/RBH, and literally DOZENS more, combined.

And the frequency response is simply laughable. While all high end manufacturer's display their frequency response levels based on a 3dB loss or gain, BOSE shows ridiculous levels based on a 10dB loss or gain (in case you are not sure of what that means, in order ot get the correct frequency as noted, the speaker is so far off axis it will be distrorted and playing at a different volume than the rest of the music, making such specifications absolutely and completely useless.


Disclaimer: This is simply intended as an off topic post for those who may be interested, as there are peers here who have expressed an interest in the field.

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A spelling flame......

by JamesRL In reply to Yuor relpy a lame flame, and Oz is just too easy a target.

Give it a rest.


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In understand that reading can be difficult

by Oz_Media In reply to Yuor relpy

and that when words have letters mixed up you can quickly lose all hope of figuring out what is being said. But if that's really an issue for you, you can always click another link. Why should I take MY time to spell check for YOU to save time?

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Are you one of the Spice Girls?

by Dumphrey In reply to Yuor relpy

(btw multiple LOLs went out with Disco... seriously? LOLOLOLOLO!!!! ?
I guess it is a saving gracethat you didn't reply with a lawl, or perhaps the hipper lalz or lolz... please, save us all an unplug you internet.

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I'll probably regret asking...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Are you one of the Spice ...

lawl? lalz? lolz?

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I had been told a story about BOSE

by The Scummy One In reply to BOSE - the REAL story

a few years back, and how they got their start. It was a huge scam which revolved around inferior products ant high prices, all lead by a top notch marketing department.

I have never really paid much attention to Bose since.
Personally, I think many manufacturers have good sounding equipment, however, I would likely also fall in the 'average ears' arena, as many do not make much difference to me when listening.

So, I guess the info I got a few years back was pretty correct... Glad I never gave those b'tards any money

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Well done

by Oz_Media In reply to I had been told a story a ...

I am currently one of very few reps for Utah based RBH Sound, also manufacturer's of the famous Acoustic Research product line.

RBH used to be the designer and builder for JBL, MacIntosh and Rockford Fosgate in their OEM days.

You will be hard pressed to find anything but a stellar review from any real high end audio publication, the prices cover the gamut from small bookshelves at a few hundred dollars to floor standing towers that reach the ceiling (both physically and in the wallet) to in-wall counterparts that are simply stunning, putting out the same sound as the towers at a fraction of the cost. Having worked with retail and commercial audio for decades, I must say that overall they offer the best build quality and sound for the money that I have ever worked with.

NO...I don't get comission from them.

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I had a pair

by Dumphrey In reply to Well done

of mid size AR towers back in the day. loved em. They paired well with the Yamaha amp I had. A friend of mine is using them now (those speakers are all of 12 years old now I would guess). They were replaced by Paradigm and Marantz amp/receiver.

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My mistake

by Oz_Media In reply to I had a pair

RBH didn't make AR's, brain fart. Though I really enjoy listening to AR's, RBH was/is responsible for Status Acoustics! SA has got to be the best speaker that has ever filled my ears!

Status Acoustic Decimo's are amazing, now look at what Shane has been designing, the Titus!: $50,000.00/pair and UP, 20POUND (not 20oz) woofers.

Yeah, Shane hasn't even finished designing an internal crossover yet, he's still using an external corrsover system.

Status Acoustics Titus (for that extra $50K we all have laying around):

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Ill be jumping on those

by Dumphrey In reply to My mistake

right after I win the lottery =\

but they look superb.

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Can you jump that high?

by Oz_Media In reply to Ill be jumping on those

They are pretty huge. Perhaps teh sister RBH product launched at CES this year would be more affordable.

more ear-candy from CES 2009:
Isophon Arabba Loudspeaker (these make my pants feel all tingly! Just click the photo for a close up of them thar tube amps, ooooooooooh!!!! aaaaaaaaahhh! Ceramic cones...)

Its so nice to see that, in this day of cheap IC's and Chinese manufacturing, that there are still people who care enough to be unique and creative, people that care about tonal accuray, cabinetry, tube amplifier sound etc. It would be so sad to see high end audio become a lost craft.

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