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BOSE - the REAL story

By Oz_Media ·
Just a tad off topic on this one, but it is something I read about, hear about and see online all the time, BOSE, the marketing gurus and their amazing sounding speakers.

I for one have often said that BOSE is all about marketing and that for the price, you can find speakers that dance circles around the BOSE line of misrepresented speakers. I have also had that opinion contested more than once by people saying how wonderful BOSE sounds.

For the average ear, they SOUND 'okay' but they do not sound amazing (as their price or marketing would suggest)one fact in the linked article (which if you are interested in audio at all, is VERY informative indeed and well worth the read.) is that BOSE spent more on marketing last year than ALL of the high end speaker companies combined.

That's Paradigm, JBL, Mordaunt Short, CerwinVega, Acoustic Research/RBH, and literally DOZENS more, combined.

And the frequency response is simply laughable. While all high end manufacturer's display their frequency response levels based on a 3dB loss or gain, BOSE shows ridiculous levels based on a 10dB loss or gain (in case you are not sure of what that means, in order ot get the correct frequency as noted, the speaker is so far off axis it will be distrorted and playing at a different volume than the rest of the music, making such specifications absolutely and completely useless.


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As long as people have money

by Dumphrey In reply to Can you jump that high?

there will be high end audio. And some of that tech will trickle down.

On a side note, what happened to Yamaha? I looked at some of their amps recently... they turned into crap... Maybe I read the specs wrong.

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You read right

by Oz_Media In reply to Can you jump that high?

Yanaha, now all IC's and lightweight crap, just like JVC, Fisher/Sanyo, Sony and even (pains me to say this) Harman Kardon. Though HK still makes a high end product, for today's marketplace, but nothing compared to the products of times gone by.

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I see their ads on TV for

by Dr Dij In reply to BOSE - the REAL story

kitchen mini sound thingy.

After seeing their ads so many times, I automatically realize I don't want to buy something where half the price is for the TV ads. I hear that 'for only X number of payments' and get worried about total cost.

However I DO thank them very much for sponsoring my fav shows. :)

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Great view!

by Oz_Media In reply to I see their ads on TV for

See them as sponsors of other entertainment you enjoy, great observation!

That kitchen radio does sound okay, yuo can't expect high end from a little radio afterall, though they try to imply it.

Fortunately, any of the aftermarket copycats sound just as good in this case, at a fraction of the cost.

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Other questionable TV sponsors

by Dr Dij In reply to Great view!

include that, which is supposed to be questionable anti-spyware.

and a string of 'work at home' web sites.
I was curious if they would show up on site-advisor. Even lack of malware doesn't mean they won't take your money without malware. Which really DON'T give you work at home but probably try to collect money from you for info of questionable value, or pay per click for referrals to similar sites.

tHE latest TV ad scam is various medications such as natural sleep aids or stop-smoking pills, or acai fruit extracts. THey offer you a months supply 'free' plus shipping. Problem is they need a credit card. And they never stop charging you $40 or $80/month or so, making it near impossible to cancel unless you actually close your credit card account or get a new card#.

But my fav new ad is Slap-Chop! again, vince from sham-wow is hawking them. So far have avoided buying any sham-wows in spide of seeing them in person at our county fair. Very clever marketing. You remember the young guy with headphone and mic, spikey dark hair. THen you see the cloned guy at the fair and yell 'Hi Vince with smah-wow!!! You've forgotten his exact face so he looks identical.

Slap-chop actually looks USEFUL! Of course I'll probably wait till the cheap chinese knockoff shows up (probably from same factory that makes it for slap-chop).

I love to use chopped onions and peppers in cooking. Add them to my curried version of hash-browns. My wife doesn't do much cooking (except to microwave her dinner) and won't chop onions, makes her cry. Cure or prevent most things I say! and if you add garlic they even prevent VAMPIRES! I was at our Farm Boy produce store and tell the store guy that hte cabbage in their home made kim-chi helps prevent cancer. He thought that was neat, then cracked up when I told him the garlic was good too, prevent vampires. No vampires in korea he declared. Doesn't matter. I feel good when I eat the stuff. Problem is they leave the nappa cabbage in slightly too big chunks. Guess they need a Slap-Chop!

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'Work at home' ads; and Slap-Chop

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Other questionable TV spo ...

Look at that Slap-Chop device closely next time the ad is on. Focus on the physical size of the device. Notice the relatively small size of the hopper. Consider whether you will have to pre-slice what you're cutting so it will fit in the hopper. Ask yourself, "If I'm going to have to pre-cut what goes in the hopper, why don't I just cut it up manually?" Repeat for most devices of this type.

Work at home? Notice how the spokesperson never reads the web address or phone number as part of the recorded pitch. Watch the text at the bottom of the screen over several weeks. Notice how the web address and phone number change at least monthly. Ask yourself why they have to change their contact information frequently. Repeat for radio 'work at home' ads; notice the phone number and web site are announced by a different voice from the rest of the ad, and how they change with each new ad.

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reason for the change

by Dr Dij In reply to 'Work at home' ads; and S ...

even if same company they may want to know wht ad is most effective. This is standard for companies. however they often do it with a sub page instead (e.g. for when his ads on.)

Still, I think you're right. Besides the nice feeling of chopping something, even if just onions or peppers or cukes or zukes, with a big knife and the small amount of time these things save..

Here's what happend when I bought a 'brix n mortar' onion dicer at walmart: I got it home, unpackaged it, tried to put an onion thru.

It had serious problems dicing onions: probably for 'safety' (read lack of lawsuits from people who would carelessly dice their fingers when washing it or something like that) they dumb it down so blades are quite dull. It kind of smushes hte onion instead, making a huge mess and wasting alot of the onion. Needless to say, I'm skipping cheap gadgets now.

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A long time ago and far, far away

by NickNielsen In reply to BOSE - the REAL story

Bose used to advertise the "unlimited" power handling capability of the 901 series.

I had just purchased a new amp and was shopping for new speakers to go with it. The [commission-motivated] salesman in the local stereo store was trying to sell me a pair of 901s. I told him I wasn't interested. He kept pushing, emphasizing that I could pump as much power as I wished into them and never destroy them. Since it was obvious to me that I had forgotten more about audio reproduction than this guy ever knew, I laughed and told him I could destroy them with 10 watts RMS. He responded (in front of witnesses...and the manager! :0 ) that if I could destroy a pair of Bose 901s with 10 watts using off-the-shelf equipment, he would give me a pair of the best speakers in the store.

I found a 10-watt per channel BSR receiver, hooked it up to the speakers, and turned it on. Finding a station I liked, I turned the gain up until it was audible in the speakers. Given the combined natures of the Bose 901 (highly inefficient) and the BSR receiver (grossly under-engineered), the signal at the input to the speakers was so highly distorted that it was probably the next best thing to a square wave. The speakers tolerated this input signal for less than 5 minutes before the first cone burst.

I walked out of the store with a pair of AR-2ax speakers. B-)
The salesman kept his job for three more months to pay for them. :^0

Moral of the story? Take your pick:

1. No matter how much you think of yourself, there's always a pr1ck to burst your bubble.

2. Friends don't let friends buy Bose.

3. If only I had chosen a Klipsch dealer...

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Klipsch isn't far nehind these days

by Oz_Media In reply to A long time ago and far, ...

While I think Klipsch is still building an okay speaker, they certainly aren't what they used to be. One thing I have grown to really dislike with Klipsch is the horns they use on home audio speakers. They are so honky that they mask th lack of upper midrange ( a common ploy by most manufacturer's is to colour speakers this way due to the cheaper capacitors in the crossovers, cheap wofers or the use of horn tweeters.)

I have replaced a few of their subs with alternate products as customers find they have one note bass for theatre rooms.

They aren't all hype and BS like Bose, they just don't do anything for me, that's where speakers become personal taste.

Since working with another manufacturer (to be named by peer mail if you're interested), I have been so disappointed in all the former speakers I found great, Mission, Paradigm, even Mordaunt Short (though I still have a soft spot for Mordaunts).

I remember when Polk made a decent speaker for the average listener, but they really went to **** in a handbasket too!

Big Box stores really trashed the market for teh mainstream consumer, it's bottom end or you have to go hunting for specialty dealers these days.

Great website:

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But how many of those brands....

by JamesRL In reply to Klipsch isn't far nehind ...

...have simply closed up shop and sold their name to some crapy manufacturer.

Back when I was working on Campus radio in the 80s, I used to produce ads. I bought myself a nice Sennheiser headphones and it really made a difference in what I could hear.

Couple of weeks ago I needed new headphones for the home PC and found Sennheiser headphones on for $15. At that price I didn't expect "real" Sennheiser sound and I wasn't dissapointed - they were ok for $15, but nothing like the ones I paid $80 for in 1980 dollars.

The number of brands that have gone that route are legion. I am old enough to remember when Fisher was one of the first to go that route - from decent equipment to crappy knockoffs. My Advents at home are ok, but the last of the decent kit.

I saw a similar site on Bose in the mid 90s. It reminded me of an audio engineering society meeting that I went to in the 80s (friend was a member) and the lack of quality in Bose and their crazy white papers were the object of much discussion.

I was dissapointed to see Klipsch cheapen their product line.


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