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Boss has no backbone

By MsIT ·
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Didn't seem that simple

by noyoki In reply to How Fortunate

What you propose is a d*mned if you do, d*mned if you don't situation. In as far as the network goes, I may be the IT Manager, but the Managing *Partner* is still my boss. And if I told off another Partner for anything, either one or both could, and probably would, fire me. My "duty" to my bosses is to keep their network as free of viruses as possible. If a breach occurs from something one of the four partners has me take off, I have it clearly documented that I was against it to cover myself, but what am I really to do?

Also, if the original poster worked for you, it would be YOUR job, as their superiour, not theirs. Middle management is one of the worst jobs ( ) at best. You're going to get blamed for anything going wrong, and you're going to get blamed for doing something right but obstrusive.

Some of us are willing to work with their bosses. We need our jobs. You apparently don't.

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Not this way I don't

by Aaron A Baker In reply to Didn't seem that simple

This man was "Threatened" with the use of the Union. Just how far do really think would go if it went at all? I don't get threatened, I put too much effort and if I may say so "Dam%^&d hard" work in my job to have to tolerate this kind of behavior. Especially from a person who is supposedly "Under Me?" I don't think so!! I need my job as badly as anybody else, but NOT at this expense and if you're willing to tolerate being trod on jut to keep what is obviously not worth keeping then all I can say is "Good for you" As for me, I'll working somewhere else. Someplace where I'm appreciated and above all, someplace where if some jerk tries to pull one of these on me, he's walking. We're not talking "Partners here" We're talking about an arrogant jerk who threatened his own Boss, remember? And the Boss took it, Aye, there's the rub. As stated, I need my job, but I will Never allow myself to need it this badly, I'll move to India and claim to be from Texas,first.

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Original post...

by noyoki In reply to Didn't seem that simple

If I remember right, as I read it at least...

She was saying someone ABOVE (or at least on the same level in a different department than) her was raising the stick. Not BELOW her. This person did not work for her! Rather, it seemed like the poster worked under him! Would you tell a CEO that he can't do this, you being just IT Staff, and expect the IT Manager to back you?

Sorry, the partners, CxO's, etc, are the ones paying/approving your salary. You keep telling them no, you aren't going to find work again ever. You are there to administer the network. As an "underling", it is not your decision to make.

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