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boys - i need gift advice

By Shellbot ·
ok..sorry, but xams is just around the corner and well..being married to an absolute geek, i need to get him a cool gift..

so i think i've found it..

what ya think?

Projector Keyboard

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Well, that certainly possesses the desired physical characteristics.

by deepsand In reply to There is another way arou ...

Fine tuning the elasticity, however, may take some time and effort.

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Also verify the security risk

by Maevinn In reply to boys - i need gift advice

I run a wireless mouse, but I won't run a wireless keyboard because of the security risk. That was the first concern I had when I saw this. But--there are many ways around the 'hard durface' issue--a sheet of thin foam rubber would make that a non issue, though I suspect that the angle would still be a complication.

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Soory Shelbot, this is NOT a geek gift, it's a faux geek gift

by Deadly Ernest In reply to boys - i need gift advice

for it to be a truly geek gift it would also support Linux, Unix, Mac, and have a simple software setting option to run as a Dvorak keyboard. This is only QWERTY and only for Win 2k and XP.

Summary, it's nice, it's flash, but not geeky enough.

Try some of those real fancy tower cases - I've recently seen one that's a giant iPod, one that has leds making it look like a grinning devil in the dark. But my favourite was one that slide into the middle of a tropical fish tank, the exhaust fans **** warm air into pipes, and through the tank. Now if I can only remember the web site I saw them on, it was a UK site, I remember that much.

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impending divorce

by Shellbot In reply to Soory Shelbot, this is NO ...

if i was to bring anything even remotely "iPod" -ish or Mac-ish into the house, i'd be signing seperation papers fairly quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he's a geek, but he's the worse kind..a MS geek. :)

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Contradiction in terms there Shelbot

by Deadly Ernest In reply to impending divorce

no such things as a MS geek, I'll accept an MS Faux Geek - that is, he thinks he's one, but isn't really.

OK, OK. Is he in to games, the Wolf Claw keyboard is a special gaming keyboard and easier to use than the 104.

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thank god!

by Ricnardimus In reply to impending divorce

I have a "no ipods allowed" sign at my front door...preach on! :)

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by Shellbot In reply to boys - i need gift advice

chritmas gifts were so much simpler when i was poor.

its all too much stress...
dunno..i want to get the keyboard..but should i? cost a lot...


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The past was always more simple.

by deepsand In reply to aarrgggg

When in doubt, go with your gut instinct.

Who but you best knows his likes, dislikes and wants.

If you think that he will be pleased, and the cost will not an issue for either of you, then go with your 1st choice.

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My vote is no

by rebeccaaward In reply to aarrgggg

The reason my vote is no, besides some of the comments others have made (doesn't support *Nix, hard typing surface, etc.) is that my would husband have no flat surface on which to project the keyboard image. The only empty spot on his desk is under his keyboard. And it is only empty because the keyboard physically prevents crud from accumulating there. If the keyboard were gone, disks, plates, Mt. Dew cans would all take up that space, leaving him no where to type.

So, my suggestion is not to get this if your geek is a desk slob.

I don't have an alternative gift though. Mine wanted NWN2, which he is getting from our son, and some new hardware, which I subsidized. I only have one gift he doesn't know about, and if I post it here, there will be no surpirse on Christmas Morn.

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Hello Shellbot

by w2ktechman In reply to boys - i need gift advice

I have seen this floating around for a while. Although totally cool, I talked myself out of it for a few reasons.
The keys are placed a little differently &
where would I use it?
Unless a PDA is a main unit for using, this is really just a toy
There is no keyboard action that we all grew accustomed to, making you think whil typing.

might like the USB rocket launcher or other items. Check out and look under geek toys and cube warfare....
just my opinion though

There are aplenty of geek toys out there, some are just bragging rights, and some are actually useful. This would surely be a surprise, and I doubt it would be returned, but probably not used as much as expected.

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