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Brand new network - Purchase W2K or XP?

By crisacj ·
We are setting a network with one w2k server and ten PC's. Are there any drawbacks using XP pro instead of W2K Pro? Thanks for your opinion.


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Go with XP Pro

by c.barnhorst In reply to Brand new network - Purch ...

As long as the hardware is adequate for XP you will be better off with XP in the long run. XP's life cycle extends much further into the future. If you already had Win2k Pro licenses it would be different. I work for the State of Colorado and we are just now upgrading to XP Pro from Win2k Pro on our clients. The IT types doing the migrations are telling me that XP Pro is a feature packed client.

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you have no idea what your talking about

by nomadss1 In reply to Go with XP Pro

xp is not very friendly to any user who wants to tweak or add other programs if xp decides for what ever reason to turn you down and it does quite often then your stuck even trying to get help through MS is a nightmare and they will only send genricreplies to emails.In my opinion xp is a spy and if you don't want your company business being sent to bill gates to go through then xp is out of the question.May xp go the way of dinosaurs and fast.

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xp spyware.

by admin In reply to you have no idea what you ...

How does xp send him that information? (company business being sent to bill gates)How much does it send? What mechanism does it use?

Just Curious. :)

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Features are not always good

by LordInfidel In reply to Go with XP Pro

There is an old saying in IT,

"It's not a bug its a feature"

With the time I dabbled in XP, if found it
fairly difficult to secure. When ever I would
turn one thing off I would have to re-enable
it cause it would majorly break other things.

2K on the other hand is very well documented on how to secure it. In fact you can actually make your 2K machine a bastion host.

As far as XP goes and OS's in general. A good benchmark to tell whether or not you should deploy the OS is if there is a Hacking Exposed book/section dedicated to it.

Since there is none for XP, it will stay in a purely test mode.

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Hope not I'm too late

by Milvio In reply to Features are not always g ...

Wik2k is the best option because is more mature than xp and the mayorite of the holes had being close or are in the process of being close, but be smart. First buy xp license on open,(no need to actived the software), and it is a lot cheaper, secondget a copy of win2k (since xp license are good for win2k)and istall it. this way you can have the best of the two worlds and you are ready when the time came to upgrade to xp let's say about 1 year or 2 you already cover, and you can move yo xp little by little.

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