breaking password

By kapilmitttal ·
i want to break my adminstators password. what should i do?

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The Easy Way

by The Scummy One In reply to breaking password

Since your best bet is to try different combo's and different character lengths, you will need to be pretty amped.

Go to your local drug dealer and get 1-2 pounds of Crank/Meth
Do a HUGE line, I mean friggin HUGE. It hneeds to be huge so that you can work continuously for several hours before taking a break for the second HUGE line. Every 2-3 hours, stop what you are doing (time will seem to be playing games with you, so watch the clock for breaks) and snort another HUGE line. Soon you will be an expert at cracking admin PWD's, and everyone will bow down in front of you. Your typing skills will increase massively, and what people will see is you typing soo quickly, that your hands are a blur to them. YOU WILL BE LOOKED AT AS SUPERHUMAN
just remember, look at the clock every 2-3 minutes, you dont want that 3rd hour to pass you by on accident.
Once you have cracked the password though, it will seem that the computer takes a couple of hours of agonizing waiting to finish booting. So, just go outside and run around the block 30 or 40 times while the system boots. Just watch out, as you will be moving fast enough that people wont see you to get out of the way, until it is too late.

Oh, also to note: This is a great time to get revenge on someone, since you will be faster than fast. Get in a fight with someone that you really, really hate. You will beat the sh!t out of them before they finish the first punch (which will miss obviously).
Post back and let us know your results -- we DO wanna know

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you guys are hilarious.

by Xtremewun In reply to The Easy Way

I can't believe the hilarity I find on this site. While I am sure that some are helped, it is also equally true that some are not. This guy looking to break the Admin password on "his" computer, well I am certain that he got his just desserts. Thanks guys for allowing some of the rest of us to have a laugh, or three.

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about breking password

by campak In reply to breaking password

yaar i also want to know about breking password if u know than plzz reply yaar

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Passwords are extremely easy to break but don't tell anyone that I told you

by OH Smeg In reply to about breking password

You need a Friend and you need some specialized equipment.

You take the computer with the password on it and stand in front of a stolen large tracked vehicle and get your friend to drive the stolen tracked vehicle to-wards you.

Now this is very important you need to hold the computer affected by the password in your Right Hand and stand in front of the Left Track of the Stolen Tracked Vehicle. As the left track runs over the afflicted computer the Password will break and run out the right hand side. You need to be extremely as it is dark at this time and the Password isn't illuminated as well as it gets absorbed into the ground very quickly so you need to have your face less than 3 inches away from the right hand side of the case of the afflicted computer to see the password.

If you follow these directions there is a 100% certainty that you will break every Password that you try to bypass.

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