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Bringing Linux into a MS marriage (Dear Abbey: )

By Shellbot ·
My husband made a very shocking statement over the weekend.

He has said he is going to install Linux on his laptop. He is planning to do it on a virtual machine, so in his eyes, its ok..

He says its for learning purposes, as most of the stuff at his new job runs on Linux... but how long before its not just "learning" anymore?? How long before he starts using it just for fun..??

I am a MS purist...I just cannot believe Linux will be taking up resisedence in my house..

How am I susposed to handle this??
What am I going to do??


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If you try to hinder TUX

by The Scummy One In reply to Dunno

to a VM, Tux will come and plop down on your couch, just to show you he cares, and to stay visible. However, as an MS groupie, you will of course go crazy always knowing Tux is there for you.

However, if you use MS products in a VPN instead, the MS logo will constantly badger you that you have Tux around. It will constantly tell you how much better MS products are, and try to convince you to kill Tux, or at minimum to get it out of your house. As a fangirl of Win, the MS logo will fly around sending you secret messages of how much better each and every pricey upgrade is as well. Tux will try to warn you, but you would have blocked out all sense by this time :0

Then, when you have a problem with Win, Tux will try to inform you of how it can be fixed, but just the sight of Tux still there will bug the cr@p outta you, and you will eventually start beating Tux with the broom handle.
When hubby finds out about this outrage, and driving off Tux, he will become enraged, and shortly after, the divorce will start

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Dual booting like being bi-sexual.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Dunno

Do you really want to go there?

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Dual Boot works...

by steve9199 In reply to Dunno


I'm typing on a Dell PC that has half the hard drive set up with XP Pro, and the other half is Linux Mint. Both work well, except for not being able to print to my Lexmark printer on the Linux side of my desktop (Lexmark is notoriously "Linux Un-Friendly").

Don't let Linux scare you. You'll find a LOT of servers are Linux based, and it's quite easy to get used to... depending on the Distro.

Linux isn't QUITE ready to compete with MS in the desktop market, but the new flavors work right out of the box and you might find you actually like the experience. You never might even come over to the "Dark Side"....LOL!


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Inspect his hard drive

by santeewelding In reply to Bringing Linux into a MS ...

If you find a tattoo, it's over.

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by Shellbot In reply to Inspect his hard drive
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Dual Boot....

by JamesRL In reply to Bringing Linux into a MS ...

I foolishly installed Vista and my wife and kids liked it (SP1) but it was killing my gaming performance, so I made a separate partition for XP and set up a dual boot scenario. They boot into Vista, I boot into XP, their silly cookies for online games dont' bother me and everyone is happy.


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Vista is one thing

by Shellbot In reply to Dual Boot....

I like Vista..however, I've not yet tried gaming on it.

But James..he's talking about Linux...LINUX

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Principle is the same

by JamesRL In reply to Vista is one thing

Dual boot utility I got off the net, shows a menu of three things: Vista (first partition), XP (second partition) and memory diagnostic.

So you never ever have to see it.

You'd really have hated me 10 years ago when I was running Unix on my Macintosh....


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Does he have a list yet?

by jdclyde In reply to Bringing Linux into a MS ...

If he doesn't have a list of applications to try, and things to do, it will become just one more unfinished project. B-)

If he has that list... pray for him to not find the right drivers he needs.... ;\

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enjoy interoperability

by Neon Samurai In reply to Bringing Linux into a MS ...

I find one of the fun puzzles at home is seeing how many different platforms I can get playing nicely together on my network. Unless you run MS AD at home, it should be pretty seamless between Remote Desktop, VNC and Samba/CIFS shares.

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