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Brink of Destruction, aka What would Maxwell do?

By AnsuGisalas ·
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<a href=>A catastrophic collapse of marine life?</a>

This would be bad.

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It's not silly...

by jck In reply to That's silly - No proof t ...

You propose their research is poppycock. Yet, you can't disprove their research. Hence, you can not prove that their theory of cause is wrong.

So, I'll go paragraph by paragraph (as I've done for years) and directly address you...since you seem to make a stink when people don't step up and do as you wish.

"Climate change and/or global warming and/or global cooling happens as a matter of nature. We can't stop it from happening. To expect someone to prove that human activity is causing the change to occur any differently is one of the most intellectually dishonest things you could possibly ask. That's a negative impossible to prove."

Yes, it absolutely happens. However, it happens in regular, *provable* scientific cycles and within certain tolerances.

One example: Polar ice sheets. You have 100,000s of years of ice that stores both a) water whose content can be tested, and b) atmospheric gases at the poles trapped within the frozen crystals.

Now, are you saying that all the research done on ice cores from dozens of locations from both poles that shows greenhouse gas content is now higher than ever within a window of about 600k all poppycock?

Secondly, would you disbelieve that greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere...and that each one has a lifetime that it stays within the atmosphere when released before breaking down?

"There IS plenty of evidence, however, that the ones making such claims HAVE manipulated, misinformed, lied, made omissions, made-up stuff, etc. And over the past twenty five years, NONE of their claims or predictions have come true. NONE of them. "

There's a FEW instances of things being manipulated or omitted. However, you refuse to acknowledge all the legitimate, complete, thorough research that points to the same conclusion.

And, that is because you are indeed as biased as those whom you would claim are wrong and you call everything negative about their truthfulness but a liar.

Hence, you believe the entire establishment is creating falsehoods just because a few have done shoddy or misleading work.

Guess I should follow the same concept of thought, and think everyone who lives in your state is arrogant and self-righteous and assumes their belief is the best?

"But we've had this discussion before. I don't expect you'll change your mind."

As long as you provide no conclusive proof that you are right...yes, you won't change my mind.

I'll stick with believing 1000s of PhDs doing their research scientifically who are experts in their field, rather than you who thinks he's smarter than all of them.

"Too many people have worshiped at the altar of global warming for too long; and others have switched denominations to worship at the altar of climate change. Regardless of their denomination of choice, both are 100 percent faith based. Absolutely NO evidence to support either claim."

Well, I worship at no such altar. I just know what makes sense.

I once tried to give you a very simple, grade school example of why global warming would occur involving a pot with a pinhole in it, and someone pouring water into it.

The greenhouse gas emissions increasing as they have since the beginning of the industrial revolution would not be a concern if the microbes and plant life with use them as "food" were increasing at the same rate.

However over the past 50 years, we've also begun things like deforestation globally. As well over the past 50-60 years, it has been (and in some countries still is) a practice for companies to dump product both on land and in the sea.

So not only are we removing the plants that would consume the greenhouse gases, but we are dumping things in the oceans which negatively affect microbial life that consumes them as well.

So if you are doing things to remove the natural, egological factors that "scrub" the greenhouse gases from the ecosystem...what else is there to use them up as we increasingly produce them?

It really is simple science. Why you don't comprehend it is beyond me.

Anyways, go ahead and enjoy things while you have them...even if your kids won't get to.

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climate change

by PurpleSkys In reply to That's silly - No proof t ...

does indeed happen on its own...humans just happen to be fast tracking it us YOUR proof....

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I have nothing to prove

by maxwell edison In reply to climate change

Prove that something does not exist? Yea, right.

No one has proved that it does.

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Deduction only?

by AnsuGisalas In reply to climate change

You know, if someone tells you "A criminal may come and break into your mailbox and steal your identity", I think you might consider doing something about it, even if there's no proof that a criminal actually will do that.

Sometimes it's prudent to make projections, even if projections are only ever proven right when not heeded.

Remember the Y2K problem? A large number of people feels there never was a problem. It was a projection - it was heeded - and nobody has damage to show that heeding it was a necessity.
I'd rather not find out if some projection about world-threatening disaster was "correct after all" - much better to do something, and let the skeptics keep their faith for eternity.

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by AnsuGisalas In reply to climate change

Well said. Also I like to think that, in reacting the Climate Change, we'll come closer to Climate Control.
After all, right now they're also suggesting the Sun will enter a low-activity period, leading to a new "small ice age".
Knowing exactly how we affect the climate can help us choose to affect it in the future, for our own good.

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by PurpleSkys In reply to climate change

i've been in the middle of this discussion before...i've given proof but have yet to see max back up his claims...Max...if you have nothing to prove, neither do the rest of us have to prove anything to you (although, some of us would like for you to "see the light")....we believe, you do not...

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It's mostly annoying...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to climate change

because I enjoy taking my braincells for a spin.
I like being challenged, I like getting to stretch out once in a while...

But I seem to get only a tease, with no follow-up.

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Human activity

by AV . In reply to That's silly - No proof t ...

Why do we need experts to tell us that we're part of the problem? Its never good to pollute the atmosphere, the ocean or land. Period. Its pretty much a given that we are all destroying our environment and I don't need an expert to tell me that. We've been doing that for at least 50 years and there has to be a price to pay.

Climate change is normal, yes, but the rate of change has accelerated because we all pollute. What bothers me is that our government is looking to profit off of climate change instead of fixing the problem. What should be a noble cause, has become revenue for them via Cap and Trade legislation.

We're all so busy debating the problem and deciding who is right, trying to legislate it, but we're not solving anything. We still all pollute.


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As long as we are here we pollute, to change it

by Michael Jay In reply to Human activity

the only thing we can do is to leave the planet, or stop doing the things that pollute.

I do not see a way we can do that, cap and trade, a disaster.

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But MJ

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Human activity

We can cut down the pollution dramatically.

It just costs more to make whatever it was that we made by polluting.

There have been numerous instances where we have changed our ways to cut down the amount of pollution that we create and it???s been done successfully.

Of course Industry doesn't want to change as they see a loss of profit. But just because they don't want to change doesn't mean that we are incapable of doing things better.


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