Broadcast TV over IP

By greg ·

I have an need to be able to send a free to air TV picture over TCP/IP to multiple screens. The image needs to refresh rather quickly (live action pictures), but the size on the viewing computers need only be approx 300x240 pixels.

Can this be done?

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Technically Yes

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Broadcast TV over IP

But you will first need permission to broadcast the content as it will most likely be covered by Copyright.

Then you'll need a really high speed Net Connection to prevent the jumping of the picture which accompanies most IP video.


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I can do

by greg In reply to Technically Yes

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

I'll tell you why I need this.

We supply computer equipment to bookmakers at the racetrack, and at the moment they have some monitors with tuners built in so they can watch betting infomation and have a live feed of vision in one corner. Some of these monitors are getting old and each one needs an RF feed and to be turned each day.

I will get no problems getting permission to "broadcast" the video and it's not for the outside world, just our raetrack LAN.


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Well in that case

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I can do

At the master computer you'll need a Video Capture Card/Tuner Card whichever you wish to call it and then feed in the Video and send it out over the internal Network which should be fast enough for your needs at the track. I would try to keep everything Wired to prevent punters logging in with a WiFi NB Connection but if that's not possible you could use the WiFi option. As it's betting info you'll not be so worried about real time feed as the changes will not be constant motion but only changed every minute or so.


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Thanks for the reply, but...

by greg In reply to Well in that case

But - how do I "send it out over the network"

How is this done?

What program do I use to view it on the terminals?

This is where I'm lacking knowledge.


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how about this...

by bhatnagar_nitin In reply to Broadcast TV over IP

Microsoft TV IPTV Edition

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Same question...

by JayBid In reply to Broadcast TV over IP

I think you and I are attempting to do the same thing. Are you using nic enabled tvs or are you broadcasting to PCs? I have several tvs that have a nic and I can see them from across the network and access shared files but am not able to stream to them or utilized them as a type of second monitor. Sorry if I???m hijacking, but let us know what you find out.

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You can do that with UltraVNC

by robo_dev In reply to Broadcast TV over IP

I use that for CCTV video surveillance systems all the time. Just load up uVNC server on the main computer, and the other PCs can all watch the live video on them with the VNC client.

I have a VNC client on my iPhone which works fine either on the local network or over the Internet.

While a Windows remote desktop connection will be a bit faster, it cannot stream video like VNC can.

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