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Brrr snowy Canada, LOL

By Oz_Media ·
I always joke about how mild it is here, whiel it snows everywhere else. We are STILL caslled teh great white North, even though we see very little actual snow in Vancouver and area.

This weekend we got snow, YAAAAAY, yup a bunch of white stuff. Hey, it's less than a foot but still manages to practically shut down the city.

The area I live in is very hilly so the crews are on alert and eth city budget is there to keep roads salted and plowed. But it's still the most snow (less than a foot) that we've had in November in FIFTY ONE YEARS!!!

So needless to say the drive to work was a BLAST, nobody on the road, just cruised in like it was a Sunday afternoon. I would take this over rush hour any day of the week! It will give the global warming zealots something to work on too!

So.....is it just me or does anyone else have snow now?

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by Jaqui In reply to Wasn't here

the one right by Highway 1.
[ no wonder we got slammed from the traffic snarl huh? ]

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Oh that one's not bad

by Oz_Media In reply to Wasn't here

Still around too, I think, or is it a Sammy Peppers now?

Was at the Boathouse (Rmd.) a while ago. Okay but not what it usd to be. Still a great selection of seafoods of course, but it sems to have slipped due to popularity and less of a need to stand out from the crowd.

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nope he lives

by Jaqui In reply to What do you live in ????? ...

in a dungeon. ]:)

remember, -2 degrees Centigrade is around +30 Farenheit.

0 C is the freezing point of water.
so it really isn't that cold.

10 C is shorts and t-shirt weather.

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by Oz_Media In reply to nope he lives

what he said, actually, my friends call my place 'The Cave'. I wont say why. :)

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Had a few places like that open up last year

by jdclyde In reply to I went to the driving ran ...

They have covered and heated platforms for you to hit off of, so you can be out there all year long.

My Uncle JUST gave me his old set of clubs, so I have to get out this week and give them a swing. Swinging at leaves in my yard just didn't properly scratch that itch! (set of CopperHeads) Don't know much about them yet, but they have to be better than my old "PalmSprings" that my step-dads step-dad got for me out of a rummage sale down in Florida.

The other option is I go to my buds house and we whack a bunch of water balls into the corn fields across the road......

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by JamesRL In reply to Had a few places like tha ...

We have golf domes where you can hit in shirtsleeves - long sleeves though, they don't get the heat up to 70 degrees.

I'm for thinking that clubs make mostly a psychological improvement. One of my friends who almost went pro bought a new set recently and actually went up in score until he got used to them. But he shoots mid to high seventies.

It took me a couple of buckets to figure out my new clubs, and my old clubs were so old, my woods were made of.....wood.


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We have a few domes as well

by jdclyde In reply to Domes

and they are nicely heated. The outdoor ones are better when available though because you can't tell if your hooking/slicing in a dome and I have seen people ruin their swing that way.

I have a wooden putter......

Just about everything the boys and I use are hand-me-downs. I have also gotten some good deals on drivers, because my cousin is a golf pro down in Indiana. Gave my newest one to Thing One because he hits it better than I do, a Taylor. Nice club. He was at the age of 14, out driving me most of the summer. Told him I was taking the driver back..... :0

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by Oz_Media In reply to We have a few domes as we ...

Sounds cool. We get the full open ranges, heated stalls (they have long ceramic heaters overhead). Automatic ball machines are nice though so you are not bending to tee up every minutes or so. It just spits out a ball, it comes to a rest on teh nat in a little cup, a tee pops up from under the ball and lifts it to your preset tee height.

Sounds pretty cool huh? Lots of pro style golf up here! (not from my bag though, don't get me wrong)

I got a full set of Calloways as a prize at a golf tournament a few years back, I played for a year or so with them and gave them away, Big B's and all. I went back to my $300.00 Top Flite's, still hit longer and straighter than I ever did with the Call's anyway.

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almost got a set last year

by jdclyde In reply to Domes

my cousin had a set that was left over from last year, so was going to clearance them out for me. $200 clams for a never used set, but I had just dumped $800 sending my boys to camp and didn't have cash in hand to spend on myself. oh well.

I do like the way king cobras swing.

I am far from a serious player though. Just love to have an excuse to get outside, and it is a good activity to do with my boys.

Never seen an auto tee machine. What will they think of next.....

I go to the Domes on Sunday mornings because the local golf shop takes in about 20 different sets that you can swing for free to check them out. Bought my Hogan hybrid there and love it. My bud will out drive me by about 20 yards, but then my second hit goes about 60 further than his second. Now if I could stop lipping the cup on my putts, I would be able to beat him more than half the time!

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No snow in San Fran

by mjd420nova In reply to Brrr snowy Canada, LOL

It has to get oretty cold to snow here. There is snow in the Sierra though. Not unusual to get over 12 feet of snow up there. I grew up in Minneapolis, so I know what that white stuff is all about. We learned to ice skate as soon as we learned to walk, as sometimes that's the only way you could get around. Now snow in Seattle is another story, I 've only seen it once. We do get snow on the coastal hills near San Fran but it has to get pretty cold and it doesn't stay long.

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