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Brrr snowy Canada, LOL

By Oz_Media ·
I always joke about how mild it is here, whiel it snows everywhere else. We are STILL caslled teh great white North, even though we see very little actual snow in Vancouver and area.

This weekend we got snow, YAAAAAY, yup a bunch of white stuff. Hey, it's less than a foot but still manages to practically shut down the city.

The area I live in is very hilly so the crews are on alert and eth city budget is there to keep roads salted and plowed. But it's still the most snow (less than a foot) that we've had in November in FIFTY ONE YEARS!!!

So needless to say the drive to work was a BLAST, nobody on the road, just cruised in like it was a Sunday afternoon. I would take this over rush hour any day of the week! It will give the global warming zealots something to work on too!

So.....is it just me or does anyone else have snow now?

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Starts Saturday

by Oz_Media In reply to :p James

Snow headed for TO, -6 degrees and still snowing by next weekend.

Time to pull out the muklucks and the touque. "They're heeeeeeeerrrrrreeee!

"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!" :)

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Where do you get weather reports?

by JamesRL In reply to Starts Saturday

Down at the bar??

Its currently 3 degrees above zero, and raining. We may get some snow overnight, but sunshine tomorrow, so it will in all likelyhood melt.

The long range forecast has next Thursday being the first day with over a 50% chance of precipitation.

Actually I prefer a snow on the ground and sunshine to rain.


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All over

by Oz_Media In reply to Starts Saturday

Now before you rang me, I believe in weather reports about as much as I do poliicians.




Looking out teh window is generally more accurate. Not having that luxury, I am left to simply look at weather predictions.

Those listed above, as well as local news, all show snow headed for Toronto. lows around -6 and long term forcasts lookin gworse. It's on the way, but I didn't say it was there yet.

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Yeah I heard

by Oz_Media In reply to It's not Global Warming - ...

I had band members (tha once lived out here) laughing heartily at me at about 3AM last week. Bastards!! I wil be over there in the summer and they are all dead!!!! Lets just see how fast their tracks get mixed now.

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It's warm, and that is an understatement

by rob mekel In reply to It's not Global Warming - ...

It has been the warmest autumn since they started recording the temperature in 1706!!!
so fare. (back then temp was measured in ?R?)

Altho autumn isn't over yet it looks as it's gonna be at least an average ever high of 1.5 C over the last ever high of 2005. And ... 2005 was an ever high of 1 C over the one before (1901)

On November the rates and figures are even more extreme. See http://www.knmi.nl/klimatologie/maand_en_seizoensoverzichten/maand_260_grafiek.html .
I'm sorry that they're in Dutch.

The KNMI is the official Dutch weather forecast yeah as if that is possible, but they're getting better at it institute.


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Make up your mind!

by maxwell edison In reply to It's not Global Warming - ...

First you guys claim that "global warming" is caused by human activity. You even provided PROOF that the globe was indeed warming -- and at absolutely alarming rates! But when your weak "proof" was debunked (warming has only been about one degree, plus or minus a one degree margin of error, and it's thought to be part of a natural cycle), you change the mantra to "climate change". Perhaps a claim that a region's climate is actually changing might be more difficult to debunk, right? However, the "proof" that a region's climate IS changing is just as difficult to actually prove and document. And I've seen no such "human-caused climate change" proof.

The big change from "global warming" to "climate change" actually took place a couple of years ago, if I remember correctly, when the "proof" of "global warming" was actually becoming laughable, but at about the same time hurricanes in the USA (and south Atlantic) were becoming more common and more severe -- at least if one listened to the self-appointed "experts". 2004 was worse than previous years, or so they said, and 2005 was worse than 2004! Just wait till 2006, they warned, when hurricanes hitting the southeast USA will be even worse! And they WILL be worse because of "climate change", they claimed! Well guess how many severe hurricanes hit the southeast USA in 2006? Twenty? Ten? Seven? Four? How about ZERO!


You global warming zealots are really something. And Neil, for a guy who appears so bright in so many areas, you're sure dim on this one. Make up your mind, will ya'? What will the next mantra be when the "climate change" myth is also debunked and it, too, runs out of wind and becomes laughable?

First it was global cooling ..... then global warming ..... now climate change ..... next it will be .....

By the way, Neil. Tell these "global warming - hurricanes will be worse" zealots that the new mantra is "climate change". They must have missed the memo.


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Wore short sleaves for hunting

by jdclyde In reply to Brrr snowy Canada, LOL

It was going back and forth between 40 and 60 F. (5 and 15 C)

The only snow we got was last month.

looking to get some Thursday though.

I will get the fun of counting all the SUV's and four wheel drive pickups in the ditch on my drive to and from work. These morons don't understand the difference between 4wheel drive keeping you from getting stuck, and keeping traction at 80 mph. (128kph)

So I would say, we have been hogging all the global warming this month! will have to get my coat out in a few daze.....

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What people forget....

by JamesRL In reply to Wore short sleaves for hu ...

Four wheel drive helps get traction for accleration, but adds weight to the vehicle and does not one thing to help the vehicle stop. The added weight of 4WD will tend to make the vehicle harder to stop (unless they upgrade the brakes to compensate).

I can't remember where I saw it, but recently saw some TV footage of a car with FWD and good snow tires versus the same car with AWD and all seasons, driving through wintery conditions. Which one do you think handled better? The one with snow tires.

I've driven all kinds of cars in the snow - from pickup trucks with RWD and no weight in the back to Toyota Tercels to Mustangs. The driver is the most important factor in winter driving, from my experience.

We haven't had our first snow yet, but people learn some lessons the hard way. Stupid things that people get away with on dry pavment in good conditions won't work in snow because stopping distances are longer and the ability to maneouver is less.


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Had first snow last month

by jdclyde In reply to What people forget....

but it didn't stay for most of the state.

The first good one always takes a lot of people by surprise, and they learn the hard way to change their driving to match the conditions.

I have FWD, driving a Concorde and never have any problems other than morons pulling into the space I have left to give me proper stopping distance..... X-(

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My more recent toy

by Oz_Media In reply to What people forget....

Used 97 Explorer V6-SOHC (MINT!) Every little thing you coul dpossibly do to service it since new. One owner, semi retired business owner who would drive form Kelowna to Vancouver every few months.

full time or auto 4X4 traction control, 4 drilled disks,4-cylinder brake calipres, BRAND new M&S Uniroyals. Stopping form 50-60kms is a breeze on packed snow or ice, starting is a joke, you simply can't get the tires to spin. Unlike the old days of blasting my pickup around in a mall parking lot.

One good thing about this snow, it has kept rush hour to a real minimum, driving to work is a breeze, listening to some tunes, puffing a cigar and sipping on a large tea or decaf coffee with the heavy metal cranked (paints an odd picture, especially the cup of tea :) ). I'd take this over rush hour any day.

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