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Brrr snowy Canada, LOL

By Oz_Media ·
I always joke about how mild it is here, whiel it snows everywhere else. We are STILL caslled teh great white North, even though we see very little actual snow in Vancouver and area.

This weekend we got snow, YAAAAAY, yup a bunch of white stuff. Hey, it's less than a foot but still manages to practically shut down the city.

The area I live in is very hilly so the crews are on alert and eth city budget is there to keep roads salted and plowed. But it's still the most snow (less than a foot) that we've had in November in FIFTY ONE YEARS!!!

So needless to say the drive to work was a BLAST, nobody on the road, just cruised in like it was a Sunday afternoon. I would take this over rush hour any day of the week! It will give the global warming zealots something to work on too!

So.....is it just me or does anyone else have snow now?

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11 Farenheight Degrees - 6 inches of snow

by wallowamichael In reply to Brrr snowy Canada, LOL

Pretty close to Vancouver, globally speaking.
In Oregon's NE corner tucked under Washington and next to Idaho.
More snow today - then clear and a high of 15F tomorrow - the kids are getting out their sleds.

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by Oz_Media In reply to 11 Farenheight Degrees - ...

I think Oregon looks more like BC than anywhere else I've been. Trees, lots of green everywhere and the Pacific is a real buzz to watch on a stormy night while driving down the 101.

I closed my office there (just outside of Salem) about 4 years ago (maybe more now). The one thing I miss about having US offices is the time I spent in Oregon, what beautiful country!

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Set a record here

by DMambo In reply to Brrr snowy Canada, LOL

In my area, we're about to set a mark as the least snowy November on record. We've had a whopping 1/2 inch (1cm) of snow. Tomorrow, we might set a record high temp.

Even with those conditions, I went skiing Sunday in 50+ degree sunshine and the snow was actually pretty good. Modern snow-making technology is pretty amazing.

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According to the almighty weather reporter

by Tig2 In reply to Brrr snowy Canada, LOL

Tomorrow it is supposed to snow. Got snow just before my birthday in October and nothing since. According to my trusty thermometer, it is currently 21 F outside. I am FREEZING!!!

Yesterday we got enough rain to start thinking seriously about building an ark. But it was at least warmer. Today, all kinds of sunshine... and the temperature has tanked. Oh well.

Driving here in snowy Minnesota is always a crap shoot. We average 4 months of snow a year... but no one apparently can remember how to drive in it. Except me- a transplant. Makes you wonder...

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They might be wrong

by onbliss In reply to According to the almighty ...

So far it appears so sunny, bright and chilly. No sign of snow. Hey me a transplant too, and so far I am doing good - (touch wood)

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The new and *improved* forecast

by Tig2 In reply to They might be wrong

Has us in flurries tomorrow and through the weekend. Although the 6 F this morning is almost too cold for snow!

It will happen eventually. It's inevitable. We can't escape it. Snow. Lots of snow. And cold. Darn!

The natives all swear that us transplants will eventually go somewhere else. Between you and me, I think they're wrong.

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no snow

by Shellbot In reply to Brrr snowy Canada, LOL

no snow in dublin

every christmas eve when i go to bed, i think..maybe it will snow overnight...and then in the morning, the first thing i do i look out the window

2 years ago it did..!!
ran (more like tumbled) down the stairs and went outside in my jammies and proceeded to make snowballs.
hubby though i fell down the stairs, so came running to my aid and found me outside..when he popped his head out he got about 5 in the face..

that was good..

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by Jaqui In reply to no snow :(

you like snow AND got to hit the hubby in the face with snowballs. ]:)

I don't make snowballs any more, last time I did I packed the wet snow we get here into ice without really trying so when I threw it I broke someone's hand.
[ yup skinny me has very strong hands, comes from moving lots of food using tongs.. like 3 10 pound prime rib roasts on a single cookie sheet in one hand.. you develop a really goot hand strength that way ]

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by Oz_Media In reply to no snow :(

Cool. I know when I was back a couple of years ago, London had it nasty. This year, London seems like a good vacation spot, getting colder though.

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by ProtiusX In reply to Brrr snowy Canada, LOL

I had a foot of snow at my house and had to work from home for two days. The kids were out of school and spent their time making snow men and having snow ball fights.

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