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Brrr snowy Canada, LOL

By Oz_Media ·
I always joke about how mild it is here, whiel it snows everywhere else. We are STILL caslled teh great white North, even though we see very little actual snow in Vancouver and area.

This weekend we got snow, YAAAAAY, yup a bunch of white stuff. Hey, it's less than a foot but still manages to practically shut down the city.

The area I live in is very hilly so the crews are on alert and eth city budget is there to keep roads salted and plowed. But it's still the most snow (less than a foot) that we've had in November in FIFTY ONE YEARS!!!

So needless to say the drive to work was a BLAST, nobody on the road, just cruised in like it was a Sunday afternoon. I would take this over rush hour any day of the week! It will give the global warming zealots something to work on too!

So.....is it just me or does anyone else have snow now?

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The great white south

by Oz_Media In reply to SSSEEEAATTLLE!

YOu had us beat out good last year too with all those ice storms and crap that hit there.

Oh well, that's one thing I'll give america I guess. You sure know how to bat our stonrms! :)

It's headed east now though, so we'll both get our rain back again.

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You know that it is an unusual year when...

by Tig2 In reply to The great white south

Seattle and Vancouver and Dallas all have more snow than Minnesota! (as of 01 Dec)

They promised us snow this week. It is Friday. We MAY see snow by Sunday but I'm not holding my breath.

Where we DO have y'all beat is the cold. Current temp is 7 F. Brrrrrr!

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London ON

by shryko In reply to Brrr snowy Canada, LOL

We're still yet to get actual snow this year... there was 1 day we had snowfall, but it didn't even last through the day...

thanks to prevailing winds, you guys get the most mild weather, while everything is blown to the rest of Canada...

and something like 90% of Canada's population is within 5 miles of the US border, if I remember correctly.

That all said, my hometown is Ottawa... 35-40 below (celsius) is fairly common during the winter. (with wind chill)

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Snow .. Ha!

by bblacklock In reply to Brrr snowy Canada, LOL

I live in Edmonton and snow we have, you want some?

In most of the city we have about a foot and west of the city where the family lives it's about a foot and a half. This doesn't count areas where it really drifts in (the driveway at the country place has better than two feet and I won't drive into that until spring).

So anyone who wants snow, just ask!

Actually after a couple of winters in Yellowknife the -30 temperatures and the foot of snow here aren't bad at all. The only challenge is the number of people who cannot adjust to winter driving. Edmonton apparently has the worst drivers in Canada and after last week I can believe it.

Fortunately driving an itty-bitty Mazda 323 forces me restrain the testosterone and drive like a sane person, which means I haven't gotten stuck once or ended up in the ditch. I just get to gloat as I drive past the 4WD SUVs thinking that my father is right when he comments "Four wheel drive means that much further to walk out".

Anyway, at least the weather isn't boring as it climbed 20 degrees in 12 hours and was reasonably nice over the weekend.

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