bubble wrap or peanuts inside a computer for shipping?

By imagineaudio@earthlink. ·
I was entertaining the idea of taking out the pci cards and HDDs before shipping my PC 2100 miles.

But decided everything was held pretty tight inside the case.

So, to keep the heat sink intact and everything nice and secure I was thinking of filling the case with bubble wrap or peanuts...

Good Idea? Bad Idea? what about static? bubble wrap or peanuts?


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Not to worry

by Michael Jay In reply to bubble wrap or peanuts in ...

I unpack pc's every day that have been shipped and it does not matter if it is shipped one mile or around the world. Even on boxes that have clearly been dropped and bashed about all internal hardware has always been intact.

I am sure that someone has had problems with shipping and will reply, for the most part don't worry.

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Either will kill your PC

by TheChas In reply to bubble wrap or peanuts in ...

Whether you use peanuts or bubble wrap, the static electricity generated by any trip will destroy your CPU, motherboard, RAM, and most if not all of your plug-in cards.

Even the pink types coated with an anti-static chemical can still generate a large enough static charge to do damage.

If you have a large heatsink / fan, you might want to remove it before shipping. If you do remove the heatsink, make sure to unplug the lead from the power switch to force you to open the case when you unpack it.

Beyond the above, place the PC in a large plastic bag, and use an actual case box with the hard foam inserts to protect the system.

Spend the money for full insurance, or even express delivery. That way, the package tends to get better handling.


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Think of the mail-only systems

by jdclyde In reply to bubble wrap or peanuts in ...

gateway and Dell are exclusive mail order. If there was a problem, you would think they would have found it.

Just follow The Chas's recommendations on packing the system and you will be just fine and so will your PC.

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