Building my own (again)

By sir.ptl ·
As is the case with many people I want to build my own machine, but not a gaming machine. The primary use for it will be for video and photo editing. My problem is that 99% of everything out there is about gaming which is fine for younger people, but I haven't seen younger in several decades.

The items I already have and want to use from my old machine (unless there's good reason why I shouldn't) are:

Ultra mid tower case (new)
Antec SP-500 power supply
Two Western Digital SATA drives, a 250GB and 320GB HDD
A Plextor dual layer DVD burner
And I can get a good deal on Vista Ultra through a friend of mine.

I tend to like the Asus boards and I also think that a CPU, chipset and possibly MB from the same vendor will play together much better. The CPU I have in mind is the Intel C2D E6700, 2.66MHz. I was sort of considering a BFG NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS OC 256MB PCIe graphics card, but neither is cast in concrete. From past experience I'm very concerned about components not being fully compatible. Lastly, should I use a Raid configuration and if so which one?

Since my technical expertise has been left in the dust of time, I'm receptive to all suggestions, but I'm mainly interested in the MB, CPU and graphics card combo that works together well for the intended purpose.

Dear ol' dad

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lets see

by Norehca In reply to Building my own (again)

the hardware you currently have is perfectly fine. As a fan of AMD processors id have to recommend an AMD, not an Intel. In my experience i believe AMD processors are just plain better. I would go with a dual core processor as with video and audio applications will make good use of both cores. if there arent any yet, there will be soon.

dont go crazy on the video card. i would focus on RAM and processing power. i cant recommend and CPUs as ive ye tto try any dual core CPUs but simply look around for AMD CPUs and look at the reviews. I recommend and ASUS mobo. atleast 2GB of RAM would do you well, and a NVIDIA 6000+ series, or an ATI Radeon 9800, or an ATI X series card peferably an X800 or X1600 would do you fine.

check thesesites for parts:

before i go i must recommend Windows XP Pro. I think alot of people in this forum would tell you not to get vista for many reasons. I wont get into but ill say Vista has alot of compatibility problems and is simply not ready.

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by CG IT In reply to lets see

Like Norehca I'd go with a Dual Core AMD. AMD makes a low wattage processor [65 watt vs standard 85 watt] and I'd opt for one of those. They stay cool because they don't use massive amounts of power. The Athlon 64 Windsor core is a low cost, good dual core. The 3800+ 4600+ or 5000+ dual cores would all work for video editing, with the 3800+ for the casual video and the 5000+ for the serious video enthusist.

Also as Norehca recommends, memory! as much as the mainboard can handle [and the O/S can address]. As with all computers and memory, more is better.

I'd also opt for the nVidia Quadro graphics card if your into serious semi/professional video. If your also doing sound editing, get M-Audio 44 Delta. You can do 4 track with it or if your really serious, the M-Audio 1010. It'll do multitrack and 7.1.

Today, no one uses IDE ATA drives [well some do but the standard isn't ATA it's SATA]. Video takes up a huge amount of space and if you store video as well... space can at some point in time become a problem. I'd get a mainboard that handles SATA RAID 5 and hot swap. Get 3 or more drives in a RAID 5 and your set. If a drive ever fails in the RAID , you can hot swap and rebuild with virtually no loss of data.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Building my own (again)

this is a dual purpose setup. Grand kids could play latest games and you can edit your video. I choose Gigabyte boards that have an Intel Chipset. Why? Because of the reliabilty and performance.

Gigabyte GA-945P-S3 S775,945P,Core2Duo,ATX,FSB1066,PCIE16,DUALDD

Intel Pentium D 945, Dual-Core 800FSB 3.4GHz, S775

GeForce 7300 GT, 512/ 256 MB DDR2, 128-Bit, PCI-Express 16x

It will even run Vista.

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