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Bulding a Server

By rgallagher ·
I've been thinking of bulding a server and wondering what I should be looking for hardware and software wise. I want to be able to host other people's sites to make a little extra cash and would also like to do streaming audio. Possible video in thefuture.

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So True...

by TomSal In reply to Just as an afterthought

Very good point Col Luck..the ISP my company uses is the ISP that about 8 years ago I was among the first 100 customers for home dial-up 28.8 access. I used them for a solid 5 years, until 3 years ago I wised up and got broadband/Cable. I know the top engineers and executives by first name basis with this ISP due to several in-depth conversations we shared through the years. Very good customer service oriented company. Anyway, today they are the ISP for my employer because of me - I introduced them. I've toured the main NOC of this ISP which services 3 full states and about a half dozen counties in portions of other states. They have about 20,000 customers for Internet access (they also are a telephone company now too) and they provide a minimum of 10 megs per customer. Plus some corporations they host use upto 500 megs each. Anyway to accomodate this storage -- they have 10 Terabytes of what they call "frontline" storage. All fibre infrastructure too, diesel generators, all servers in a "clean room" environment. I was quite impressed.

Lots of moola!

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I Know! I Know!

by RiverFreight In reply to Bulding a Server

Now it depends on what kind of server you wish to build. If it is a negro server then make sure that you go thru the browns in the robot paint eisle carefully, piebald is not cool. Strawberry & Butterscotch are also not cool if botched up. But otherthan that the old Radio Shack and the current Heathkit catalogs can supply you with "Server" stuff under the listings for telephone company parts, components and equipment.

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Who let Keith Richards in here?

by MWBlessing In reply to I Know! I Know!


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I'm Better Looking!

by RiverFreight In reply to Who let Keith Richards in ...

Don't know Keith Richards is but since you recommend him so highly I'd be pleased to have the intro.

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