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bullying and discrimination and harassment in forums

By NZ_Justice ·
When a site decides to set up forums, they do so with good intentions, a place where people can share their ideas and knowlage with other people, and any one can be accepted. Weither they are 1 or 100 or any age inbetween, smart or dumb, good english, bad english or no english. Yet it appears people in forums once they take an offence to something they just turn nasty, then becuase they been around for a while they get all their friends aganist this person too. Then mob rule takes over and they go on a richeous crusade to cleanse the ethnic minorities from the forum area. It's just a forum, people still live their lives outside of it. Why bully, discriminate and harass?

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Nothing to do with this...

by Cactus Pete In reply to It's all this post

...other than you begged people to read it.

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That's not fair

by Oz_Media In reply to Nothing to do with this.. ...

Anyone can clearly see that logic is not allowed in this thread,

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Here you deal with Real Pros

by Aaron A Baker In reply to It's all this post

Something you have to understand is that here at T R you are dealing with Top Notch people. The very best.
These are Not, repeat Not amateurs. Most of them are incredibly adept and skilled and are in peak form for what they do. They are Pros in the true sense of the word, not just people who know technicalities, but people who also know how to live.
You speak of Mob Mentality and how we are ganging up on you and won't let up etc etc.
Allow me to point out that there is a big difference between everybody just ganging up and brow beating someone and people going out and defending one another.
Here we stand by each other. Not because of you, you're not that important.
We stand together and YES it bothers the heck out of us when one of us get's insulted or abused in any was at all.
We stay back and watch and when we have had enough, we step in and defend our colleague.
This is NOT Gang mentality, it is Professional people resenting very deeply the childish games that you play and resent even more the fact that you are trying so hard to involve them into what must by definition be a useless and immature discussion.
As for your No.1 Spot, it obviously means a lot to you, another sign of immaturity.
It doesn't mean all that much to us. Sure we're happy when someone get's it but they got it because of their contribution, not their ability to rabble rouse.
I close in saying that my colleagues have made some great suggestions to you.
By all mean, get a name change and try again, only this time, try it with respect , maturity and above all consideration for the other people's feeling and who know where it may lead you.
Good luck, you're going to need it.

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Thank **** Cheney

by JamesG In reply to Thank you for making my p ...

You can thank Lee Atwater, KKKarl Rove and "****" Cheney for restoring "civility" to public discourse. The right wing only knows insults, and their echo chamber rationalizations of what they want to push as the truth. To quote "****", they can all go **** themselves.

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We can also thank **** Cheney...

by UncleRob In reply to Thank Dick Cheney

for his "involvement" with Haliburton, Unocal and all the juicy oil being sucked out of the Caspian see. I sure hope all those dead Iraqi people and dead U.S. soldiers were worth that fat paycheck, hmmm....

I think I'm getting a little too political for this TR forum, I think I'll just leave it at that!

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by ProtiusX In reply to Okay, NZ_Justice - Time f ...

Now this is interesting! I don?t know who you are as I have been a bit pre-occupied to post to this most worthy forum. I love the people here. I see this forum as a group of intelligent people whom I can have a reasonable conversation with. Granted that I may disagree with the majority of them and tease them from time to time for being communists or worse (French) but I value their opinions and I enjoy reading what they write in response to my right wing fundamentalist sputum.

Take Neil for instance. I think he and I disagree on quit a bit but I look forward to reading his postings because he is witty, humorous and extremely intelligent.

I have not read any of your posts before this one but I will say this: Maxwell is one of the most patient, respectful and intelligent posters on this forum. I was shocked to read what he wrote about you. I would take his advice and try again.

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Thanks ProtiusX

by maxwell edison In reply to Wow!

I guess I was looking for that "POW" factor.

I must admit, however, that my patience is getting shorter and shorter with a lot of people and a lot of things.

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Look out....

by UncleRob In reply to Thanks ProtiusX

... his "patience is getting shorter and shorter with a lot of people and a lot of things" and the "POW" factor, that's seems like alot of hostility coming from you.

Anger Management is a class that all bully's should take, and you should definitely look into it.

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Some times people need a pow

by ProtiusX In reply to Look out....

Maxwell may be many things but he is not a bully. He has always argued his points from logic and reason. In the time I have been reading his posts he has rarely lost his temper and when he has it has been justly deserved.

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this is how I look at it...

by UncleRob In reply to Some times people need a ...

You seem to hold him in high regard and you may have good reason to do so but regardless of any reasons I have problems with anyone who talks the way he did when he reprimanded nz_justice for his previous posts, you don't prove any point by lowering yourself to someone else's standard and on top of that mention that you speak for everyone on this forum - I don't like that at all, I may have even gone overboard in my responses to him but his replies back bordered on childish also which did nothing to prove his points to me.

Here are a few excerpts from his sermon on the soapbox and you tell me if this type of discussion sounds mature & professional:

1. "Let me be perfectly frank; you're an immature dolt"
2. "you're no more than litter on the information super highway"
3. "Your idiotic quest to post nothing but nonsense and drivel, only to achieve the number one ranking, is not only obvious, but a disgusting turn-off."
4. "My guess is that you're some 16 year old punk whose parents ignore you and you stay holed up in your room playing on your computer."
5. "Do yourself a favor. Never post on this site as NZ_Justice again. Create a new account and a new alias, and try again"
6. "Now go away, kid, you bother not only me, but all of us."

Seriously, I don't need to be a fan of nz_justice or Max's to know that making posts like this in an IT Forum is unnecessary & unwanted, especially the portion on talking on behalf of all of us - a little presumptuous to say the least.

Just my 0.02 cents cdn, feel free to agree or disagree. ;-)

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