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bullying and discrimination and harassment in forums

By NZ_Justice ·
When a site decides to set up forums, they do so with good intentions, a place where people can share their ideas and knowlage with other people, and any one can be accepted. Weither they are 1 or 100 or any age inbetween, smart or dumb, good english, bad english or no english. Yet it appears people in forums once they take an offence to something they just turn nasty, then becuase they been around for a while they get all their friends aganist this person too. Then mob rule takes over and they go on a richeous crusade to cleanse the ethnic minorities from the forum area. It's just a forum, people still live their lives outside of it. Why bully, discriminate and harass?

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2 canadian cents!

by ProtiusX In reply to this is how I look at it. ...

That's like one tenth of a penny. How about like a Canadian dollar. The coin kind not the funny monopoly money kind.

We are human and sometimes become angry. The things he wrote aren't nearly as bad as some things I have seen others write.

Now I can say the same thing for my opposition as well. Oz and I don't see eye to eye on a great many things but he is also genuine and interesting to argue with. Neil is the same way. I wish I could say that for others.

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ProtiusX, do you have something against Canadians?

by UncleRob In reply to this is how I look at it. ...

I pretty much have an idea of how much 0.02 cents cdn is worth, being canadian I actually have a clue. I include that blurb about 2 cents cdn at the bottom of my posts to indicate that my opinion is given freely. Your sarcastic reply would almost lead me to believe you have something against canadians, if so (and I'm hoping not) that's really too bad, you should learn to be a nice neighbor. If you were just being a smarta$$, no worries, I can be one too from time to time.

"We are human and sometimes become angry. The things he wrote aren't nearly as bad as some things I have seen others write."

You are correct that we are human (most of us anyways), I've been with TR for a couple of years and I've read a few posts by now and I still feel that he pushed the envelope with his post and on top of that he finished it off by saying that he spoke for all of us, as I told him and I will tell you, know one speaks for me and he needs to be careful when he goes off on a wild rant that he doesn't include the rest of the TR community as his lynching party. This is an IT forum, his post had no place here whatsoever and I won't change my mind about that.

You also said "Now I can say the same thing for my opposition as well. Oz and I don't see eye to eye on a great many things but he is also genuine and interesting to argue with." - I'm glad you find Oz to be genuine & interesting because at least that's one opinion we have in common, Just remember in your blurb about funny cdn money not being worth a tenth of whatever, OZ is canadian too and we both get paid in that "funny money".

If you must know, the cdn dollar is not doing too shabby as of late, 1 cdn dollar is currently equal to 0.872759 USD. And if you must know, I work for a U.S. based company that has it's canadian division located in Winnipeg. A strong cdn dollar hurts U.S. businesses that do business with partners across the border. One "tenth" as you put it is not even close to reality.

Stop defending Max, he's a big boy, he can take care of himself without the need of a faithful sidekick to watch his back.

... just my 0.02 cents cdn, feel free to agree or disagree.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Thanks ProtiusX

YOu have the patience to put up with Bush, poke, and you have the patience to post irrelevant links to support your comments, whether they do so or not poke, and you have the patience of an itchy undertrained Marine, poke.

Max, I was actually on the Conservative side of this election (Canada actually had a political day!)much to the chagrin of many friends and associates who feel womb to tomb is the way for Canadians, which I've never agreed to even though I do support some of the socialist systems already in place.

But our bleeding heart lefties make your Kerry followers seem like the right wing. I was most surprised to find that most suburban areas of BC voted Conservative, over their normal NDP or Liberal choices. Only a minority government here, and a little too close to Bush for total support, but it sure is better than the knobs we had before.
The funny part is I had several people tell me that Conservs would increase military spending, whilst the left and center had already said they would increase military spending (quietly and just for the ears of the fringe voters). In fact our political parties are VERY closely aligned, good thing too, they will be watching each other very closely while pointing their fingers and trying to push the next election upon us.

I will concede that you're right on one more issue, most voters have no idea what they are voting for, it's just following the masses. I think it's a really good thing we can't make a global impression. Our politicians scare the bejezus out of me too!

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So what the heck happened Oz?

by JamesRL In reply to Sure

Usually its the conservative West that blames Ontario for not voting conservative and keeping the Liberals in power. But this time the Conservatives lost 5 seats in BC and gained 16 seats in Ontario. (mind you still some Alberta guy on the call in shows, blaming Ontario again, must be a reflex).

Even the NDP realize that we need to build up our military - though the NDP would prefer we do nothing but peacekeeping.

Those nasty attacks ads just showed how desparate the Liberals were to cling to power - they honestly would say anything or do anything.


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I don't mind Harper as long as...

by UncleRob In reply to So what the heck happened ...

he doesn't get any stupid ideas like sending Canadian troops to Iraq to help GWB finish a war he shouldn't have started. Afghanistan was bad enough as it is. WMD my a$$! Oil's more like it!

I think the election pretty much tells you that Canada has had pretty much enough of the bad taste that "Paul Martin's" liberals have left in our mouths, time for us to sample a bad taste offering from the Conservatives. As much as I "harp" on Stephen Harper, he does have some good idea's on improving law enforcement, reducing crimes and finance reforms. But you watch, his first move will be to crank out legislation either attempting to reverse existing gay marriage laws or wasting taxpayer money on a new definition of marriage (please don't spend anymore tax money on defining marriage, I already have a wife & 2 kids so I have a bit of a clue). Alot of people may view the minority government (as opposed to the conservatives winning a majority) as a negative but I hope it will mean that the party's will try to work together in achieving better things for Canada. (yes I know, it's a pipe dream, and quite possibly a wacky tobaccy pipe at that).

Any opinions on the GST, do you think it's possible to eliminate it - apparently it's on his agenda. My question is, it seems that the GST is required in maintaining our economy as is, if you remove just to insert a new tax what's the use?

cheers.... ;-)

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Why would we help the US acquire oil?

by Oz_Media In reply to I don't mind Harper as lo ...

It wouldn't make sense, they buy the majority of their oil from Canada.
As for the whacky tobaccy pipe dream, IS Canada afterall.

At least we can have a decriminalized whacky tobaccy pipe dream and not face life in prison.:)

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What a headwrecker!

by Oz_Media In reply to So what the heck happened ...

Yeah I ws blown away. Vancouver Island all voted for conservs, they are NDP junkies there, tree huggers and fishermem and seniors galore. The three major cities in Canada, Montreal, TO and Vancouver all voted Liberal though, I guess they are the people who actually sit inside and watch the TV BS though.

Islanders are never home, if they are home, they are fixing the fence, retying nets, sharpening saws and mountaineering.

I dunno, I think a change, even with a minority govt. to keep them on their toes was needed. As close to Bush as Harper is, I still think he'll make some positive changes.

As for leftie military, yes they both cited spending a boatload on military, but I think it was just to lure in the fringes and they don't really have any intent on increasing power.

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Speak for yourself...

by UncleRob In reply to Okay, NZ_Justice - Time f ...

Don't ever make a post on behalf of "all of us", you don't speak for me and I doubt you speak for 50% of the people in this forum.

The original post that NZ_Justice threw out there didn't contain any of the crass statements that you've included in your response.

"Immature Dolt", "Idiotic quest", etc. etc. etc.

Even if this person has in your opinion, responded to other posts with a lack of respect, you don't gain any points by lowering yourself to his level (or lower) .

How about showing some of that "semblance of maturity and professionalism" you indicated in your response and act more professionally when you post a reply.

Opinions are one thing but you aren't helping anyone when you post a reply like this. I read your response and shook my head and wondered why people are so rude today.

Guess what I'm speaking for myself in this post, not on behalf of all of us. But I have to wonder if I'm the only one who thought the same thing when reading your post and I'm pretty sure I'm not.

Clean it up, this is a techrepublic discussion forum, not a soap box for your next political campaign - that would go for both of you!

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Glad you got on your soapbox as well

by maxwell edison In reply to Speak for yourself...

But I was speaking only for myself. I suppose you could take my last sentence as being presumptious enough to speak for others, but it wasn't really intended to do that. And if you read almost ALL of the other replies (in various discussions), you'll discover that well OVER 50 percent of the people in this forum agree with me.

I'm sure you feel better for getting that off your chest, but you forgot to tell me why I should care what you think?

Moreover, I get the feeling that you skipped to the last page of the book and missed the first four hundred pages.

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Don't you....

by UncleRob In reply to Glad you got on your soap ...

have a kite to fly with your Uncle Thomas? If so, make sure you hold on to that kite string extra tight and let me know how that thunderstorm turns out.

Your last sentence was presumptious to say the least and that's the part that got me to post a reply in the first place if you must know. Don't ever use that tone of "post" (voice) and those words and say you speak for all of us, because you don't. Just say you speak for yourself and you won't bother half as many people.

My post wasn't about making me feel better, it was about making sure you knew your place and your role, specifically maintaining your professionalism & maturity when entering into discussions and laying off the descriptions of other users.

This specific discussion isn't that long (75 posts currently) and the points that each user has posted along with yourself don't take that long to read.

Your friend ProtiusX apparently has some misguided trust in you, I read this user's post and I wondered if we were still talking about the same person:
"... have not read any of your posts before this one but I will say this: Maxwell is one of the most patient, respectful and intelligent posters on this forum. I was shocked to read what he wrote about you. I would take his advice and try again."

Hmmm... yah that sounds like good advice. Hopefully other TR members don't meet you in real life, they might say something that you don't like and then you'll go on a rant about how idiotic they are and don't show enough professionalism and should change their name, yeah, changing your name should fix everything. Great suggestion, I see that method of fixing things taking off like a rocket right now.

Maybe I should change my name too, will you like me then? You know what, it doesn't matter what you think so I don't think I'll be changing my name anytime soon.

Changing your site alias to please someone else, geez, I thought I'd heard everything, this one tops the cake. I'm surprised your little rant on Justice and your suggestion to him to change his name so that he doesn't bother you as much in the future isn't against TR forum policy, it definitely should be.

You know what, you sound like big bully, except that really doesn't work on the internet, maybe he can email you his lunch money - HA! This is hilarious. Who comes up with this changing your name stuff, you wouldn't by chance be a member of the Bush administration would you?

- You're also the first person that I know of that tries to make 50% sound like a great number - you sound more like a salesman than an "IT Executive". Anything else you'd like to sell?

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