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bullying and discrimination and harassment in forums

By NZ_Justice ·
When a site decides to set up forums, they do so with good intentions, a place where people can share their ideas and knowlage with other people, and any one can be accepted. Weither they are 1 or 100 or any age inbetween, smart or dumb, good english, bad english or no english. Yet it appears people in forums once they take an offence to something they just turn nasty, then becuase they been around for a while they get all their friends aganist this person too. Then mob rule takes over and they go on a richeous crusade to cleanse the ethnic minorities from the forum area. It's just a forum, people still live their lives outside of it. Why bully, discriminate and harass?

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by NZ_Justice In reply to You just don't get it

The thread isn't amid at anyone here in the TR, it is genral.

I'm not looking for acceptance. And don't want acceptance. I don't care if a 100 of the top TR users hate this account. boo hoo. I value your advice and have taken it on (all that I have read anyway (I removed my silly tags)). You can sing professional all you want. Is it professional to hold a grudge against a techy you hate? Is it professional to call them kids or assume they are under the age of 16 or 16? Is it professional to exclude someone simlpy becasue they pissed you off? Is it professional not to read a reply simply to diss the guy righting the reply? Come on be professional, lead by example. and don't be petty. If more flames gonna come my way, let them. I am professional, and I sencerley apoligse for treating the TR forum with disrespect. The account is not changing. Deal with it positively.

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You still don't understand, because you don't listen

by jdclyde In reply to Man

You still don't understand, because you don't listen.

I never said you pissed me off. I never posted anything to indicate that I hate you.

I have tried repeatedly to show you what is acceptable behavior on a TECH board, which is very different from a chat board.

Go back to the link I gave you about "what new members should know". In that discussion is a link to ESR's web site where he talks about how to ask for help on a tech/hacker site, and also what not to do. (if you don't know ESR, google it. anyone in tech should know it or learn it)

Professional is me deciding how to spend my time. You have run around like a little kid and have gotten on the nerves of the grown ups that are trying to talk, just like you used to do at Christmas when the family got together.

I decide who I respect and who I don't. I don't have time for people I don't respect and you have not done what it takes to earn any respect dispite my efforts to help you fit in. You must admit that I have given you more chances than many others here. For many in this field it is a one strike and your out.

If you don't want to "fit in", that is your choice. Don't complain about your choices though.

Deal with it positively? I will not be replying to NZ_Justice again and you know why. I would say that account is beyond salvation in most of the members eyes, or at least the majority of the ones that I value highly.

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by M_a_r_k In reply to You still don't understan ...

Why are you even giving this character any bit of attention that he does not deserve? He is just here to create a fuss. If everyone ignores characters like this, they won't remain a nuisance for long. The only thing that keeps a troublemaker going is attention.

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I agree

by maxwell edison In reply to jd

See my message to jd.

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by jdclyde In reply to jd

i didn't see him as a lost couse yet and was just giving up on him.

the other boy is just a punk that I wrote off a few the other day.

I am just more understanding and tried to convert him rather than cast him away and turn him into a hardcore loser like underage is.

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by maecuff In reply to jd

I dunno. You don't get an inordinate amount of attention, yet you're still around. :)

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by jdclyde In reply to Mark
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Hey, jd

by maxwell edison In reply to You still don't understan ...

I might read a few more of his messages, only to see if he decides to grow up a bit. If so, I'll continue to read them, and I might even reply. But if not, I won't even waste my time reading any more of them. Some discussions I just choose to take a pass on participating, either reading or replying, and any more of his will probably fall into that category.

Which brings me to a possible upgrade idea for TR. What about an ignore function? What if, for example, NZ_Justice posts his messages, but whoever has him listed as an "ignore member", wouldn't even see the messages? Is that even possible in this type of format?

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"Ignore" option

by M_a_r_k In reply to Hey, jd

An "ignore" option would be nice to have. I haven't participated in many other online discussion forums but in the ones I have, there is no "ignore" feature. It is up to each individual to use their own will power to ignore idiots.

I have read very few of NZ_justice's or Underage Guy's posts. I read a few of them when they first came in to TR but quickly realized there's nothing there worthy of my time, much less worthy of my reply.

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oh, a squelch button!

by jdclyde In reply to Hey, jd

If you have the ability to do it in on-line games, why not in a TECH web site? Who better to know how to do it?

I am done with both accounts, justice and underage.

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