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Burn the US Flag

By Dr Dij ·
The senate may pass this time a constitutional amendment to prohibit flag burning

I think people should be free to burn the flag, subject to fire and nuisance regulations. I.E. they should not be allowed to burn a flag anywhere they would not be allowed to light a piece of paper on fire.

Before you call me a commie, I think that anyone who would ban burning of the flag themselves is symptomtic of totalitarian regimes. They are trying to outlaw FREEDOM of expression.

Substitute that same person holding a banner, in the same place saying 'USA Sucks'. (or anything else sucks for that matter). I don't thing the USA sucks but alot of people have died to protect our freedoms, not to have a bunch of people with * up their * tell me what I can and can't do. How do you feel?

(and if you disagree I think you're stupid, possibly fascist or commie, and that's my freedom of expression, long live freedom!)

Here's link to the article on yahoo at usatoday

Seems majority of Americans agree with me:

Last paragraph of article
"A poll released last week by the Freedom Forum First Amendment Center in Nashville found 63% oppose a flag amendment, up from 53% last year."

"Clearly, more Americans are having second thoughts about using a constitutional amendment to" instill respect for the flag, said Gene Policinski, the center's executive director. "Many Americans consider it the ultimate test of a free society to permit the insult or even desecration of one of the great symbols of the nation."

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Baseball draws

by Oz_Media In reply to Montreal Baseball

I remember being in Seattle when I was younger and the Mariners were standing outside Pay'N'Save like boy scouts, handing out free tickets to get people to go to Mariners games. I was playing in an amateur All-Star series in BC at the time, and REALLY wanted to go so we stayed for the game. I am positive we had a better turn-out at OUR Provincial tournaments than the Mariners did that night.

THEN they got Griffey and the tides changed instantly!

Jays, well they may have a Canadian stadium but they are really a US team for all intents and purposes. As for Montreal, never was a big fan, though I was REALLY hoping for the Jays/Expos WS, that would have been too cool!

I was big on the Jays in the mid-80's to mid-90's and never really liked the team after that. Not because of the way they played, I just don't care for the roster nowadays.

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Like Seinfeld says...

by DMambo In reply to Baseball draws

..we root for laundry. The player turnover hardly makes teams recognizable after a few seasons. Nonetheless, I LOVE THE RED SOX!!!! (and Les Canadiens)

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Don't know why you think...

by JamesRL In reply to Baseball draws

...The Jays are a US team.

They have always been owned by Canadians, first a brewing company(which sold the team when they were bought by a multinational beer conglomerate), then by a cable/communications company.

When they were successful, they were one of the first teams to heavily recruit from the Dominican Republic and that helped make them a winner. They also had Canadian farm teams. They won two World Series in a row, then the double whammy of the strike, and having to let some players go due to increasing salary demands. That really killed baseball in Toronto. In the winning seasons, almost every game was sold out (56,000 seats). Now they are lucky if they get half that for a good game.

But they are no more an american team than the Expos - the Expos were just an older club.


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by Oz_Media In reply to Baseball draws

Don't know if there are ANY Canadian citizens on the Jays, even those from the Dominican Republic (that's all of them right?) are US citizens. They are paid in US dollars and play most of their games in the US against US teams in the American League.

US players, US money, US games against US teams, AMERICAN LEAGUE.

Yet TECHNICALLY they are Canadian, somehow.

EDITL:in all fairness though, they Do have ONE Canadian, Corey Koskie, who is STILL on the disabled list I think.

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by JamesRL In reply to Baseball draws

Just because the Dominicans are paid in US dollars does not in any way make them US citizens - they aren't. I'm not aware that the Expos had any more Canadian players, and proportionately more US players, so how does that make them more Canadian than the Jays.

You didnt live in Toronto during the heyday, we had massive support. The day they won the first world series, once the game was over everyone went out on the street to show their support and have some fun.


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Actually I did

by Oz_Media In reply to Baseball draws

My brothers firm has/had a skybox, we were there for 2 games in 1993 and did enjoy the street party afterwards.

But other than the ownership, the players andmanagement are all/MAINLY Americans being paid in American dolars to play a game for the American league. THey live in the US most of the year, they spend their money in the US, they have US homes and families (though many have a second home here or move here during the season).

We can pretend they are Canadians and take credit for being a TORONTO based team, but that's about as far as it goes.

Check the wick out, the nationalities are all listed for this year's team.

Addundum: One of my closest friend shas been a promoter and P/R manager for many of the Jays, he handles their press conferences and meet & greets etc. and has done for many years. Even HE gets paid in USD as MOST of his work with them is either in the US or to the US. Most of THEIR bank accounts are also in the USA. Just ecause they play here and move here for the season, doesn't make them Canadians.

Find me three Canadians playing on Toronto, getting a dual citizenship because you're American League team is based in Canada does not mean they are a Canadian team.

Nancy Green and Steve Podborski were Canadian athletes, George Bell and Tony Fernandez were not.

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National League/American League

by JamesRL In reply to Baseball draws

Both American.

Once upon a time we could say the same about American teams playing hockey - they were stangers in a strange land but nobody thinks about that now.

US Dollars is a requirement of most players contracts, and with salary caps etc, it makes more sense to keep the whole team budget in one currency. Sure they hire Americans. Don't you think Canadian coaches dominate hockey in US and Europe?

I'm not wrapping the Blue Jays around the flag or anything. But I don't think it matters that much where the players come from. They are just as Canadian as the Expos were, or the Raptors are. Do you think the New York Rangers are a Canadian team because the coach is Canadian and over half the players are Canadian (and few are American, more Europeans than Americans).


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Hockey teams

by Oz_Media In reply to Baseball draws

Well IF I lived in one of the states where teh majority (nearly all) of the team was Canadian, I would also say they are, for all intents and purposes, a Canadian team, as they are made up of Canadian players. You can't tell me this is new to you.

<Frangmented sentence remove, even I couldn't figure out what it was supposed to mean!>

Therefore they are seen as Canada's team but they are really Americans.

When I played ball there was a team almost completely of Japanese ballplayers who came here because amateur ball parks here were better. They were part of a BC league and therefore technically a Canadian team, but everyone considered them the Japanese team.

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I was referring more to the US flag

by Oz_Media In reply to Quebec versus rest of Can ...

The US flag doesn't get burned in protest by Canadians. We don't like US actions but it is, as upi said, an act of the most irrational zealots in Canada, not the norm for protest.

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Hot-button Issue

by DMambo In reply to Burn the US Flag

Sad that our Congress isn't worrying about more important issues...oh, well.

What you're going to see is that flag-burning will become a wedge issue. Some poor schmuk running for office will come out against a consitutional amendment and then he'll have his patriotism attacked. It'll get splashed all over the TV news and everyone will have to take a side. Rednecks will go wild and run to the polls to vote against those who want to see the USA turned into a godless, commie-luvin, left-wing wasteland. Meanwhile, the "patriots" will be quietly working to keep their laws off big corporations.

It's easier to react than to think. God bless the USA - we need it!

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