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Burn the US Flag

By Dr Dij ·
The senate may pass this time a constitutional amendment to prohibit flag burning

I think people should be free to burn the flag, subject to fire and nuisance regulations. I.E. they should not be allowed to burn a flag anywhere they would not be allowed to light a piece of paper on fire.

Before you call me a commie, I think that anyone who would ban burning of the flag themselves is symptomtic of totalitarian regimes. They are trying to outlaw FREEDOM of expression.

Substitute that same person holding a banner, in the same place saying 'USA Sucks'. (or anything else sucks for that matter). I don't thing the USA sucks but alot of people have died to protect our freedoms, not to have a bunch of people with * up their * tell me what I can and can't do. How do you feel?

(and if you disagree I think you're stupid, possibly fascist or commie, and that's my freedom of expression, long live freedom!)

Here's link to the article on yahoo at usatoday

Seems majority of Americans agree with me:

Last paragraph of article
"A poll released last week by the Freedom Forum First Amendment Center in Nashville found 63% oppose a flag amendment, up from 53% last year."

"Clearly, more Americans are having second thoughts about using a constitutional amendment to" instill respect for the flag, said Gene Policinski, the center's executive director. "Many Americans consider it the ultimate test of a free society to permit the insult or even desecration of one of the great symbols of the nation."

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by Oz_Media In reply to Took a leap did I?

Withdrawl accepted and noted.

People do NOT see America as a more prosperous country at all, I have never met someone with that opinion, other than Americans who feel that's what others think.
People see Americans as over arrogant end of story, not successful.

A poor winner is FAR worse than a poor loser.

As for the problems around the world, the USA is as much to blame in most cases as ANY country on earth has been.

Britain has always been accused of all of these atrocities in other countries, yet Braitain also had this HUGE global commonwealth to deal with. These British colonies were often controlled by such small forces and pretty much left to their own devices until there were major problems.

Britiain also provided the ability for these countries to become global partners form third world repressions with no technology or trade expectations. Britain has protected them too.

As for Middle East, well the US has had their hand in that one as long as it has benfitted them too, right to the point of invasion for regime change that is in the US's best interests.

But your views on why people dislike the US attitude, it is pretty arrogant itself and not too far off people implying others are jealous of America, which I have also yet to see. ANYONE can move to America why would they be jealous? They'd just move there.

I don't know ANYONE that has ever thought about moving stateside and I don't know anyone that ever would. I've run offices there, I've spent a lot of time working in the US, but it has never even crossed my mind to move there. Well to be honest I DID considerit in eh early 90's mainly for monetary purposes but it was just a flighty thought I had.

Nobody's jealous, nobody resents you for success in fact most Do like the US but not the US 'holier than thou' attitude and that will put off more people than opportunity turns on.

People who have never lived under your form of government would never consider doing so. It's not a different country, it's practically a different world for most, and one they don't see as appealing at all.

What works for you and makes you proud is all finse and dandy, just don't assume that's what everyone else wants though, because they REALLY don't.

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Oh this topic always gets the blood

by TomSal In reply to And that's the problem in ...

Like I've said in the past when we talked about this topic on here...

I well know that a large part of the world view us as arrogant. But that by itself isn't what aggravates me.

No what aggravates me is hearing people from other countries saying this stuff to me like its my *personal* fault, or I *personally* support that viewpoint.

Look we all live where we live, we don't start out choosing where we grow up its where our parents happen to be at that time. We don't chose our nationality, again our parents have to do with that.

I'm just an American citizen because this is where "life" made me be born in and where I grew up. I'm not a politican, I'm a regular guy just trying to pay the bills and have a decent life.

So when folks say well "you're american of course you are arrogant"...or the like....that makes my opinion of THAT person go "oh and you are pretty messed up yourself to just say that to me when I did nothing but say "hi"...." lol.

And of course my education is skewed on the American slant....anyone who think other countries or cultures don't skew their education to their benefit are generations beyond naive.

The other thing that will get me going in these debates is when people just accuse America at fault for seemingly everything, yet they "weaken" or want to "lessen" the good throughout history that America served. But yet Americans are the only ones with an "attitude" problem right? LOL That just cracks me up to no end!

There is crap about every country, there is ugliness about ALL our if someone wants to just blame America on everything and never say anything good about it -- DUH!!! Of course I'm going to think YOU (ie. that person) are the arrogant one, then if enough people act the same way and are from the same country, of course over time in the back of my mind I'll be thinking "Man and that country calls *us* arrogant?"

Btw, No the US wasn't the savior of the world in WWII, but it played a HUGE role towards that goal. This is fact.

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Nobody has even denied that

by Oz_Media In reply to Oh this topic always gets ...

"the US wasn't the savior of the world in WWII, but it played a HUGE role towards that goal. This is fact."

NEVER been contested inm ANY country I've been in or by ANY person I have spoken with. It goes without saying, but I have seen it on THESE boards within the last year where people are claiming the US saved everyone's a$$ in WWII, hey won the war and everyone is just jealous of America (usually in the same post). THAT mindset is what killed your reputation, well that and your preident of course.

People don't really hold every American accountbale for being arrogant at all, you makeit seem like without saying a word, people have you pegged. I don't se that at all. BUT when someone starts shooting off their mouth about how flawed the rest of the world is, how everyone's countries are so F-d up etc. It only takes a split second to look at the guy and see an AMERICAN!

THis mindset is engrained into US society by th emilitary propaganda and over ptriotic flag waving that meakes America seem larger than life to young Americans. The more senior members here well know where yu stand, what you have done and how much the rest of the world contributes to the grand scheme of things, for the mst part, but younger more zealous Americans seem to grow up thinking America leads all and should because all others are not capable. This is the mindset that increases yur military size, creates more freedom fighters in America and appeases the government's needs. It's not so much the people, it's the lessons learned.

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Well actually you have to understand

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Oh this topic always gets ...

That while you personal are correct it works the other way as well.

If people constantly see one country other than their own which is always perfect citizens constantly beating their chest and saying what a wonderful place it is and just how much good we have done then people will quite rightly come to the same conclusion about your countrymen as you would come to about some other countries citizens.

What causes so much harm to the USA is the garbage TV S#it Com's that are put out showing Americans out to make a fast buck and constantly planning ways to get even with someone who they think has wronged them. Yes I know it's all Bull S##t but some don't and then there are others who play on this and use it for their own ends.

Personally I love to visit the US but I wouldn't want to actually live there, mainly the people are different in the areas when I've visited and are just strange from my prospective anyway which isn't either good or bad just different.

But we all fall into the basic beliefs that we where taught when we where young like all Poms are wingers, all Kiwis are Sheep F####rs, Germans are regimented and so on and on and on. When we grow up and travel we find out for ourselves that this isn't necessarily correct but as they say old habits are the hardest to break anyway it's fun to have a laugh at another persons/countries experience. Look at all the Irish jokes that have been made up as an example. There are however the Fanatics who will never change what they have been brainwashed into believing. They can be religious, Commercial or whatever these are the people that I really try to avoid, the rest are always welcome particularly if they are willing to sit down have a drink and laugh with. :)

But Tom AU is actually perfect once you get over the Federal Government who is causing all the problems with the natives and Foreign Affairs (I just love the last definition as it makes it sound as if the Federal Government has a Minister who's only job it is to go overseas and screw their brains out. }

We have good Beer, reasonable weather except for Melbourne, great beaches that can be used all year round and most importantly we send our Federal Politicians into a man made city in the middle of nowhere that serves no useful purpose where they can do as little harm as possible and then we add all the Foreign Diplomats and our local Bureaucrats as well so generally speaking we can just ignore them and get on with life and enjoy ourselves.

Col ]:)

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I just have better things to do with my time

by ITgirli In reply to And that's the problem in ...

If you want to get your nose in our business, fine, but I have a life and I'm not going to spend it b!tchin about other countries. I think I'm a little beyond that. But I hope you enjoy it. Not that I see why it should matter to you.

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Where should I buy the certificate for you

by jck In reply to the only thing the amendm ...

Girli? CVS? Walgreens? Rite-Aid?

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by ITgirli In reply to Where should I buy the ce ...
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a gift certificate

by jck In reply to huh?

For some pain relieving cream...for that sore spot on your shoulder where the chip is sitting.

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I agree -- shouldn't be an amendment..

by TomSal In reply to Burn the US Flag

The most important reason why?

Does our government not have more important issues to tackle then someone burning our flag?

Now let me make it clear -- if some punk/bum/vagrant type just completely and consistently disrepects the flag -- burns it, walks on it, rips it, urinates on it, etc. etc. -- that's not to say I won't be mad. In that case I think a tire iron to the back of his head would be a nice thing to happen.

But I don't think our federal government should spend their resources of time and money to pass it as an amendment.

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clogging up Constitution

by john.a.wills In reply to Burn the US Flag

With the 27 regularly passed amendments and some judicial activism the Constitution is getting a bit messy. It needs a Reorientation Amendment (such as the one I propose in my book Albatross), not anything on a minor matter (especially on the wrong side of a minor matter), or it will become a dreadful mess, like the California Constitution.

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