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Bush accused of censorship.

By Oz_Media ·
"From melting glaciers to warmer oceans, we are close to the point of no return."

"If you've ever been troubled by the grim global-warming scenarios that have been bubbling at the margins of serious public attention all these years, there's good news: you don't have to wait any longer to see whether or not there's really anything to it all."

"The Canadian winter that just ended was the warmest on record. Last year in Greenland, where the summers are now milder than they've been in 100,000 years, glaciers shed an amount of water into arctic seas more than twice the annual flow of th eNile River, tripling the yearly loss of Greenlands glaciers from 10 years ago. There are robins on Baffin island now, and the people of Pangunirtung are seeing thunder for the first time and walruses, on melting ice floes, are starving to death.

If you drive from Vancouver to Williams Lake, you will have the privilege of travelling to the epicentre of a thing no human being has ever witnessed. It's North America's largest insect infestation in the history of North Anerica's great forests. Briotish Columbia's mountain pine beetles, without cold winters to stop them, have devoured their way across a landscape roughly the size of the United Kingdom."

"You will find yourself following the Frqaser River, where millions of salmon are now routinely dying on their homeward migrations in lethally warm water. In 6 of the past 15 years, the waters have surpassed the fatal 18 degree threshhold. Two years ago tributaries such as the Nicola and the Clearwater rivers, summer temperatures were already exceeding 25 degrees."

"Everything is different now, everywhere. Oru winters are now 4 degrees warmer than they were a century ago, and up and down the BC coast, cedars are literally dying of thirst."

Since 1921, the pacific ocean has been warming at a rate of 1 degree a year, which doesn't sound lik emuch but 10 degrees in the other direction separates us from the deep freeze of the ice age.

"18 months ago, Canada surpassed Saudi Arabia to become the primary supplier of fossil fuels to the United States. Around the same time, the administration of President G.W. Bush, himself an oil man, aqdopted a strict policy of censorship to see to it that no federal official, not even James Hanson, head of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies, would candidly and honestly explain all those grim global-warming stories."

It had been Hansen's habit to be very clear that the shrinking of Greenland's glaciers and the increased atmospheric loading of carbon dioxide, as well as the growing acidity of the world's oceans, are all part of a story that begins with the burning of fossil fuels. Hasen had begun to warn that without a reduction in "greenhouse gas" emissions, the planet would soon pass a 'tipping point'of sorts, where there will be no turning back. Of course, he was quickly silenced by G.W.Bush.

..."What the Bush administration has been especially adamant in censoring is teh research U.S. federal scientists have been doing in teh area of 'impacts and response strategies'. Mainly the strange events unfolding in British Columbia."

In order to have a real understanding of how the Earth has been effected in real examples, you would need to address the federal agency known as the Canadian Climate Inpacts and Adaptation and Research Network (C-CAIRN), which concentrates on the impacts and response strategies the White House doesn't want to hear about."

And if you were to ask such questions of Robin Sydneysmith, C-Cairn's B.C.coordinator, as I did teh other day, this is the answer you would get: "I'm not supposed to talk about it."

Why would G.W.Bush or the Bush administration censor facts from reaching the mainstream American Public?

Why wouldn't G.W.Bush and his administration attempt to educate Americans and improve on the wasteful burning of fossil fuels?

Why would they not be interested in acting in America's best interests?

Because it is not in their own best interests, so they censor what Americans are allowed to know and that keeps the peace and discounts the global warming threats. They focus on the more radical 'Chicken little's' of the world that make extreme claims, it's easy to discount those guys.

But with the war, and other issues regarding global relations, you were all well informed of course. Methinks American should start turning to international news and reading international papers, your own news is slanted and controlled in so many ways it's not funny.

While on the subject of ranting, Canadians were shown the return of a Canadian soldier killed in Kandahar, where Canada is now engaging in major battle as they work to keep it secure, they showed his wife crying as his casket was marched to the hearse by military personells and we all had a momnent to realize the reality of what is really happening in the Middle East. It's too bad America censors this type of news also and makes you believe it is not appropriate to show citizens what they are going through in the Middle East. The wife of the soldier was interviewed and said she thought it was great that her husband received a hero's welcome when he returned, and was not just part of a quiet stats count.

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What glacier?

by Oz_Media In reply to Just you wait

The rate the glaciers are melting they won't be an issue for that much longer anyway.

Actually, a gruellin ghike I used to do in my teens woul dtake me over top of the North Shore Mountains and you can see a really cool glacier field right there. They are MILLIONS of years old and you can just stand there and gaze in awe. What a cool place to be!

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They sneak up on you.

by TonytheTiger In reply to What glacier?

"The rate the glaciers are melting they won't be an issue for that much longer anyway."

That's what the wooly mammoth said to the mastadon :)

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by oneamazingwriter In reply to Bush accused of censorshi ...

ain't just a river in Egypt. One lie has to be told to cover the next one. People in this country have no real clue often of what life is really like. They live inside their TV sets and believe anything that is stated in the U.S. media.
I refused to speak out politically for a lot of years because I wasn't registered to vote and didn't have the information I would need to make a mature decision. My own life was overly hectic as I dealt with family that was living the "American dream." My parents woke up before they died, and that helped a lot. I was always considered the "strange one" because I questioned things.
When my eyes tell me one thing and my ears hear another I understand that there are a lot of lies in life. Having survived an overwhelming number of them, I grin a lot now...only because it's a joy to be sane, not because of what I see happening in and to the world.
I saw 9/11 coming...not the specifics of it, but I saw what was heading our way because I was one of the "uniformed" citizens who did her own research and because the Internet reaches all over the globe.
The advantage of being a joyful person is that people talk around me as if I were a child, and I learn a lot about the people. I just keep smiling. I love sanity.
I registered to vote in the last major election. I can open my mouth now. I've paid attention for a long time. No booze, no drugs, no TV...a clear mind.
It's all a matter of input/output.

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It's all a matter of input/output.

by Jaqui In reply to Denial

G.I.G.O. Garbage In Garbage Out

old term for IT, not often used anymore as the US government doesn't like beig reminded that they are guilty of the G.O. part. ]:)

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& the G.I. part

by Absolutely In reply to It's all a matter of inpu ...

As purveyors of public misinformation, deceptively named "public education", the government is responsible for garbage in, and for the garbage out.

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I totally agree!

by oneamazingwriter In reply to & the G.I. part

I had one school principal call the cops on me and claim that I had no right to be in the school. The cops, though were great...they stopped by my house the next day to tell me I did one heck of a fine job telling the man off.
Public education here is not good. I tell anyone who wants to stand still to listen. One teacher told my son, "I am your mother now because you are with me more hours a day."
I could rant on this for a few years...tons more.
"nuf said.

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One thing that totally amazes me. . .

by maxwell edison In reply to I totally agree! looking at the number of people who are extremely critical of government, but yet they espouse bigger and more intrusive government as a solution to solve their problems.

Look around, they show themselves all over these threads.

I'm critical of government, probably more than most. But I support knocking it down a few notches -- about 70 per percent of its notches.

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And on "global warming"

by maxwell edison In reply to I totally agree!

One of the primary reasons I'm extremely skeptical is that almost all of the people crying the warnings in droves are not scientists, but politicians, governments, and political activists.

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Draw the line

by Oz_Media In reply to And on "global warming"

It's very true that many of those people you have mentioned have some rather radical members that spoil it for everyone else with some valid information to share.

It's also very true that some of those people are extremely observant and educated on that of which they speak.

Take David Suzuki for example, now yes he is most definitely a right wing focused person, but he is also known to be a very logical, reasonable and intensely educated 'scientist' within his field.

One cannot easily dismiss his findings and observations, no matter how much you may disagree with his political views.

It's a matter of knwing where to draw the line, so far there has been absolutely NO compelling evidence that global warming is not occuring at an increasing rate, there are infinite amounts of undeniable evidence from knowledgable sources that it is increasing due to fossil fuel emissions.

Spending so much time in the heart of BC's forests for the last 20 years, I have seen the changes first hand at an alarmingly rapid rate. It is something everyone talks about when in the wilderness here, you really notice these slight changes that just don't get recognized in the city.

So, just as with the fight against terroriosm since 9/11, do you wait and see what happens or do you take action while you can?

It's not like we are talking about immense personal sacrifices, just simple and reasonable daily routine adjustments that reduce our own emissions. The 'One tonne challenge' that they aren't suppoesed to talk about anymore.

Will it cost business and manufacturing plants a lot of money?

Sure... but so the f' what, it's called progress; we aren't cavemen, why act like them? And if it were for a new robotic technology to increase production, no price would be to dear for those deep pockets.

The part that I have difficulty with is that you are appear to be such an environmentally aware person, you are very aware of what's around you. You have also participated in scouting for menay years, I just don't see how this isn't a lifestyle you embed into the young men you mentor.

I am not condemning you for your views, I am just having a hard time figuring out why you are so stubborn to such a bold reality.

What would it take for you to see the light and be saved, Max!?


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Oz, there may be hope for you

by mjwx In reply to Draw the line

****, there may even be hope for me :) but max is so far beyond anyone's aid it is no longer funny. I think GWB himself has a better chance of rehabilitation and making himself a useful member of society than max.

All we can do is hope max burns himself out quickly, the only way to combat ignorance ingrained that deeply is to ignore it yourself.

I have no problem with the left or right side of the political spectrum, as long as they don?t stray too far because every now and then they both need some sense slapped into them.

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