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Bush, Cheney and the Neo-Con Job

By Peter Warren ·
For those who believe Bush, Cheney and their neo-con Republican allies honor the men and women who serve in the US armed forces, take the time to visit these web sites:,,,

Can anyone defend a Republican party that sends young men and women to war, but drags its feet and pinches pennies on benefits for the wounded and for the families of the dead? (, (

It would be one thing if we were broke. But while non-governmental organizations struggle to help veterans; the neo-con Republican administration and Congress are:

? directing billions in sweetheart contracts to their friends at Halliburton,**.shtml?CMP=ILC-SearchStories,

? allowing big oil to reap unprecedented windfall profits without requiring reinvestment either in oil production capacity or funding of alternative energy research (, and

? in the ultimate irony, throwing hundreds of billions at the wealthiest among us (, without requiring the sacrifice of so much as one thin dime of this tax windfall to help veterans and their families.

Yes, the neo-con Republicans were FINALLY embarrassed into passing some increases in veterans? healthcare benefits, ( But it?s still not enough! Instead of insisting that ALL of us share the sacrifice, the burden of adequate funding is left to non-governmental organizations, which must continue to fight with the government and ask for contributions in order to raise money.

The same neo-con ?warriors? who send OTHER families? children to war have shown their true priorities. Wildly irresponsible tax breaks for the wealthy come before adequate funding for veterans? benefits. The Republican Party, the so-called party of national security, wraps itself in the flag, while it uses and betrays American soldiers and their families. Now that?s a neo-con job!

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cracked crystal ball

by Absolutely In reply to

GWB himself has predicted that the war on terror will last through the entire 21st century, as I recall. Maybe he has made a more optimistic estimate, but I am sure he has said it will take decades, not years. "Endless" was certainly an exaggeration, but I think an obvious, not a deceptive, exaggeration, for dramatic effect, not for obfuscation.

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Its a real disgrace

by AV . In reply to Bush, Cheney and the Neo- ...

The Bush Administration is totally incompetent. Not only did we go into a war based on faulty intelligence (I'm being kind), we weren't prepared for the aftermath. It is a big mess, for us and Iraq.

Our soldiers and their families have paid a great price for fighting this war. We can't forget that. I'm happy that there are private organizations like the that will compensate for the lack in our current government.

I'm thankful that Americans care about our troops and support organizations like that. That is their only hope right now.

We need a big change in this country. We have a corrupt, incompetent government that hasn't done anything right in a long time. I don't know if I can wait until 2008.

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USA Today?

by Absolutely In reply to Iraq will define Bush's r ...

I thought you were once a journalist! Why would you cite a tabloid?

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by jardinier In reply to USA Today?

I worked for four years on a Sydney tabloid.

Believe it or not (and to my surprise at the time) they were just as strict about accuracy as the broadsheet on which I trained (Sydney Morning Herald).

As for Editorial or Opinion articles, well they are just that -- opinions. Again I was unable to detect any less responsibility on the part of the tabloid compared with the broadsheet.

The article I posted contains a link to the details of the poll. Perhaps you failed to notice that.

Of course I have no personal knowledge of American tabloids.

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Yes it will

by AV . In reply to Iraq will define Bush's r ...

We went to war based on a lie. It cost this country dearly in blood, money and world opinion.

I hope the outcome in Iraq is positive in years to come, but regardless, I think Bush's legacy will be that he was an arrogant and incompetent President with a corrupt administration.

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"faulty intelligence" = STUPIDITY (I'm not kind.)

by Absolutely In reply to Its a real disgrace

"The Bush Administration is totally incompetent."

Thank you, AmericanVoter, for being accurate and avoiding euphemism, with the single exception noted in my title.

GWB never excelled in any competitive endeavor in his life. Until you, and at least 50% + 1 of voters (electoral college requires more complicated algorithm which I am unwilling to write without enormous financial compensation) are willing to recognize fully that "faulty intelligence" = STUPIDITY and to reject leadership from anybody who presumes to call itself your leader without being intellectually superior to you, you will continue to have "leaders" who exhibit various types of stupidity because they are able to lie to you, and gain your trust according to their "character" and your assumptions, or the assumptions of the opposing party.

It is considered "unfair" to punish incompetence, so what the public requires is leaders competent enough that any failure will be punishable as deliberate malice. Understand?

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by TonytheTiger In reply to "faulty intelligence" = S ...

"what the public requires is leaders competent enough that any failure will be punishable as deliberate malice."

So elect them!

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Don't blame me.

by Absolutely In reply to Hmmm.

I vote Libertarian whenever one is on the ballot, and for the most socially liberal after that.

Fiscal conservatism is also important, but instead of trusting campaign promises regarding spending, I prefer to advocate for legal requirements for informed analysis before spending is allocated, as in the Blue Dog Coalition's proposal that all earmarks be really reviewed, and submitted in advance of voting to make that review possible.

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Line item veto

by TonytheTiger In reply to Don't blame me.

would also be a desirable ability to have.

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