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Bush: U.S. on Verge of Energy Breakthrough

By maxwell edison ·

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You're such an idiot

by maxwell edison In reply to That is only part of it b ...

And I'm going to stop wasting my time with idiots.

By the way, this is where idiots like you launch into your "name-calling" thing. But if you don't know why I called you an idiot, then you're an even bigger idiot than I thought

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Say what you like

by Garret` In reply to You're such an idiot

But I'm right, and the best YOU can come up with, is "you're such an idiot"

First you doubted what Bush said, I proved otherwise. But you're too proud to be wrong, aren't you? Look who's the idiot now.

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Hydrogen fuel engines

by Darthstard In reply to Should have happeneed a l ...

Garret, you are right, it was some time back, I remember getting excited about the prospects, and having wistfull conversations with likeminded chums about this technology, sometime in 1992 (i think), there was a brilliant article in "The New Scientist", sadly the point I remember most, was the patent for such a design being bought out by some oil firm and shelved. I must go and seek more on the history and get up to spec on this subject. But we can thank, if my facts are right and my memory half way there, US and Japanese scientists getting early prototypes going around the same time, not sure if that was a joint venture or not!?

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"proposals don't go far enough"

by Absolutely In reply to Bush: U.S. on Verge of En ...

Paragraph 8 says
"Energy conservation groups and environmentalists say they're pleased that the president, a former oil man in Texas, is stressing alternative sources of energy, but they contend his proposals don't go far enough."
Proposals? What proposals did he even make? I think he addressed a country full of people who generally think of non-petroleum fuels as seriously as they think of the Easter Bunny.

In fact, at least one vehicle exists that can travel 200 miles on a single charge. If the batteries are standardized, we could swap out batteries at filling stations instead of adding some combustible chemical. The filling stations could then re-charge those batteries, and sell them at a markup determined by the market.

But as a "leader" Bush doesn't have the option of straying very far from the mainstream, especially on questions of science and technology. He just wouldn't be taken seriously if he cited the most advanced research instead of the research by the largest concerns already in the battery industry.

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new cells

by Oz_Media In reply to "proposals don't go far e ...

I sawan article in an auto trade mag I'll try and dig it out if I can, about an improvement on the cells JCI is developing. It would only require 5 minutes to reach fully charged! A cell would consist of 8 plates, each about 10X10 by less than 1/2" thick. they are getting somewherenow, with or withouth GWB's belated awakening.

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which proves Max's basic premise

by Absolutely In reply to new cells

that the best thing government can do, regardless of who is "running" the government, is get the **** out of the way of business. And he's absolutely right about that.

Oz: "they are getting somewherenow, with or withouth GWB's belated awakening."

I'd love to see that article if you find it.

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Jean Cretien: Canada on verge of Energy breakthrough"

by Oz_Media In reply to which proves Max's basic ...

I've been recovering from pneumonia since last Wednesday, I have SO many different mags that I get each day that I need time off to start catching up. Music mags, work mags, car mags, all those industry related publications you get through time etc.

I THINK I have an idea which it was, so if I get time, and remember I'll try and look it up again. I just remember seeing the margin pics and not too much of the article itself, of these tiny, thin blades and the caption that it was a 5 minute full cell charge.

As far as fuel cell technology and advancement, do some searching for Ballard Fuel Cells, Ballard is a Vancouver based company that has been testing it's hydrogen buses in operation in various parts of the world since the early 90's. I believe it was Ballard that influenced support and possibly R&amp cooperation betweeen JCI and the Provincial governments in the mid-late 90's.

I suppose the correct headline woud be, Jean Cretien: Canada on verge of Energy breakthrough" LOL! :)

Talk about old news. It is nice to see that Bush has started to realize he could cash in on a future trillion dollar hydrogen industry, even if he is 13 years too late with it.

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double post

by Oz_Media In reply to which proves Max's basic ...
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LOL,, you'll believe anything he says won't you?

by Oz_Media In reply to Bush: U.S. on Verge of En ...

Well Max, this should probably be titled "Bush finally gets with the program" , when I saw mention of this the other day, I expected it would take you about 10 minutes to start a thread on your hero and his ground breaking views into developing new technology. Ever heard the term 'too little too late?'

He has screwed up nearly every waking (and sleeping) moment of his over extended stay in office since the day he was sworn in. Don't you think it's about time he worked on appeasing the energy concious too?

It's pure lip service to save face, he makes such comments that lead people in America into believing your oil comes from unfriendlies. By uttering such comments, he hopes to make people also question his reasons behind occupying Iraq.

"Less than half the crude oil used by refineries is produced in the United States, while 60 percent comes from foreign nations, Bush said during the first stop on a two-day trip to talk about energy.

Some of these foreign suppliers have "unstable" governments that have fundamental differences with America, he said."

Now there's no way that you can claim the majority of mainstream America is not under the impression that you get your oil from the middle east. In actuality, America gets a TINY portion of it's oil from the middle east and 'unstable' governments.

Most of it, comes from your much more stable ALLIES to the North and South(Canada and Mexico).

The opening comment is pure leading PR bullspit.

I suppose he HAS to start supporting JCI though, because Canadian provinces have been funding and testing their battery/hybrid technology in our city buses across several provinces for years now, due to a lack of US supporting companies that opened up (made available for proposal) the JCI bid to Canadian Provincial governments in the mid/late 90's.

I am glad that you were entertained by his enthusiasm toward JCI's cell for FORD's. When those are first slated to be in full production by 2010(as opposed to a limited production they are in now) they will be built in a Canadian Ford plant because it just wouldn't be financially feasible in the US until a market trend catches on (perhaps another reason GWB is showing his approval now).

I can't believe you buy into that crap as if it is new and enterprising! He's playing cath-up to save face and even implied it was related to reducing support and reliance in the middle east, thus almost an anti-terrorism measure.

The David Suzuki foundation has been funding and supporting cellulosic ethanol research for nearly a decade too, maybe Bush is scared the aging lefty environmentalist is giving him a run for his money by making sense.

Next time you decide to try and make your idol appear to be clever and caring, at least do a little research first, he's never actually done anything positive why would he start now? He's just capitalizing/cashing-in on other's ideas, just as so many Americans have for centuries.

Nobody actually buys into it anymore though.

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Typical Oz nonsense and games

by maxwell edison In reply to LOL,, you'll believe anyt ...

Where did I indicate I believed him or not? Where did I even comment on the article? I just posted a link in hopes to solicit some thoughtful comments. Yours don't surprise me, though -- typical Oz drivel. Those drugs really burned your brain.

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