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Bush: U.S. on Verge of Energy Breakthrough

By maxwell edison ·

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And combustion of hydrogen is an exception

by Absolutely In reply to Tidal

I still say that unless geologists/chemists prove wrong about the millions of years and amazing pressures needed to produce petroleum from biomatter, fossil fuels are a stupid idea in the long term. The Industrial Revolution was cool, but a new fuel source is desperately necessary.

Hydrogen is 2x as plentiful as water, plus ~20% of the atmosphere, so let's burn that. "Fuel cells" can store strong acids, then mix those with metals just in time for combustion, reducing the size of the storage tanks and totally solving the pressure problem. So, get a moveon, GWB, eh!

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Missed the point

by Oz_Media In reply to Tidal

Europe has history, you smell it, feel it and live it when you are there.

Canada and the US are like newborns, big shiny innocent eyes that only see grandiose futures.

Reality has started to hit North America in the form of harder to find jobs/opportunity for young people. Many are finding they need school, certs, trades etc now to make it in North America, it never used ot be like that for most people.

Our countries are just babes, still VERY material (plastic) and going through growing pains.

Europe is more settled as far as class and opportunity is concerned, people don't expect to have th eworld in their hands by the time they turn 30, they just look to live a comfortable life and share with those around them. If you walked up to most North Americans on the street and offered to buy them a drink you'd get some pretty odd looks. In England for example, you'd get a smile and a "No, let me buy instead".

It's hard to explain but it's as different as Canada is to the US, similar from the outside (on the surface) but a different world altogether when you are immersed in it.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Tidal

yes it is nmore abundant and most definitely a smarter resource to tap into. Problem, the cost of development is not practical for the comsumer car....YET.

Cars manufacturer's removed the full size spare from most compact/midsized cars in teh 80's for two reasons, space and fuel consumption due to weight. Hydrogen cars are extremely heavy, not very roomy (due to the cell size) and VERY expensive. They are simply not p[ractical...YET.

With more money invested, these technologies will be refined (sorry for the pun) and become more practical for auto makers, as well as consumers.

he buses running all over Vancouver are awesome, they get better with each new model, quieter, smoother etc. But they also have the complete length of the roof taken up with the cells. In a car that is not feasible, but will one day, again with enough of an R&amp investment from our governments.

Times will/are change(ing), it's not going ot be today or even this week but seeign your country's leaders start to open thier eyes and get on the bandwagon is a help that's for sure.

Lets hope the next president follows through appropriately also, it's to late for Bush; leading to my initial comments of too little too late.

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and still missing it, I guess

by Absolutely In reply to Tidal

I think a bit more tradition, and the comfort that fosters, is the reason Europeans tend to be friendlier and less suspicious of random friendliness, which I have noticed myself.

Heavier hydrogen fuel cells should be marketed with a stylized hydrogen atom adapted to a "prohibited" sign across Osama bin Laden's face. Then a whole mess of people would decide they're "practical".

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by Absolutely In reply to There is light at the end ...

Instead of burning hydrogen, we should be splitting it and fusing it for electricity, downloading that electricity to our own batteries, and driving 100% electric cars. The technology exists for automobiles, and the French have demonstrated competence to safely use nuclear energy for a populous country. Bush's latest is unimpressive compared to the best available solution, which would mean zero emissions and zero petroleum use, in just as little time as it takes to build more nuclear reactors. So, voters, how long do you want it to take to quit paying taxes to Al Qaida? As long as some of your petroleum comes fromt the Middle East, that is what you are doing when you burn petroleum products.

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Shhh, not around the children

by Oz_Media In reply to IT'S A TRAIN!!!

Al-Qaeda isn't 'middle eastern oil'. While many of the oil tycoons in the middle east have been tied to al-Qaeda sects in one way or another; the best reason for going to Afghanistan was to stop the Taliban (and thus al-Qaeda) from gaining a foothold in the Afghan pipeline. With the US pushing for greater trading options there would be many more billions passing through thwwrong hands. Even worse these could be Euros and not US petrodollars if you don't look good.

By removing the Taliban from power in the region, even if temporarily while Afghanistan regroups, they are therefore removing the grasp they and al-Qaeda have on the oil money.

So I wouldn't say that everytime you fill up you are supporting al-Qaeda at all, that's just creating a stereotype. Your comments were no different than saying all Muslims are suicide bombers or all turban wearing cultures are terrorists.

You're better than that though. I think you had tongue in cheek when typing it; be careful what you say around the kids though, they might take you seriously.

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NC-17 post

by Absolutely In reply to Shhh, not around the chil ...

Oz, this forum is not for children. I am of the opinion that the entire Internet is not for children, but that is a thread I have not yet begun.

I certainly don't believe that every dollar spent on gas is a dollar paid to Al Qaida. That's why I used the word "tax", which you might have misunderstoof because of differing governmental premises. Unlike you Canadians, we in the 'States don't pay all our income to our govmt!


But, petroleum is, by far, the main source of income for terror organizations, at least according to the liberal/conservative/biased/fair & balanced media, and the best way to cut funding is not to stop sending European money to Palestine, etc., but for consumers to stop burning petrochemicals as much as possible, as soon as possible. Once the dictators of the Middle East understand that the rest of the world can live without it, the entire world can live in peace without terrorism, at least the terror motivated by stupid interpretations of Islam.

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Too simple

by Oz_Media In reply to Shhh, not around the chil ...

I recently posted how to play the flute and rid the world of all known diseases, by Nothy Pythons. It is a very happy and simplistic view, in jest of those half hour shows that can save the world wih a hew pieces of sticky-back plastic.

To say that removing the need for oil would stop terrorism is not too bright in my eyes. Removing cash flow from the terrorist organizations woul dmost likely cause more rebellious action against the west. Not to mention increasing the amount of theft, illegal trading and other crimes in the middle east.

It's not as easy as taking their candy away.

When I say, watch what you say around the children, I meant it tongue in cheek. Often when debating company issues aroud a new employee we will say 'not around the kids' as if protecting them (their innocence) from hearing bad stuff. I thought you woul dhave caught on to that but it's not a big deal, just a little humour.

As for taxes in Canada, I THINK that was also one of your comments, you may want to take a closer look at just how similar our taxes are in Canada and the US. We don't send all our money to the government, as many seem to believe. We pay the same and in many cases less income tax, we pay similar medical permiums to your private premiums etc. It's really not that different, in fact we are better off in many cases.

The main difference is, while we pay about the same in income tax, OUR income tax includes paying for some of the services that you pay privately, in addition to your income tax.

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It's time for the kids to

by Absolutely In reply to Shhh, not around the chil ...
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Oil from unfriendlies

by Montgomery Gator In reply to LOL,, you'll believe anyt ...

"he makes such comments that lead people in America into believing your oil comes from unfriendlies"
Well, until the recent election, Canada acted like one of the "unfriendlies". :-)

Just yanking your chain, OZ.

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