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Business Continuity Planning - How?

By TomSal ·
I have a large task ahead of me that I actually started back in the first half of December, I am overwhelmed.

Three people are responsible for creating a comprehensive business continuity plan from the ground up...those three people? Me, myself and I.

I've read plenty of articles on the subject and even bouth the Disaster Recovery book offered by Tech Republic, but reading is far different from actually DOING.

Our company, is small - roughly 75 employees at the moment, however we havea pretty impressive server room for our size. The top guys know we need a plan in case of emergency or disaster but they are basically very naive on the importance (or the amount of work that goes into) a comprehensive plan.

My question then, cananyone share their plans (or samples of their plans) with me? How "anally detailed" do I need to make this thing? Currently I'm writing a plan regarding anything from safe guarding our software licenses to what to do if (god forbid) a key employee dies. Is this over doing it? Is it correct that if cover all the bases I should the plan will be the size of a small bible?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Business Continuity Planning

by mike.connolly In reply to Business Continuity Plann ...

Tom tyr these docs
NJ Treasury CIO’s Office
Disaster Recovery
Information Sources
November 6, 2002

Item Provided By Author Comments
1) Protecting Paper Assets META Group Andrew Warzecha Paper assets are often overlooked in the DR planning process
2) Delivering Credible Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery META Group Michael Buchheim Rich EvansMark Vanston Categorizes and defines DR service levels
3) Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Software: Perspective Gartner Kristen Noakes-FryTrude Diamond
4) Develop an Effective Disaster Recovery Plan Tech Republic Rick Schiesser Focus on lessons learned
5) Business Resumption Plan Massachusetts Institute of Technology Actual plan in use at MIT
6) Disaster Recovery: Design, Testing and Negotiation Strategies META Group Johna JohnsonJerald MurphyMichael King Teleconference notes
7) The State of Business Continuance Extreme Logic Tari Schreider
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning Key to Corporate Survival META Group Executive Summary
9) Disk Array Storage Subsystems Gartner April Adams

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