But What If......You Built Your PC Yourself, and Don't Have a PID Sticker?

By josephaclark ·

So I build my own PCs, that way, they're exactly the way I want them. I don't put the product key sticker on the side of the cases because I don't want them to be obvious. (Yes, yes, of COURSE I could put them on the inside of the case.)

Anyway, I made a slight mistake in the purchase of my copy of XP Pro. It was sold to me out of a package of software that came with another PC, not mine. I've called MS, gave them the number on the inside ring of the CD, they told me they were very sorry, but they couldn't help me, because it wasn't "my" copy of Windows.

Barring going out and spending another bunch of cash on a new copy of XP Pro, (I still have to buy heating oil for the winter...) is there any workarounds that you might know about that would help me retrieve the key? I tried the key retrieval from Dagon Design, it gave me clear instructions, but when I decrypted the key and entered it into my Windows installation, it came back as invalid.

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Go buy a new one

by CG IT In reply to But What If......You Buil ...

you didn't mention what type of Windows you bought.

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Sounds like OEM software

by cmiller5400 In reply to But What If......You Buil ...

If I am not mistaken, Microsoft OEM software can not be transfered from one PC to another; and is not supported by MS. has decently priced copies of WinXP. If Microsoft can not help you, then we can not.

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no no no

by tintoman In reply to But What If......You Buil ...

I cannot believe you asked a question like this on Tech Republic, we are supposed to be professional people here not encouraging software piracy.

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Yes! Yes! Yes!

by josephaclark In reply to no no no

It was recommended to me that I ask on TechRepublic.

for the rest of you, I purchased it thinking it was a legal copy. So, when it came, I didn't question it. I did register it with Microsoft, but apparently, not in the way you expected me to have done.

Okay, I get the message. I asked for help from professionals, I got nasty answers back. My copy was purchased in good conscience, and maybe not from a source you would have used, but then, I'm not as rich as the rest of you, I have worked in IT for over 22 years, I have a degree in IT, but I can't find work in my area. I'm on a pension and a disability, so my income is limited. I live on the edge trying just to survive.

I have already discussed this with Microsoft, you haven't told me anything I don't already know. If those are the only answers you have to give me, please don't bother. I thought I spelled it out pretty well in my original post, but since I now see that this forum is just for IT Professionals who have lots of corporate money to back them, I won't waste your or my time coming back.

For all of you sarcastic jerks, take a hike. For those of you who were nice, I apologize for my question if it was offensive, and I suppose I should apologize for the behavior of those who gave sarcastic replies. "Forgive them, Ye Wise Ones, for they know not what they do."


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Just doesn't add up

by jdclyde In reply to Yes! Yes! Yes!

The more you type, the more holes appear in your story. I find it increasingly hard to accept that anyone working in IT for 22 years would not know about how software is legally purchased. Guess the scammer that sold it to you really saw you coming when they sold you an illegal copy, huh? Lesson learned and be the wiser for it.

Getting pissed off because you don't like the that no one will help you to be a thief is more of a reflection on you than us. It shows you're just a thief with no sense of humor.

If you really are that concerned with making ends meet, run a linux desktop. It is free and legal, which is a **** of a combination.

Your question offensive? Would you be offended if someone asked you to go into the corner store and steal a candy bar for them? Well, a $300 candy bar..... :0 Get the picture?

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Hey JD... psst... over here

by w2ktechman In reply to Just doesn't add up

can you go into the store and steal me a $300 candy bar? I never had one (nor seen one) before.
You can email it to my by peer mail.... LOL

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It is just amazing

by jdclyde In reply to Hey JD... psst... over h ...

what they are doing with candy these daze.....

Anyone remember a time you could get a PACK of gum for 25 cents? ****, now most are over $2.

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What on earth.......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Yes! Yes! Yes!

..... would make you think that if you could not get help from Microsoft on this matter due to the legitimacy of the disk you hold in your hand, that asking on TR would get you a different answer? Sorry, but I fail to see the logic behind your thinking.

If you see sarcastic replies, it is because you continue to argue with the replies that came before them which offer no more help than what you received from Microsoft. The fact that you don't want to believe what you're told, that you made a mistake and will have to pay for it, isn't our problem.

Believe me when I say that we wouldn't help someone with tons of money any more than we would help someone who is broke and can't afford to purchase the software they seek.

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It isn't logic

by jdclyde In reply to What on earth.......

it is the "oh, poor me, give me special treatment" syndrome, boo hooooooo.

He is not looking for a legal solution and he is fully aware of it.

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Who is Offended?

by rkuhn In reply to Yes! Yes! Yes!

You seem to be offended by some of the responses here. Honestly, I'm offended by yours.

We all have personal situations, some better some worse.

But don't accuse people of things (corporate money) if you don't know the facts.

I'll share two facts with you about me.

1) My wife and I had twins about a year ago. They were born 2 months + premature and had numerous health issues (they are completely healthy today:)

Bottom line: I got sacked with about $30,000+ worth of medical bills AFTER insurance paid (total bill was more along the lines of $500,000+).

I missed almost 7 weeks of work and honestly don't have two nickels to rub together right now.

2) I work in the home building industry. Turn on the nightly news and you'll see just how much "corporate money" we have right now.

We're building 30%+ less houses today, have laid off 20% of our staff, and budgets are being slashed.

Taken together, I don't want or expect pity from anyone. If you don't want to pay or can't pay money for a product, DON'T USE IT.

Let me tell you, I'm probably one of the biggest skeptics here on TR about Linux. But I will also tell you this:

Linux is a very viable alternative for Windows and is FREE. If I was in your situation, you bite your loss for purchasing an illegal copy of XP, chalk it up as a mistake and move on.

Alternatives exist, use them. But more important, we all don't need some sob story about your personal situation.

Trust me, I'd bet there are plenty of people on here that you stereotyped that have or had personal problems as great or greater than your own.

A beautiful mind is one that isn't or won't be a captive of financial affairs.

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