Buying a gaming pc help!

By Petersnoboard93 ·
I'm trying to build a gaming pc on dell. I thought about building one myself but decided against it. So my question is, will this pc I build be a strong gaming pc, what should i upgrade? Thanks

-Intel ? Core?2 Duo Processor E6400 (2.13GHz, 1066 FSB)

-Genuine Windows Vista? Home Premium

-19 inch E197FP Analog Flat Panel

-2GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz- 2DIMMs

-320GB Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200RPM) w/DataBurst Cache?

-16x DVD+/-RW Drive

-Intel? Graphics Media Accelerator X3000

-Integrated 7.1 Channel Audio

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Demending oon your gaming habits....

by carlsf In reply to You need a better video c ...

I would say the following needed....
MEMORY for gaming 4GB if you can afford it VISTA very hungry before you start your game.
Video CARD min of 512Mb PCI-E Card otherwise VISTS starts hogging your RAM, forget low end or onboard video turn that off if have PCI-E card
LAST but not least VISTA Ultimate if your requirement are for online, otherwise you will spend hours trying to connect.

Personally I would stick to XP PRO SR2

Regards Carl

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A better video card

by Gis Bun In reply to You need a better video c ...

Most will probably agree that the NVIDIA based cards are the one to use. For the majority of games out there [and I test gaming for Stereo-3D - see], you are better off with a NVIDIA based card because they are always listed in the requirements. Not all ATI cards are [listed but it doesn't mean they can or can't be used].

Of course only NVIDIA cards have Stereo-3D!

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I've owned both

by JamesRL In reply to A better video card

And I would say it goes back and forth which is the best bang for the buck.

Many people who review cards for a living will tell you the image quality in most ATI cards is better. Often nVidias are faster for the same money, but it is a see saw battle.

Most video cards will work in Vista with DX10, BUT DX10 provides the games developer with the ability to do alot more and only a few nVidia cards (8800/8600) do hardware acceleration for this. Another Vista feature HDCP, the ability to play HD/Blue Ray DVDs is supported by most recent new cards by ATI/nVidia.


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Velocity Micro?

by DaFrog In reply to Buying a gaming pc help!

I recently got a Velocity Micro ProMagix e2025... From Best Buy. Instant gratification (no waiting for delivery, pick it up and install!), Velocity Micro-quality.
And very similar to your specs, with a 512Mo VRAM dedicated nVidia graphic card (7600GS - not the top, but good enough to see the offer get steady on Direct-X compatible cards). Vista Premium installed (without any crapware), and I have setup a dual boot with XP that works just fine.
Highly recommended.
Go check (and your local Best Buy, too... I was surprised to see these machines at BB.

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The config depends on the game you want to run

by devesh In reply to Buying a gaming pc help!


Your above config may suffice for basic games, but if you are consider Quake4, F.E.A.R., Flight Simulator X, etc., it will not suffice.

Building a gaming PC is not easy nor is it cheap. Most of all, a gaming PC is NOT a business PC that has a more powerful processor and more memory. Dell does have some gaming PC, but I do not know your budget, and these babies will cost upwards of $3000. A good compromise is TigerDirect, or a mom-and-pop shop near by. You may want to look at this configurable machine at Tiger.

The heart of the gaming PC is not the processor, it is the Video card and therein will lie your problem. The good video card that is ruling the gaming market is the NVidia 88xx series. This supports SLI so you can add additional video processing power as required later, but each video card will require abut 400W of power if not more, and will produce heat like some thermal reactor, so you will need a specialised motherboard that is designed for heat, and a gaming case/cabinet which has at least 3 or 4 fans, one of which should be 120mm or greater.

The E6400 will suffice, but if you can afford it, go for an E6600 2.4Ghz Core2Duo.

Motherboard, I would recommend something other than Asus. They are having problems with many of their motherboards, especially the lower cost ones.

The DRAM you will need gaming memory that will run at 800Mhz GUARANTEED. Something like the Corsair XPS RAM. 2GB minimum, 4GB preferred. For example Quake4 in high res mode sucks up 1.5GB+ of memory. FSX sucks up 1.4GB. You sure don't want a memory swapping involving disk-writes in the middle of the game.

I have already explained about the video card. Get one with at least 512MB Video memory. If you find the 88xx too expensive, then the 7950XT will be the next step down. Another option is ATI's Crossfire.

Finally the power supply. You will need a 600W-700W dual rail power supply if you are with one high-end Video card, and a 1000W power supply if you are with 2 video cards.

In a Flat Panel, look for detailed specs. The regular panels that Dell offers, have too slow refresh rates and may not work for a fast paced game.

Other things are relatively minor.

Hope this helps.



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Memory and Video

by philtbc In reply to Buying a gaming pc help!

As indicated by others, get the highest DuoCore that you can afford along with memory, and definitely a good to great VC, 256 min up to 512, and don't forget you need to keep your box cool as well...

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video card

by va6h In reply to Buying a gaming pc help!

if im not mistaken you have an integrated video card. That doesnt make this a gaming pc. and you want to use windows vista and the vista rating depends mainly on the video card. You badly need a better graphics card to play some games. i would also advise you to upgrade yor processor to an e6600 which has twice the amount of cache and outerperforms the top AMD processors in most benchmarks.

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Here's your answer...

by dhartman In reply to Buying a gaming pc help!
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Only if you want to throw away 5 k in hard earned money

by rservicer In reply to Here's your answer...

Alienware was once good it seams
but now under Dell
enough said, Just Google Alienware
your eyes will be open

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My Opinion

by rkuhn In reply to Buying a gaming pc help!

I'd get a better video card first.

Then, if budget allows, I'd either get a 10,000 RPM drive or two drives (don't have to be 320 GB each) and RAID 0 them (striping) for performance.

Also, very important, pay attention to the monitor. Get one with DMI input and very low response times. My LCD right now is a 2 ms response time and is nice. If you really play a lot of games, not sure you'd be happy with 6-8 ms response times.

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