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Buying/Selling an iPod could get you busted

By jdclyde ·
Been reading up on article dealing with ipods and mp3's.

(just a few of the articles I found. I ignored blogs)

If you buy an ipod preloaded you can be charged with recieving stolen goods.

If you sell an ipod, you are suppose to either clear off all the music from the ipod, or make sure you don't have a copy saved on your computer.

If you ripped your own mp3's off of cd's, you are actually suppose to send the cd's with the ipod as you have given away your right to that music.

Where will the music industry realize threatening their clients is not good for business?

I heard this on the radio and it sounded so crazy, I just had to look it up. To my surprise it is all over the net.

What will be next?

And can you believe people are stupid enough to pay 99 cents for ONE song as a down load? duh!

I have my ipod shuffle, but only because it was a door prize at a voip seminar! I NEVER use it and find the samsung mp3 players I bought my boys for Christmas to be much better, and twice the storage for only $30 more AND have a display.

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It isn't that simple

by jdclyde In reply to I don't get the consumers ...

There are many things about the "theft" of music.

First on the list, if you offer a quality product for a reasonable price, it wouldn't be worth the time to steal. CD's were SUPPOSE to drop in price when "the technology became mainstream" but it never did. (think 80's)

Second, there are many bands out there that got their start by giving their music away with instructions to make as many copies as they could (metallica).

Third, I USED to do the napster thing before the crack down. I would check out music, buy what I like and delete what I don't. After the crack down, I don't buy 1/8 the music I used to because I am not exposed to as much and I will not pay $18 to "check out" if I like a CD or not.

Does it ever create good will to attack your customer base? They have lost out on a LOT of sales from people like me. Others that they are stopping are the people that wouldn't buy anyways. (think people using pirated software on personal system. They wouldn't pay the $180 for XP, but it does keep them using it instead of Linux and anything that keeps them from using linux is good for MS.)

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Yes it is that simple

by maxwell edison In reply to It isn't that simple

You can look for all the justification you want, but it won't fly.

You said, "..there are many bands out there that got their start by giving their music away with instructions to make as many copies as they could (metallica)."

So what? There are also many restaurants out there that got their start by giving their food away. That doesn't mean that all restaurants, including this one, should give away all their food all the time.

"Does it ever create good will to attack your customer base", you asked? What customer base? Are people who don't pay for a product considered customers? Moreover, if you shoplift from a store because ______________________ (fill in whatever justification you want), then the real customers are the ones who pay for it and/or the store will go out of business.

Nobody's forcing you to buy a product. If a product is offered for sale, and if you consider the terms of the sale unacceptable, don't buy it. If you want to use that as justification to steal it, I simply can't relate. And yes, it is as simple as that.

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Yes and No

by stargazerr In reply to Yes it is that simple

Listening to music, deleting what you dont want and paying for what you like is not stealing in any which way.

There has to be some way you can trial music so that you can buy what you want. Maybe allow podcasting or streaming from the website for a short while when the album launches.

We cannot be expected to go in and buy a CD just because 99% of the population is in love with that band. What if we are in the other 1% ?? Isnt it fair to give us a chance to be able to check out what we are buying. Recreation has to have some sort of a choice. It isnt a take it or leave it situation.


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Just like it's always been

by maxwell edison In reply to Yes and No

Let's take a Sentimental Journey down the Revisited musical Highway. If you bought a Doris Day record back in 1945, there was no way to duplicate that music. If you wanted to hear the music, you had to buy the record, and hope like **** you didn't drop it, or else that 78 RPM format would break into a hundred pieces. Fast forward a couple of decades, and you could have purchased that Bob Dylan album for your enjoyment at home, and you could have even recorded it onto a blank 8-Track tape so you could ALSO listen to it while crusing down Highway 61. But even then, it wasn't allowed to copy and sell, or copy and give away. Just because technology allows you to duplicate the sound, it doesn't give a person the right to distribute the product.

If a million people want the song, the artist and music producers should be entitled to a million sales. Not a million minus the one copy you gave away.

And today's CDs are no different than yesterday's albums or extended play records -- or a can of mixed nuts. I bought hundreds of record albums in the 1960s and 1970s, maybe because I liked one song. But I got the other dozen in the deal, regardless of if I wanted them and/or liked them or not. If you don't like the notion of buying an entire album (or CD) because of all those other songs, don't buy it. And if you throw away the almonds from a can of mixed nuts because you only like the pecans, it's your own danged fault. Buy the single, or the bag of pecans.

You said, "Recreation has to have some sort of a choice. It isnt a take it or leave it situation."

Take it or leave it IS the choice. If you don't like the choices, then don't make either one -- or better yet, compete with them.

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RE: Yes and No

by Bad Boys Drive Audi In reply to Yes and No

I'm sorry, but I respectfully have to disagree with you. I've been in too many music shops that allow you to "preview" the music. It requires that you do you DD (due diligence) to locate those shops.

I'm even aware of a local chain that will open a new CD (if one isn't already opened), send you to a collection of CD players with earmuffs, and let you listen away until your heart's content. If you don't like the music, you simply tell them "no" on that one and move on. If you like it, you can buy it on the spot. It's as simple as that.

The fact is, if enough customers were to tell the RIAA that they want to see ubiquitous access to preview music, the RIAA would find a way to make it happen. Preview machines can be in every music store - it's just a matter of lobbying hard enough to make it happen. People should unite to create the environment in which they would like to live, and not complain about the one in which they currently live.

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Don't you think

by jdclyde In reply to RE: Yes and No

that complaining about a current environment is the first step to change?

Get people to realize that they don't HAVE to put up with what is pushed at them. Then push for "what should be".

Maybe THEN all that crap "gangsta rap" will just go awayyyyyyyy!

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as i said

by jdclyde In reply to Yes it is that simple

i don't download.

I just understand that they have lost a lot of my business because of this and will continue to lose a lot of my business.

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As it shoulld be, jd

by maxwell edison In reply to as i said

Like you, if somebody doesn't like it, don't download and/or don't be a customer. If enough people did it, they'd change their approach.

And I can relate. Personally, I refuse to pay for TV. I don't have cable. And next year, it'll really **** me off because Monday Night Football moved to ESPN! How dare they do that! But I still won't pay.

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paying for tv

by jdclyde In reply to As it shoulld be, jd

the only reason I still have cable is because the boys watch it. I do have it backed down to the lowest it can go though.

I have not turned on a TV (except for the super bowl) in over three months. What a waste of time!

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I must admit

by maxwell edison In reply to paying for tv

I do "waste" some time in front of the ol' ****-tube. If I took that time plus the time I spend on TR ...... wait, I won't go there. I need an excuse for whatever eludes me.

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