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Buying/Selling an iPod could get you busted

By jdclyde ·
Been reading up on article dealing with ipods and mp3's.

(just a few of the articles I found. I ignored blogs)

If you buy an ipod preloaded you can be charged with recieving stolen goods.

If you sell an ipod, you are suppose to either clear off all the music from the ipod, or make sure you don't have a copy saved on your computer.

If you ripped your own mp3's off of cd's, you are actually suppose to send the cd's with the ipod as you have given away your right to that music.

Where will the music industry realize threatening their clients is not good for business?

I heard this on the radio and it sounded so crazy, I just had to look it up. To my surprise it is all over the net.

What will be next?

And can you believe people are stupid enough to pay 99 cents for ONE song as a down load? duh!

I have my ipod shuffle, but only because it was a door prize at a voip seminar! I NEVER use it and find the samsung mp3 players I bought my boys for Christmas to be much better, and twice the storage for only $30 more AND have a display.

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A capitalists attitude.

by NZ_Justice In reply to I don't get the consumers ...

You don't have to be ignorant or self-centered to steel and distribute music. You can download an album knowing that it is steeling and distribute it know that it is wrong to do so, and you can make a profit from doing this.

You can also be lazy and not bothered to remove all your original music from your mp3 player when you sell it on (I guess that can be a form of ignorance).

You can also delibritly target corporation's you hate and steel from them, again with out being self-centered or ignorant.

You could be a Hippy and believe that every thing should be shared (whats yours is mine and vice-versa). And simply be taken the "every thing should be shared" attitude.

Music is free, just listen to it on the radio.

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Yes it is. . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to A capitalists attitude.

Yes, it is a capitalist's atitude -- as it should be.

Okay, self-centered, ignorant, mean, or dishonest if you do it.

And yes it is; music is free; just listen to it on the radio.

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to a point

by jdclyde In reply to Yes it is. . . . .

it is the same with software.

I am amazed, that people that would never walk into a store and steal a candy bar would not think twice about stealing an OS or application.

My point is that the music industry should ALLOW people to share as it exposes more people to more music. The best advertising is word of mouth.

As for music on the radio, just like going to TR, just because it doesn't cost YOU money, doesn't mean it doesn't cost something.

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Jd, there is a reason the recording industry doesn't want to do that

by mjwx In reply to to a point

I covered this in another post but I will rehash.

"how much money would you make if you could guess what would be popular? Now how much more money could you make if you could control what is popular? If I?ve thought of this it?s an absolute certainty that someone else has too, perhaps someone in a position to actually do it?"

To allow people to choose what they listen to (and most people are sheep and will follow the flock) will ruin the marketing.

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or maybe

by jdclyde In reply to Jd, there is a reason the ...

they just don't want you too see how much crap is being pushed out by the marketing clowns?

Pop music and all the people that follow it are the bane to my existance!

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ignorance is bliss.

by NZ_Justice In reply to Yes it is. . . . .
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And you, as a result. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to ignorance is bliss.

...are a very happy fellow.

(I knew I shouldn't have broken my rule.)

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by NZ_Justice In reply to And you, as a result. . . ...

If there was a emoticons face for giving someone the evils (which as I understand is a form of beat down) there would be one here -> .

(rules\laws\ethics\morals\etiquette are made to be broken.)

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does this serve

by rob mekel In reply to hey.

]:) your desire


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No, he means this

by jdclyde In reply to hey.
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