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Buying/Selling an iPod could get you busted

By jdclyde ·
Been reading up on article dealing with ipods and mp3's.

(just a few of the articles I found. I ignored blogs)

If you buy an ipod preloaded you can be charged with recieving stolen goods.

If you sell an ipod, you are suppose to either clear off all the music from the ipod, or make sure you don't have a copy saved on your computer.

If you ripped your own mp3's off of cd's, you are actually suppose to send the cd's with the ipod as you have given away your right to that music.

Where will the music industry realize threatening their clients is not good for business?

I heard this on the radio and it sounded so crazy, I just had to look it up. To my surprise it is all over the net.

What will be next?

And can you believe people are stupid enough to pay 99 cents for ONE song as a down load? duh!

I have my ipod shuffle, but only because it was a door prize at a voip seminar! I NEVER use it and find the samsung mp3 players I bought my boys for Christmas to be much better, and twice the storage for only $30 more AND have a display.

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re Heroin

by NZ_Justice In reply to I Think You're Missing Th ...

If you went on a trip to Bali and you went form Australia to Bali, and while your bag was in the baggage handling area of the the airport, someone put a large amount of weed in your bag, and then you arrive at Bali, and your bag gets checked and they find the large bag of weed, you get convicted and go away for 15 years, then when you appeal the decision with new evidence the court decides to put you away for 20 years.

So if you brought a car of eBay and it arrived with heroin in the trunk, you would get arrested and tried for drug smuggling. guilty until proven innocent.

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A music industry discussion and no OZ?

by jdclyde In reply to Buying/Selling an iPod co ...

What is the world coming to?

Of all the TR members, I figured he would be here with some of his insights.....

Guess he only has time for the Yuks anymore. Too busy out snowboarding?

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i don;t just believe it, i;m grateful

by gabrielbear In reply to Buying/Selling an iPod co ...

re stupid enough to pay 99 cents for ONE song as a down load? duh!
people pay $15 or so for a cd. when a union grocery store checkout poerson was making 68 cents an hour, she paid 49 cents for a single...on vinyl.
i'm totallly with u on the industry moguls being voracious monsters.
but power to the people imho means power to the artists.
and this is just the beginning.

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What ever are you talking about?

by jdclyde In reply to i don;t just believe it, ...

I can say for a FACT that vinyl was NOT $15 back when people were making 68 cents an hour.

Besides that one MAJOR blunder, the rest can stand on it's own.

Note, I am not old enough to tell you how much it cost, but I would bet in the 68 cent wge range more people were listening to 8tracks?

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Not what he said....

by JamesRL In reply to What ever are you talking ...

He said CDs are $15 or download one tune off it for 99 cents, versus 49cents for a 45 RPM single in the old days.

I can rememebr buying singles off the charts for about $.75 cents in the mid seventies when I could make 3 or 4 bucks an hour picking strawberries/peaches/apples. When I was much younger I remember buying a grab bag of 10 45s of stale hits (no longer on the charts and not top bands) for $2.

I remember 8 Tracks and albums for $4.99.


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