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Buyouts by major manufacturers, what are you doing?

By The Weekly Geek ·
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LG Electronics bought SMC (switches)
Dell bought SonicWall
Cisco bought Meraki
Intel is going to quit making motherboards
I am sure there are many others.

What are you doing? Are you looking for alternatives?
Are you still buying those devices?

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If you're lucky

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to You're in the 'Water Cool ...

You'll get thrashed with a broken beer bottle. LUXURY!

I don't really care who buys who either. The only time I try to avoid it is when a large US company comes to Canada and starts buying out locals. Just as I would expect any American to do the same in the USA.

China makes everything you and I own, if they came to the USA and bought WalMart, not that they don't technically own it anyway, don't you think Americans would be picketing WalMart stores?

Walmart came up here and started buying out our key Canadian retailers too. While the cities are full of imported people that couldn't care less about quality or origin, smaller places they've started up have failed as people just wont shop there.

I'd spend the extra few bucks to buy from a local merchant, even when the same product, just to support the local merchant. If people did that everywhere, our economies would be a little quicker to recover.

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Beer bottle?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to If you're lucky

I'll have you know I have never been thrashed with anything less than a distilled spirits bottle. Okay, once with a bottle from Boone's Farm, but that was back in my college days and we all know how kids experiment, right?

I believe Wal-mart is still owned entirely by the Walton family.

I usually favor local restaurants that can give me something the chains don't offer. I shop for manufactured goods solely on price; it's the same gizmo from the big box as the Mom and Pop.

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by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Beer bottle?

Firstly, script:

It's about 4 guys who grew up in poverty stricken Yorkshire. They are now sitting around sipping champagne and moaning about how hard they had it when they grew up. Their stories get worse and worse as they each try to outdo each other with who had it tougher...while all sitting around sipping champagne.

WalMart is still owned by the Walton family, an American family. It is also the third largest publicly traded company in the world. Not exactly the family owned business Sam Walton started and not wanted nor a benefit to other nations.

I agree with local restaurants, food has taste to it. In chains, the food is what I call homogenized or industrial. It has little to no flavour at all so that it appeals to the masses, is churned out by the tonne and thrown on your table by some kid who couldn't care less about anything but if he/she will be able to cash out in time to go out with friends who are waiting in the parking lot.

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I've had good meals and service in chains.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to True

Indeed, I've had great meals and service.

What I find gets homogenized isn't the food as much as the menus. They all offer the same appetizers and entrees. Their 'daily special' is just whatever regularly offered dish that corporate said to push that week. Don't think of seeing or hearing about a true 'not-on-the-menu' special dish the chef concocted from whatever goodies he found in season or whatever mood struck her. You won't find that offered at any large regional or national chain, although I do know of a couple of small chains in the US southeast that do it (Fatz and Carolina Ale House). Otherwise you've got to stick to a local joint to get anything that hasn't been taste-tested by a panel and optimized to use ingredients already in the inventory system.

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A better explanation perhaps

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to True

I find that food in chains has little spice, very little flavour a chef hasn't really created it, no exotic flavours or anything that jumps out as unique, it is just 'vanilla' versions of generic food.

Applebees (blech!! the worst!), Denny's (not much better) etc. all have to be that way in order to appeal to the masses. There's always someone that complains that salted peanuts are too salty, so they mellow out their foods to appeal to all, including the blandest taste buds.

When I'm in the US I find the big push is to see who serves the MOST food or the biggest portions in one meal, it's a quest to stuff yourself, not enjoy a meal.

Now, to be fair, there are a lot of great restaurants in the US, where portions are reasonable, food is well seasoned and prepared and served by skilled staff that know how to cater to clients there for a dining experience. It's just the family restaurants everywhere that I can't stand, people actually think it's dining out compared to MacDonalds, but not really, just a nicer seat (sometimes) and less paper in the uniforms.

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Thyose companies have been bought and sold like a cheap ***** for years

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Buyouts by major manufact ...

ALL IT, and most other companies, are out to be bought or sold. MOST start up with a buyout in mind for the future, sell licencing and make money is how its done.

People that engineer such products rarely seek to make money selling the produce itself, Electronics are VERY low margin commodity products, there's no money in making and selling them. There's money in holding patents and selling licences to other providers to expand their portfolio with though..

Is this a new experience for you with respect to business mergers/acquisitions?

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Bought and sold companues

by The Weekly Geek In reply to Thyose companies have bee ...

No this is not new for me, I have been in IT since 1984. What I was looking for is if people care or dont care about who they do business with.
Intel has treated us great (My 2 companies - and again we are VAR / OEM's). It sucks to lose them. ASUS, Gigabyte and ALL others treat us like end users when it comes to warranty diagnostics (they want us to do their dance) and then shipping / cross-shipping. I wondered if anyone else had input.
Cisco SUCKS THE BIG ONE! No other way to put it, they treated us like crap since 2000, I will spend my (and my customer's) money on other competitive products.
I supported Dell back in the late 80's and 90's, even met Mike at Johnson Space Center around 1990 or 19**. Same with Peter Norton. Since then (Since 2000) they (Dell and Symantec) treat their professional people (again VAR and OEM's) like crap so I dont play with either of them.
I guess it is about integrity, and I was checking to see if anyone here in the TR forums had input, they dont have to agree or disagree with me, I just wanted to see if anyone cared.
So far I am guessing, "no" and that is ok.

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His name is Oz

by Slayer_ In reply to Bought and sold companues
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So, you DID have a motive in mind when you asked the question...

by wizard57m-cnet Moderator In reply to Bought and sold companues

that's OK, that's why I asked for a bit of clarification. These things happen, and as time has marched on our choices have even gotten smaller. However, we do what we have to do.
1984 eh? that time I had already been tinkering for 5 years...I'm much older than I look!

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I'm much older than I look!

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to So, you DID have a motive ...

It must be the shade of blue in your avatar that makes you look younger.

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