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Buyouts by major manufacturers, what are you doing?

By The Weekly Geek ·
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LG Electronics bought SMC (switches)
Dell bought SonicWall
Cisco bought Meraki
Intel is going to quit making motherboards
I am sure there are many others.

What are you doing? Are you looking for alternatives?
Are you still buying those devices?

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Nick, you have it backwards.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Everyone is doing it; it' ...

The question is, how do I turn it on when posting as HAL?

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The answer to that question is

by NickNielsen In reply to Everyone is doing it; it' ...

something I don't want to know! :0

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I just hate it when they all talk at the same time.

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to How many personalities do ...

If only some of them would shut up so I could concentrate on what the others are saying.

Seriously though, the alias was shared between a group of friends, and a coworker or two, and a guy at Capitol Records and....

When I cam to TR, it was to have a laugh and conduct a social experiment due to a psychology book I was into (was studying criminal pysche at one time).I am actually the original but I used to talk about posts here and have a laugh with people I knew. Pretty soon more and more started following along so I gave my log in out to anyone interested and they posted under the same alias.

So I wasn't actually OZ all the time. For the most part but there were some really heated arguments from an AR rep at Capitol and Max as well as a few others. Living in L.A. she actually spewed more Anti US sentiment than I did, though she always posed as a Canadian for continuity.

It was a laugh really, then I started to find some good help for IT issues I was having but still shared the trenches with others. If you were actually interested and dug around in old posts, it looked like I was awake 24/7 because a friend in the UK used to post with my alias too, while I was fast asleep.

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