Calling All Linux Experts!!!!

By mikeadams1137 ·
Alright! For those who remember, I had a lengthy question in the past, concerning Windows XP SP 2, limiting user connections to 10. There is basically no way around this, and one gentleman, suggested Fedora Core 6, well...after talking it over with my boss, we decided we don't need a Server Liscense, another one...for 18 installation of Fedora Core has begun!

I am familiar with Unix, but not too much Linux, played around with mandrake a bit, but never had a system supporting my company. I guess the question here is...

Networking...I can understand for the most part, but when prompted it said IPv4 and IPv6, I left IPv6 off, and just turned on IPv4, and I set the static IP, using the net mask

and I configured the rest of the setting manually, since we use a static IPs, not DHCP.

Fedora is currently installing and I am not anticipating any problems, do you all have any TIPS, Support, anything...that will ease my process into this? I am wanting this server for file sharing only, thats all it will be doing!

Thank You!

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Some tips

by Toivo Talikka In reply to Calling All Linux Experts ...

Do you plan to administer your server from the server GUI or from our browser using Webmin? Some server applications do not necessarily need the GUI, even if it is useful when learning the system. It is also good to be conversant with the command line, even to know how to use the vi editor at the basic level.

Two free utilities which give you a remote access inside the LAN to the file system of the Fedora server on one hand, and the command line on the other:
- WinSCP from
- PuTTY from

You can modify the line containing 'initdefault' in /etc/inittab so that the server boots into run level 3 or the character mode, instead of 5 or the X mode.

A number of services are installed by default which are not needed in an average setup. Some of these services are: avahi-*, bluetooth, hidd, ip6tables (if you are not using IPv6),isdn, pcscd.

If you are not using SE Linux, you may want to turn it off by making sure that /etc/selinux/config has the line: SELINUX=disabled

The following commands are useful:
- man
- top (Q to finish)
- updatedb - and a subsequent locate command to find out where a particular file or folder is
- netstat - lists open ports

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Use Samba to share files with Windows computers.

by stress junkie In reply to Calling All Linux Experts ...

I'm sure that Fedora Core has Samba as part of its default installation.

File protections using Samba are very like file protections on a Windows shared directory. File settings on the disk take precedence over share permission settings.

It is not clear to me if Samba will integrate into the security environment of the new Windows Active Directory. Samba can integrate into the NT Lan Manager domain security. You can also use work group share security with Samba.

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Great...! few more things..

by mikeadams1137 In reply to Use Samba to share files ...

Nice Tips!! Yes, A good update! Fedora is installed, and working...and I have it on the network, and it can browse websites, ping every computer on our Quickway-CSI work group. My question now, excactly do I set it up to file share with other computers, all computers can ping it, however; I can't connect to it, and browse folders...I remember installing Samba when I installed Linux, although it may not be configured. Any tips or walk me through's? I'm so close to getting away from Windows and nasty SP2 restrictions :)


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Samba configuration

by Toivo Talikka In reply to Great...! few more things ...
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by mikeadams1137 In reply to Samba configuration

Gentleman, have a green light :) Specs of my Linux Server...

AMD Athlon 64 bit 3000
250GB 7200 RPM IDE HD
1 GB PC3200 Ram
Fedora Core 6 :)

She works, she is fast, took about 4 hours of help from the manager of technical services in Nashville, TN, he basically configured Samba using command line, and...its on our network here :)

Fast, Quick, un-limited connections...wonderful. Thanks for all your help, I'll keep you posted if anything comes up :)

Michael Adams

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